I started bringing my son into Dr. Hill and Dr. Stout about one year ago. It was just before his first birthday, and he already had a decent number of teeth. Dr Hill was absolutely amazing with us on his first visit. Today was my sons 2 year appt and we saw Dr. Stout. Dr Stout was also amazing. We’d seen him once, in between the 1 and 2 year appts, for general questions. They are so amazing with the kiddos there, it really is so comforting to know that his first experiences with a dentist are all positive.

~Jennifer Thomas, 8/22/18, 5/5

Best dentist in Oak Harbor!

~Kyle Young, 8/21/18

We’ve been seeing Dr. Stout for years. He is so wonderful in thoroughly explaining anything that is going on, how we can better things and anything that may potentially need to be taken care of in the future. My 2 year old actually looks forward to going to the dentist because it’s such a fun, positive environment, and he gets to watch big sis go first and observe all of the fun, tickle tools. Our family highly recommends Playhouse Dental to anyone with kids of any age, that is looking for an office with kind, friendly and outgoing staff, where you’ll always feel welcomed.

~Jayme Sitko, 8/21/18, 5/5

good experience for our first time, all the staff nice my son felt very comfortable and happy

~Luz Ruiz, 8/21/18, 4/5

Always great with my son. Friendly and helpful staff

~Tami Davis, 8/20/18, 5/5

Great place. Awesome staff!!

~Destiny Holliday, 8/19/18, 5/5

It our first visit to the dentist and the experience was wonderful. They explained everything about how they like to make the children comfortable. It was fun visit which is a great way to start any visit with the dentist.

~Yanina Fowells, 8/17/18, 5/5

Great full to have a kids dental place in our small town. Great dentist and staff always friendly and caring with our kids.

~Bobby La Rue, 8/16/18, 5/5

Prior to switching to playhouse dental my 2 older ones were nervous about the dentist. The staff at playhouse dental made them feel at ease and now they love going to the dentist!!! Definitely recommend

~Nicole C., 8/15/18, 5/5

Love love love this place. My son loves going to the dentist because of the caring and gentle staff here. Totally worth the drive to Anacortes.

~Danielle Riley, 8/15/18, 5/5

They are very professional and nice. The office is very clean and the sitting area has cool things to do!

~Ada Moseley, 8/15/18, 4/5

Our visit was awesome. My son was a little hard to work with but the dental assistant was able to accommodate him and making it a fun experience for him. Dr.Hill was awesome. They don’t just call them and start working on there teeth, they build a little bond beforehand and I LOVE IT. Definitely a fun environment for kids. After having a bad encounter with our previous dentist, I decided to come here and they did not fail!! Thank you so much ladies.

~Prescilla Orozco, 8/15/18, 5/5

Dr Hill is so patient with my kids. I just love her!

~Luanne Ferrell, 8/12/18, 5/5

All four of my kids have been going here since we moved here in 2015. The staff there has always been kind, my children love it there. My best overall experience was during an emergency. My son fell and broke his front tooth, I called playhouse Dental, left them a message to notify them of the situation. I received a call back very quickly, the receptionist was very kind and scheduled my son in a few hours later. When I went in i was told my son needed his tooth pulled and I was so scared for him but I knew it needed to be done. The staff was amazing! They were so kind, patient, and the dentist was very quick to do the job. I wanted to burst into tears and hug all of them and say thank you for making such a horrible experience a good one. I hope God blesses all the people who work here, and continues to bring them lots of people. I highly recommend this place to anyone with little ones! They are the best, you can trust they will get the job done the right way.

~Nancy A. Smith, 8/10/18, 5/5

My daughter had her first visit and it was amazing. They were so kind to her and made it painless! Excellent service!

~Miranda Boon, 8/10/18, 5/5

Every visit to the Oak Harbor, Play House is great a no pain zone.

~Mary S Higley, 8/9/18, 5/5

This place is amazing. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The facility is clean and very kid friendly. Dentist always walks us through what he’s going to do and you can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. Glad we found this dental office to take our son to.

~Emmylou Paden, 8/6/18, 5/5

OMG why can’t I be a patient here!?! Had an appointment for one of my twins who has a cavity and they were able to fit in his sister for an exam! Now we have a full game plan for both kiddos to have a healthy smile. From the phone call to make the appointment until we left with balloons in hand it was a wonderful experience! Thank you! Thank you!

~Stephanie Gonzalez, 8/6/18, 5/5

Very friendly staff! We’ve been going to the Oak Harbor location for over 30 years, 2 generations! My 17 year old was upset when she aged out of Playhouse Dental, no one has been quite as gentle as them. We are lucky enough continue on with my 19 month old, and she has proven to be quite comfortable there.

~Jolene Pincin, 8/5/18, 5/5

My son recently had his very first dentist apt at another location a week prior to going to Playhouse. All I have to say is his first visit at playhouse was NOTHING like the his first visit to the other place! He didn’t cry once he had a fun time with the dr and all the nurses while they played games to get my to check his teeth my 3 year old didn’t even realize he was at the dentist! My son doesn’t go with people he doesn’t know but had no problem with the staff there! By the end of the apt my boyfriend could have left without my son knowing he was gone because he was having a good time with the staff. My boyfriend said he didn’t feel like he was getting yelled at this time or being told how bad of a parent he was! Instead he was getting recommendations of alternative ways to help our 3 year old! All I want to say is I DO NOT regret scheduling my sons apt to playhouse. I am so thankful I did and my son is excited to go back!

~Skye Fodor, 7/27/18, 5/5

You guys always take good care of my grandkids I was very impressed how you took good care of my granddaughter Aspen and made her feel comfortable in her dental experience thank you very much

~Daelene Lance, 7/27/18, 5/5

Playhouse Dental is awesome. Dr. Hill is very knowledgeable and her staff is friendly, helpful, and nice.

~Bre Gaines, 7/25/18, 5/5

They are very personable and caring. Very good with kids. Dr. Stout is awesome. I’ve never had a bad experience. Always informative.

~Stephanie Whisenant, 7/24/18, 5/5

We had a great experience! The staff were so awesome with helping my D as fuhrer feel comfortable.

~Lorlei Medina, 7/23/18, 5/5

Excellent job whit the children’s.

~Stacy A., 7/23/18

Dr. Hills and her staff have been wonderful for the many years my children have gone to her. She allowed one of my children to return the next day when they were refusing tonget the cleaning done. Recently my 4 year old was willing to get her teeth cleaned, xrayed and able to get her wiggle dealt with within an efficient time. I honestly expected longer time & being called back to calm her.

~Summer, 7/23/18, 5/5

The best pediatric dentist. I’ve referred several people here and they all leave happy too. All the staff is great and Dr Hill is amazing with my daughter!

~Christen Price, 7/22/18, 5/5

Thank you so much for another great experience!!!

~Koa G., 7/18/18

Best experience I could have imagined. Dr hill was beyond amazing as well as everyone else we encountered. I raved about them for hours after the appointment. We had just over a 30 min drive and I would drive 2 hours if I had to just to go back. I can’t say enough good things!

~Abby F., 7/18/18, 5/5

We used to travel to Oak Harbor or Mt Vernon to see a pediatric dentist, so it is wonderful to have one in Anacortes now. Kids are treated great and they provide great tips for parents each time we visit.

~Judith Baker, 7/17/18, 5/5


My Kids loved going here. They keep asking when they can go back. Everyone was so helpful and nice and made my kiddos feel very welcome and comfortable.

~Kristin Fuhr, 7/16/18, 5/5


My wife was very specific that my daughter does not like men dentists, this is also male doctors so don’t feel too bad. But it has made my daughter that more scared of coming back to the dentist. Please next time, if my wife has specified something, follow the request.

~William E., 7/13/18

Playhouse Response: Thank you for the feedback. Clearly we missed your preference for a female dentist and apologize for the misstep. We are happy to make a note of it going forward. We ALL want a great outcome every time!  



Absolutely fantastic dentist, both of my kids loved Dr Sarah Hill.

~Chila, 7/14/18, 5/5


We have been going to the Oak Harbor Playhouse Dental for your about five years. The girls and myself have been treated with respect and kindness. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Hill you all are amazing.

~Mary S. Rose, 7/13/18, 5/5


Great all around.

~Charles Lindsay, 7/13/18, 5/5


Our experience was great, as always but 8 do have a request or suggestion. We would prefer not to use fluoride products in our young daughters mouth. At the beginning of her cleaning I was informed your office didn’t carry child fluoride free child flavors, only mint. I gave in to make everyone’s experience a good one but would love to have better options in the future. Thanks.

~Brittany L., 6/29/18

Dr. Hill’s Response: I have been looking into some options for fluoride free prophy paste other than mint.  You and your daughter will hopefully be pleased with either “Fruity” or “White Chocolate.”  While we do believe that fluoride helps move teeth away from decay through a remineralization process, we do respect your right to opt out.  Thank you for partnering with us on that journey.

Mom’s Response: Wow, thank you for taking my concern to heart. I’m pleasantly surprised you have brought in some child friendly non fluoride options, and love the fact that you respect our decisions. Thank you for being so awesome!


Sorry to push the ‘Not Great’ button. We had a good experience and we love Dr. Hill. But since you asked, I do want to share feedback that’s a little negative. It’s unprofessional to talk to the parents in the waiting room about anything to do with the child’s dental condition, treatment plan or any other concerns. It’s private and generally uncomfortable for the parent. This has happened multiple times to me and other parents in the waiting room and it’s clear that they are uncomfortable as well. This should be done in a private setting. Thanks for asking for my feedback as I appreciate your desire to provide a good experience.

~Stephanie R., 6/29/18

Dr. Hill’s response: Thank you for the feedback! You make some excellent points that we will incorporate into our practice. Our Oak Harbor office is extremely tight on space, and challenges us to maintain the balance between clear communication, privacy and efficiency. Thank you for helping us prioritize the first two values over the latter.


I love this place and so do my children

~Kristina Useman, 7/10/18, 5/5


The care, time and effort that Playhouse Dental puts into their patients is not only amazing but comforting. We very much appreciate them!

~Lindsay Formhals, 7/7/18, 5/5


I was recommended this place and I am SO happy I made an appointment. This place is so awesome! From the second I walked in I felt welcomed and my 3 year old son felt instantly comfortable and excited to be at their cute kid area. My son usually gets nervous at any kind of appointment but The sweetest dental assistant made him feel quite at ease. He was hesitant to get on the chair but she talked him thru it and he was even excited to get on after that. Then the dentist came! Before even getting to his teeth she spent time making him giggle and not be scared of her (which he usually was at a previous dentist at other office). He willingly sat perfectly still for her and I know that’s because he trusted her and was completely comfortable (he was NOT like that at his last appointment in a different location)When he was done they gave him a little treat bag,a balloon and even an extra balloon for his stuffed animal he brought. Sh even specifically said good bye to him and his stuffed animal Moe!
My son just received a thank you card and some stickers for him and Moe for coming! He got SO excited when he received this. By the smile on his face he clearly remembered the fun place he visited.
I’m not one to yelp much or even give specific details about locations but this place went above and beyond that I had to write and say THANK YOU so much for making my boy love the dentist, making it such a fun experience, taking time to care and putting this mamas heart and nerves at ease. I’d recommend this place to everyone and anyone!

~Julienne E., 7/7/18, 5/5


they are all really nice and they are very good with the kids. i have 2 boys one did very good 
the other one was really nervous but they where really calm with him 
i’m very happy with them

~Emily Mitchell, 7/5/18, 5/5


My son loves it here, and he’s usually very nervous going in, but not with them!

~Lindsey Moniz, 7/3/18, 5/5


We love the office staff, hygienist and dentist. Great communication and willingness to work with us when scheduling 3 kids for appointments.

~Christina Jump, 7/3/18, 5/5


My kids actually like going to the dentist! Fun toys, super friendly staff. We love playhouse dental! Dr. Hill is fantastic with children. Unlike most dentists (in my experience) she has realistic requests for my children’s oral health upkeep. I 100% recommend playhouse dental.

~Devvan Alexandra Schols, 7/2/18, 5/5


Exceptional level of care and the team went above and beyond to ensure my daughter’s comfort during her first visit.

~Lauren Rider, 6/29/18, 5/5


Wonderful dentist!!

~Anonymous, 6/28/18, 5/5


Love kids friendly amazing staff. I don’t need to drive all away to Mt Vernon anymore. Exactly what we need it.

~Roxana Guzman, 6/27/18, 5/5


Amazing with kids who are on the spectrum!

~Katie Kazmierczak, 6/27/18, 5/5


I love everything about this clinic. 

~Elena Rivera-Galaz, 6/25/18, 5/5


Everyone at this office has been great! They have helped my child overcome a lot of his fears and really listen to questions or concerns.

~Rebecca W., 6/25/18, 5/5


Every experience at Playhouse Dental has been a delight. They sent a thank you note to my son with more stickers and just made his whole visit special. Dr. Hill is amazing with kids, made my son feel very comfortable and I felt very heard and understood. They truly care about kids having a good experience with the dentist over profit.

~Ariel Williams, 6/23/18, 5/5


Great place! The staff are wonderful with kids. My son felt at ease before and after his appointment. He loved getting a card in the mail from them after his procedure. Highly recommend!!

~Kendall Boyle, 6/22/18, 5/5


Excellent care from the entire staff! I highly recommend for you children’s dental needs.

~Maurice Davis, 6/22/18, 5/5


My young kids love going to the dentist since Playhouse Dental in Anacortes treats them so well. The staff and environment is very kid and family friendly and skilled with any teeth issues.

~Brooke Freeman, 6/22/18, 5/5


Dr. Stout and all the nurses/staff are excellent!!!
On the other hand Dr. Hill will NEVER touch my child mouth again. When my daughter was 3 shes 15 now I think she had to have caps put in her mouth. She had a mild surgery 6 caps on top 6 caps on bottom. She left a piece of surgical equipment in my child’s mouth. When I asked about why she couldn’t bite down she told me sometimes that happens after a procedure so after a week till our follow up. Dr. Hill said to me have you ever made a mistake? I said why then she proceeded to tell me about the item left in her mouth and would have to be taken out in the office that day. Not cool I never took her back till this year because she was so traumatized and scared of a dentist. Oh by the way my daughter has been deaf since birth.

~Traci Wisdom, 6/22/18, 4/5
Dr. Hill’s response: Traci, I am glad that your daughter has been able to start her dental journey once again with Dr. Stout. He is an amazing and kind person, and an excellent dentist. We are committed to growing healthy smiles for a lifetime. I am sorry that your daughter had such a rough start. We wish you both well on the journey.


Best dentist around. Great with my kids and my kids actually enjoy going!!!! Super sweet and nice Dr.

~Ashley, 6/21/18, 5/5


We LOVE Playhouse Dental, they are a great addition to Oak Harbor! My son is always a little nervous going to the dentist. My son has had to have oral surgery and a couple of fillings so he wanted to know exactly what they were going to do to him, step-by-step. For the first few times he didn’t want laughing gas on his face, and it took him awhile to warm him up. Dr. Sarah Hill stepped in assured me his resistance wasn’t an issue, showed more than enough patience and stayed professional. Dr. Sarah Hill walked my son through the process, took the extra time to make him comfortable, let him watch a movie while laying the chair and won over his trust and was able to get the job done. During all this she could see I was nervous about his reaction and even assured me it was fine and that she deals with this kind of thing all the time. The staff is more than friendly and always remembers our names and shows tremendous patience as well. Let’s not forget the goodie bags and balloons on the way out, I mean what dental practice does that for your kids!? If you have a child and are looking for a great dentist look no further, Playhouse Dental is it!

~Carron Chernobieff, 6/21/18, 5/5


Lovely facility, friendly staff!

Our first time to the Anacortes office, nice, clean, and orderly facility yet stil kid friendly. Staff was pleasant and attentive. No complaints from the boys either.

~Adrienne Coatney, 6/21/18, 5/5

Exceptional service, and caring

My daughter broke a tooth and they got us in and took care of it immediately with no hesitation and completely put her and my mind at ease. i would recommend them to any parent for their children.

~Jeff Webb, 6/20/18, 5/5

So great!

We took both our kids (3yo & 1yo) for their first check up today and the staff was so wonderful. Everyone was kind and patient and informative. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who has children that are prone to anxiousness and are apprehensive to new people (or if the parents are anxious about the experience too!). So, so wonderful. Glad we found this place!

~Katie DeBord, 6/14/18, 5/5


Wonderful people here! Dr. Stout is amazing!

~Samantha Braddy, 6/14/18, 4/5


My son is a BIG talker. The hygienist was so sweet with him. She answered all of his questions and seemed genuinely interested in what he had to say. So many people seem to get frustrated with “busy” kids. It was refreshing as a mom to see my little guy treated with dignity and respect. The dentist was quick and thorough. I am very pleased with our experience!

~Tabatha L., 6/12/18, 5/5

Fun and professional setting

I loved Playhouse Dental. Fun stuff to do in the waiting room and in the back. The staff was great with kids and the dentist was really easy to talk to and didn’t make you feel rushed. I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else now.

~Tara Valencia, 6/9/18, 5/5

Wonderful, Quick, and great with children.

Check in is quick and easy with friendly people at the counter. Toys and books are available for waiting. Today we got a tour of the office and the assistant did a great job making it fun for my toddler to familiarize himself with what will happen there in the future. The assistant and dentist were quick and made every aspect fun for the little one. Stickers and balloons afterward.

~Katie H., 6/7/18, 5/5

Excellent staff

Inviting environment with professional and fun staff!

~Michael Domboski, 6/7/18, 5/5


Nice staff, clean environment.

~Ada Moseley, 6/5/18, 4/5

Amazing Dental Office

My daughter had her first fillings today. The staff was extremely patient and kind and considerate of my daughters needs.

~Ashley Wood, 6/5/18, 5/5

High Quality, Excellence Service

Entire office was exceptional! My children enjoyed their experience and left happy and excited for their next visit.

~Amy Jorden, 6/5/18, 5/5

Great Clinic

Playhouse Dental is really awesome. Both my kids had a great experience and I hope they’ve given my kids a great foundation for their dental needs. All of the staff were friendly, professional, and really fun.

~Jes Wagner, 6/2/18, 5/5

Friendly, professional office

They are always very helpful. From when you walk in and are greeted to the professional staff in the back. They are always asking if you have concerns, tell you up front which procedures are being done that day, accept very graciously when a procedure is too costly for you at that time and you opt out. Kids build a healthy relationship about going to the dentist!

~Cindi Morley, 6/2/18, 5/5

Best Kid Dentist!

I just brought my eternally suspicious 2-year-old to Dr Hill for her first dental exam. The waiting area is clean, comfortable, and full of neat toys. My daughter jumped right in and made herself at home. When we were taken back to the exam room, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were no large scary dental chairs or cold, clinical settings. The exam room was a small, office-like space with more neat toys and books to distract my toddler while we waited for Dr Hill. Dr Hill herself was kind and soft spoken. She chatted with my toddler for a few minutes to make her more comfortable, and then examined her while she was sitting on my lap. The exam itself was so fast and smooth that my daughter hardly knew what happened! I was so impressed. This was not the dreaded “child at the dentist” experience I was expecting! Cannot recommend highly enough!

~Siobhan Gallagher-Bloemer, 6/1/18, 5/5

Excellent Kid Dental Care

My kids actually like going here! And I am super impressed with this dental care for my kids. Dr. Hill has been their main dentist – she is extremely competent and a straightforward communicator, and answers all of my many questions. The few times we’ve had to come in “pronto” due to injury or pain, we’ve been fit in that day. All staff – front desk staff (Jeramy is wonderful), Dental Hygienists, and both Dentists – are kind and professional. We like both offices, and will happily make the extra trip to the Anacortes office (fun and new and modern).

~Sheilagh Byler, 6/1/18, 5/5

A+ Professional, Friendly, Respectful & CLEAN!

I love this office! The staff are all very friendly and Dr. Hill is absolutely amazing! She’s very understanding of children’s needs and uses terms that don’t scare them. My 10 year old has anxiety and is always convinced a trip to the dentist means teeth being “ripped out”. Dr. Hill is always able to get the required treatments done and asks him permission to remove any teeth that are hanging by a hair. If he says no, she’s very supportive! As for younger kids, my 12 month old had his first visit and she was able to look in his mouth without him squirming because she showed him that the gloves go on her hand, and her hand is okay by touching my hand first, then his, then we laid him back so his head was in her lap and she got to take a nice long peek! He even let her get fluoride on! Thank you all so much! I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

~Karlee Faulk, 5/31/18, 5/5

Professional & friendly

We just started going here. All 4 of my kids were seen right around the same time and everyone was so great with them. ( kids are 8 -1 yr old). I was extremely happy with our experience & we are all looking forward to going back. My kids saw Dr. Joseph Stout & his amazing team. They explained everything to me & walked me through everything with the kids. So happy to find such an amazing dentist for my children.

~Susan Calow, 5/31/18, 5/5

Very friendly

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Took my 1 and 3 year olds in for their first checkup and they had a really great, happy experience!

~Sarah Hoy, 5/29/18, 5/5

Love love love

I absolutely love Dr. Hill and all the staff!! My kids have never been so excited to go to the dentist! Dr. Hill is amazing with all kids and is great with my littlest who is 2yrs old!!! I’m so excited and thankful to have found Playhouse dental!

~Elizabeth Watson, 5/23/18, 5/5

Always warm and friendly. 

~Laura Crocker, 5/23/18, 5/5


Great place!!

~Darwin Meyer, 5/23/18, 5/5

High quality and Very professional

The staff is great. They are always motivated and know how to deal with kids no matter what age. Highly recommend them to anybody moving to Oak Harbor.

~Darwin Meyer, 5/23/18, 5/5

The best place!!!!!!!

~Beatrice Espinoza, 5/22/18, 5/5

Great Experience!

Every time we go to Playhouse Dental we have a great experience! Dr. Stout is wonderful and all the staff are very accommodating and friendly. They’re also quick! We were only there for probably 30 or 45 minutes for a cavity filling. I told my 4 year old last night that we were going to the dentist tomorrow and she said, “Yes! I love the dentist! They give you balloons and stickers!” All 3 of my kids enjoy going to the dentist; and that is a win in my book.

~Becca Swan, 5/22/18, 5/5

Very Friendly

Lets me know how and whats being done.

~Kim T., 5/21/18, 5/5

Professional and friendly

The staff is always very friendly and patient with my kids. My youngest has had some fear when it comes to the dentist and they are always so understanding and take their time to get him comfortable and help ease him into his check up. The dental staff is amazing (including Jeremy at the front desk, he’s always so helpful and kind)

~Margie Richardson, 5/17/18, 5/5

Professional and Friendly

We are new to this area and really love this practice. The staff and providers are kind and patient. Appointments are on time! Really loved Dr. Hill!!

~Theresa Mcfarland, 5/15/18, 5/5

Excellent experience

All staff are kind, courteous and professional. Dr. Hill is excellent!

~Crystal Rovente, 5/15/18, 5/5

Excellent Dental Services and Customer Care

The staff is very friendly, the dentists are nice yet professional, and the atmosphere is great. They are the best in town!

~W. Rowland, 5/9/18, 5/5


~Sam Chong, 5/9/18, 5/5


Dr. Hill and Dr. Stout are always thorough, pleasant and punctual. Their techs are very friendly and professional.

~Casey Wood, 5/8/18, 5/5

Emergency visit review

We recently came in for our scheduled cleaning as always it’s the best experience. Today we had to come in for an emergency visit, my first time. They got us in quickly, assessed and had a plan immediately that I was comfortable with. We won’t go elsewhere. Thank you!!

~Shannon Meadows, 5/7/18, 5/5

Very disappointing
Dr. Hill seemed unfamiliar with SPD in general. My son wasn’t himself because his father was out of town, he’d smashed his fingers in the door the night before which cause him to go to bed late when he was already behind on sleep, etc. I explain this to the medical assistant and Dr. Hill. Keeping in mind that we’d have a 100% successful dental visit and cleaning at another Family Dentist office. She tried shaming him “2 year olds can do this”, she tried to tell me not to tell my son what to expect at visits, which is the exact opposite of what helped our visit to another clinic end in 100% cooperation, and she told me my son as “playing me”. I had fully explained why we were having a hard morning, and I fulling explained his SPD diagnosis and the specific therapy he was in. I absolutely should not feel like I need to be bring his occupation therapist, ophthalmologist and visual therapist in to this but when having diagnosis’s from three people isn’t enough for her to not self diagnose my son then I cannot have a working relationship with her. I spoke none of this to my child and tried to stay open minded during the visit, but when discussing future visits my son was very clear that he did not like it there and that he does not like Dr. Hill. The family dentist practice referred us just as a precaution and since my son did wonderfully at their office we will be returning there for future care. When looking for a dentist in the beginning I chose our current family practice because I knew the open floor plan at the children’s offices would be hard for him. I highly suggest you keep this in mind when seeing other SPD patients. Seeing us in the small room initially would probably worked much better, instead of dragging us all over the place. I fully intend to share my experience with my local parents of children with SPD.

~Alyssa Oczkewicz , 5/4/18, 1/5

I am sorry that our attempts to find a workable scenario including a “skill build” follow up appointment failed to meet your expectations. You know your son best, and I am glad that you have other options. We truly try to find a win-win scenario for each child. Best wishes in your dental journey.

~Sarah Hill, DDS


I’m sad it’s just for kids

All around FANTASTIC experience!!! Not only were they absolutely amazing and calming to my daughter who I thought would be completely resistant to let anyone touch her teeth, but it was a great friendly atmosphere and calming for me as well! They have truly thought everything out, an anticipated both the parents and child’s needs. I cannot say enough great things!

~Chantel Danger, 5/3/18, 5/5

Amazing First Appointment

This was our daughter’s first ever dentist appointment and Dr. Sarah Hill was so good with her and very helpful about what we should do as parents. Our daughter was very comfortable and we were in and out quickly.

~Jessi Rueter, 5/2/18, 5/5

The staff is always so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The office is beautiful and clean and they have some of the coolest toys for the kids to play with. My son actually looks forward to going to the dentist and almost doesn’t want to leave once we’re there.

~Julia Holmgren, 5/1/18, 5/5


Great atmosphere. Kids enjoy going.

~Ada Moseley, 4/30/18, 4/5

Highly Competent!

Dental visit was awesome. The staff and dentist were friendly, at the same very professional, and the whole process was followed up with explanation.

~Thelma Ekpen, 4/23/18, 5/5

Highly recommend

Love the staff, Love the way the treat the kids, and absolutely Love Dr.Hill!!!

~Natalie Silva, 4/20/18, 5/5

Great team!

They out do themselves every time.

~Katherine Morris, 4/17/18, 5/5

Very impressed with the dentist.. not with the hygienists (assistants)

Our first appointment with my 7 & 3 year old went okay but I was concerned with how impatient and annoyed the hygienist acted towards my kids. (3 year olds first visit and my 7 year old just gets a little nervous but does fine) The dentist was amazing and we love her so we decided to bring my 7 year old back for sealants. At that visit I was told to wait in the waiting room and nicely explained that I’ll be going back with her. She then tried to tell me to get someone to watch my other daughter since she was with me. I nicely told her we’d be going back with her since she wants me there. We were quiet and in no way bothersome or in the way so I don’t appreciate being told not to sit in with my daughter. I hope the hygientists (assistants) learn some compassion and patience.

~Jackie D. 4/11/18, 3/5

I am sorry that your experience was less than optimal. We love caring for children, and will always work with you for the best outcome.

Dr. Hill

Couldn’t be happier

Every time we visit I’m reminded of why I’m so glad my kids go to playhouse. They look forward to the appointment because of how fun and relaxed the staff makes the environment. They encourage my kids to be independent and brave while empowering both them and I with helpful tools and advice about healthy habits. They’re just the best!

~Nicole Bailey, 4/13/18, 5/5

A Quality Experience

This was our 6mo follow up visit. My daughter felt comfortable and did much better with the dental assistant before Dr. Hill did her check up. I am thankful and impressed by their understands no and expert interaction with my daughter. They were able to get a four year old to happily have her teeth cleaned and examined. The dental pick did make her scared, but thanks to Dr Hill, she let her examine most of her teeth before tears started. Of course, balloons and stickers don’t hurt either. Thanks for the great experience!

~Dana Aldis, 4/12/18, 5/5

The staff at Playhouse Dental was amazing! They were so patient, kind, and kept us informed throughout the entire process.

~Ryan Zimmerman, 4/12/18, 5/5

Always a wonderful experience!

All the staff are pleasant and the environment is perfect for kids!

~Jessica Cantrell, 4/10/18, 5/5

All around awesome!

I have recommended Playhouse to everyone I know! I used to take my kids to a dentist office in Mt.Vernon on LaVenture Rd. But after a couple appointments I knew it was not the dentist for us. Over the last couple years I’ve had more than a handful of friends telling me to try Playhouse. Before we had our initial appointment they were already great about communication. Soon as we entered the office the vibe was so fun & refreshing. Different than they typical dental office. My kids eyes lit up, I’ve never heard of an office like this. What’s really cool is my kiddos definitely think of the dentist as a FUN place now rather than dreading it as before, which makes a world of a difference to a child. The dentist & the dental assistants were all amazing with my kids! Their anxiety of the dentist went away as soon as the assistant started talking to. I have an autistic 6yr old son & the work he had done would have most likely triggered a melt down but he was so relaxed and at ease with everyone. That means a lot to me. There’s not a thing I would change about Playhouse Dental… Except for them to take me as a patient too! 🙂 I’m more than thankful that I made the switch for my kids. If you are contemplating bringing your kid(s) to Playhouse then I HIGHLY recommend it. I’m sure you will be as happy as I am & your kids will be thanking you.

~Krista Enneberg, 3/27/18, 5/5

Professional and Friendly

This was my son’s first visit at the dentist and playhouse dental knew how to make the him feel comfortable throughout the process. Highly recommend them.

~Darwin Meyer, 3/26/18, 5/5

Friendly and professional

Friendly and professional care

~Ilze Ulmane, 3/25/18, 5/5

Friendly staff and clean

The facility is very well kept and the staff is so welcoming and friendly. Definitely happy to have found this place.

~Elaine Murray, 3/23/18, 5/5

Service, care of my daughter

You guys were fast, efficient, and very informative about the options for my daughter’s care. But mostly you are great with my kid and that’s what counts. She seems to do great with you guys. Dr. Stout and his team are so wonderful

~Kimberlee Wammack, 3/23/18, 5/5

Great staff!

My diva of a six year old is usually very weary of new places and people. Her first visit she was completely at ease and asked when she can go back! Friendly and fun staff. Will be going back!

~Leigh Bunch, 3/21/18, 5/5

Fantastic treatment of my almost 3 year old

My son went into the office crying and they immediately cheered him up! He played with the toys and didn’t even realize he was waiting for an appointment. When called back he was treated like a person and asked questions as well as me (his Mom). They decided to try him out in the chair since he is almost 3. When he would start to freak out they saw and changed what they were doing. What a great experience! Dr Stout is awesome. The balloon at the end made it all worth it as well! 🙂 Thank you Playhouse Dental!

~Laura Carothers, 3/19/18, 5/5

Always happy with play house dental service very polite thorough and make the scary experience a happy experience . Thank u all who work there. Sincerely Misty Rice

~Misty Rice, 3/14/18, 5/5

Great First Dental Experience!

We took our 2 year old son for his first dental check up today. I was nervous, but Dr. Stout was amazing. Our son actually became very excited at the sound of his voice and he cooperated during the cleaning and examination. It was amazing! At the end he was given a balloon and applauded for doing such a great job.

~Melissa A. 3/14/18, 5/5

Exceeded Expectations

My daughter had recently developed a fear of visiting the dentist. After an unhappy experience at another dental office, we were referred to Playhouse Dental. They have exceeded any expectations that our entire family had. The entire office was friendly and welcoming. Beyond the surface, Dr. Stout was AMAZING. He was understanding, attentive, encouraging, patient, kind and engaging; not only with my daughter but with me as well. I appreciated the frequent updates from Dr. Stout as he was treating my daughter. In addition to Dr. Stout, the office ladies were pleasant and efficient. Thank you to the entire Playhouse Anacortes staff for exceeding our expectations!!! My daughter can’t wait to come back and I can’t say I disagree!!!

~Amber Rains, 3/14/18, 5/5

Daughters 1st appointment

They were great and knew what they were doing. So happy with everything.

~Trisha Butler, 3/14/18, 5/5

Love this place!

Staff is amazing.

~Skyla Dean, 3/9/18, 5/5


I am so happy I chose to take my daughter to Playhouse dental. I was a walk-in and was just going to make an appointment for the future because my daughter had recently lost a tooth and they managed to get me in right then and there and every member of staff I dealt with from front desk to the dental assistant to the doctor was phenomenal! I was a very happy customer at the end of the day! They put me in a fabulous mood!

~Lisa Grady, 3/8/18, 5/5

Very good service!

~Elcel Bradley, 3/7/18, 5/5

Quality, Caring, practice.

My daughter has pretty special needs. This practice was patient, kind, and intelligent when it came to those needs. I was impressed by today’s visit.

~Amber Grymes, 3/5/18, 5/5

Eva’s first dental appointment and she didn’t cry!

Fun atmosphere and plenty to see! Our 3 year old’s first experience was about 70% successful but she was very proud to be on the No cavity tree. Thank you for a fun experience!

~Dondi Budde, 3/2/18, 5/5

Such a Warm Professional Staff

My son had to have a tooth “wiggled” out this morning. Dr. Hill’s attentive care of my sons mouth and for his emotional health is exemplary. The staff is so warm, welcoming and very professional. Our favorite dental office!

~Amy Jansen, 03/02/2018 5/5

Staff Was Excellent

Five of my kids had cleanings yesterday and the staff did an amazing job at keeping a peaceful atmosphere, reducing anxiety for the kids, and communicating with me. Dr. Stout is always so kind and gentle with each one.

~Angela O, 03/02/2018 5/5

Great Pediatric Dentist

My toddler is extremely afraid of doctors and dentists offices. The staff at Playhouse Dental does an amazing job of working with us to make my son as comfortable as possible and to work as quickly as possible so he can be in and out pretty fast. Their waiting room has plenty to keep kids busy while waiting to be called back and the whole staff is great!

~Carrie Stucky, 03/01/2018 5/5

High Quality Service. Great with My Toddler

Both the dentist and her assistants gave my daughter and I a wonderful experience and we cannot wait to come back! Thank you for engaging her in the appointment and for being so kind. This is an important age to get her used to the dentist and your team did an amazing job!

~Katelyn Morgan, 03/01/2018 5/5

Like Magic

I’m so impressed by Playhouse Dental. Dr. Hill’s methods of making my toddler feel calm and secure are like magic.

~Jessica Guzik, 2/28/18 5/5

Great Dental Experience

My 3 kids have been going to Playhouse Dental for about 3 years now and we couldn’t be more pleased with their service. We have seen both Dr. Stout and Dr. Hill and we have always had a great experience; whether it be going in for cleaning and checkups or restorative work on cavities. My almost 4- year- old had her first appointment yesterday for actual dental work and I was super impressed at how well they handled her visit. They made her completely comfortable, let her watch one of her favorite shows during the work and came out to tell me how she was doing partway through. I especially appreciated that because I was a little nervous at how she would handle getting a cavity filled. Afterwards they even let my other two kids who hadn’t had any work done but were just waiting with me have a balloon and a sticker. I would definitely recommend Playhouse Dental to anyone looking for a great pediatric dentist.

~Becca Swan, 02/26/2018 5/5

We Love Playhouse

With every appointment whether for cleanings or restorative, I always feel my children are well taken care of and that they receive quality, genuine dental care from the front desk to the dentist. Thank you playhouse! We are lucky to have you on the island!

~Suzy Strelecky, 02/22/2018 5/5

Excellent Service

Love the way the staff treats the children and parents. They are amazing! My kids love the balloons and stickers. My little one was always afraid of dentist until she came here, now she love it! Thank you!!! Definitely is highly recommended!!!

~Loriann Mulero, 2/20/2018 5/5

All Around Excellent

On time, clean, friendly, efficient. Communicated well and dealt with a cavity found while we were there for a cleaning -saving me another trip and another day off work and school. Great peds dentist!

~HL, 2/20/2018 5/5

Welcoming From the Moment You Walk in the Doors

Our experience at Playhouse Dental was better than I could have expected. This was my daughter’s first visit and I was thrilled that it was a lap visit. Dr. Hill made the experience fun and interesting for my 12 month old. She explained all of her findings and also detailed what future appointments would entail. I look forward to having Dr.Hill and her staff be a part of my daughter’s healthcare team!

~Allison Engert, 02/16/2018 5/5

Very Kid Friendly and Professional

From the office staff to the assistant to the dentist everyone was very friendly and great with my daughter. Dr. Hill is absolutely amazing with children. She makes it fun and interesting to them. The assistant we had (Janet) was also amazing. She was very gentle and caring.

~Rachael Vaughn, 02/16/2018 5/5

Excellent Place

I love bringing my kids here, the staff is amazing and they do such great work. My kids love coming here because of the balloons and stickers,  I’m glad I found out about Playhouse Dental. I would recommend this place to anyone 😊

~Abrianna Sampson, 02/14/2018 5/5

Children’s Appointment

Very nice noisy atmosphere. Clean and comfortable. The receptionist and hygienist were friendly and professional.

~Ada Moseley, 02/08/2018 5/5

Always GREAT!

They always go beyond my expectations. Really professional, the moment you step in the receptionist greets you, the assistant takes your kids and the dentist checks on them until you leave with a smile!

~Imelda Veliz, 02/08/2018 5/5

First Visit With The Dentist

Today I took my 19 month old daughter in to see Dr. Stout. The office was clean and welcoming. There was so much for her to do, both in the waiting room and the consultation room. The staff took the time to get down to her level when talking to her. I appreciated the fact that her first visit was a lap examination rather then putting her in the chair. This eased both of our worries. I look forward to having Dr. Stout be a part of my daughters medical team moving forward.

~Sarah Connors, 02/08/2018 5/5


There’s a lot to be said about our experience there. After being told my children had 6+ cavities each and needed tooth extractions for cosmetic reasons, I sought out second opinions. Not only were there no cavities to be found but I wasn’t treated rudely for questioning it. Also no one saw any reason my six year should have her teeth pulled. This office is more concerned about their business than their patients. I’d love to see the what kind of up-charging insurance fraud is going on in their billing department to aid their pursuit of thickening their wallets.

~Chris F, 02/08/2018 1/5

Chris, I am sorry that you were disappointed with the treatment recommendations that you received last SUMMER for your children. Especially how you felt when questioning my recommendations. I generally love to partner with parents and families in educating them about their oral status and options for improving it… and there are always options! I wish you and your children the best in your new dental home.

Dr. Hill

Amazing With Nervous Children

My 6 year old had tooth pain. She was terrified of going to the dentist. They got us in the same day which was so surprising. As soon as you walk in, it’s literally a playhouse. Fun, relaxing, clean, friendly. Dentist and staff are extremely patient, funny, honest, and most importantly……THEY HAVE CANDY SCENTED GLOVES!!!!!

~Nicole Arian, 02/06/2018 5/5

First Dental Visit

Great business! My son was very nervous but the dental assistant, Ashley, was very friendly. We were very pleased with the staff, from the front desk to the dentist. Everyone was informative and nice.

~Eunice Arnold, 02/04/2018 5/5

Highly Recommend

Dr. Stout and his assistants were extremely helpful. He explained everything to us in a detailed manner and answered all of our questions. I appreciate the care he took in our son and highly recommend him. Thank you!!

~L. P. 01/30/2018 5/5

Amazing Dentist & Assistants! My 3 Kids & Both My Husband & I LOVE This Office.

Every part of our experience with Playhouse has been perfect! The customer service is great & the office is so clean, nice & up to date. The staff is so great to us & even the ‘paperwork’ (done with help & very easy to do on a computer) part was so simple from the start. The entire vibe instantly makes for an anxiety free & fun appointment for my kids which is a completely different experience from their last dental office. An experience like this can make the entire difference in children having a positive lifelong approach to healthy dental care. My kids now look forward to their next 6 month check up thanks to Playhouse Dental!

~Krista Enneberg, 01/29/2018 5/5

Clean And Very Friendly Staff!

We’ve been coming here since my daughter popped her first tooth! She is 8 now and obviously has a lot more teeth to take care of! Every time we come, the staff is very friendly and welcoming. The environment is very clean and the office seems to flow well, from front office to assistants to the doctors. In my opinion it’s very important to keep children feeling comfortable with going to the dentist to promote good oral hygiene into adulthood. Playhouse Dental does a great job!

~Jacqueline Hussey, 01/27/2018 5/5

Wonderful Experience!

Both times I brought my daughters to the practice I had a wonderful experience. They were very clear with what was happening during the appointment and also what follow up was needed. I felt that the entire staff did a great job to make us feel comfortable and empowered.

~Beth Scheenstra, 01/25/2018 5/5

Top Notch Service!

The staff is ALWAYS so friendly and sweet to my children. Extremely warm and professional. My kids both LOVE going to the dentist because of the stellar staff in Anacortes. Makes it a pleasant trip for this Mama!

~Erin Clark, 01/22/2018 5/5

Great Staff and Environment

I wish I went to this dentist when I was a kid, maybe I would have had better teeth.

~Jay Dudek, 01/22/2018 5/5

Very friendly and Professional.

Playhouse Dental was highly recommended to me by a lady I met at our kids’ orthodontist. I was not disappointed. They were friendly, respectful, and informative.

~Shannon Dixon, 01/19/2018 5/5

Best Dentist Visit Ever

Dr. Hill made my 4 year old son feel very comfortable and was able to get him to do a lot more then any other dentist I have ever been to. We traveled from Hawaii to come to her and she made the experience very enjoyable and affordable! I would travel back here again if my son ever needed more help with his teeth. Thanks Playhouse for being amazing!

~Jolie Eckley, 01/19/2018 5/5

High-Quality Service

We love Playhouse Dental! The entire experience is exceptional from the front desk to the assistants and the billing staff. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Dr. Hill does a great job with making the kids feel comfortable. My kids LOVE going to the dentist! Thank you for making what could be scary a wonderful experience.

~Jennifer Harju, 01/18/2018 5/5

Best Dental Experience Ever

I was so amazed at how well everything went. When they told me that they were going to attempt to clean my three year old’s teeth, I was skeptical of it happening without a huge meltdown. The staff were so great to my son and made everything a game. Not only were they able to clean his teeth, but they were also able to get X-rays! ON A THREE YEAR OLD! They must have super powers, I swear. 10/10. Best dentists ever. I just wish that they saw adults! 🙂

~Tracie Grace, 01/18/2018 5/5

High Quality

This dentist office is a high quality, family friendly facility. It doesn’t even feel like you are having dental work done. They are so good at making the kids comfortable.

~Tyrah Gaines,01/18/2018 5/5

My Kids Love You Guys!

My youngest son (4) has seen Dr. Hill previously and was so excited to go back today, despite having quite a bit of work done at his last visit. My oldest son (10) and daughter (2), had their first appointments at playhouse today and also both loved it. Dr. Hill and the staff make it such a positive experience the kids were all asking when they get to go back when we left!

~Baily Dalrymple, 01/18/2018 5/5

Wonderful Experience

My kids all had a great experience here. The hygienists and dentists are very accommodating and understanding of my one child who’s a bit scared of the dentist office. Looking forward to going back again with the kids 🙂 They even sent a letter and stickers in the mail after our first visit!!

~Nicole C, 01/17/2018 5/5

Happy Kids Happy Mom

I’m thrilled with the care my children receive at Playhouse. Dr. Hill is great at engaging with young kids and keeping the visit stress free. Always happy with the helpful and friendly staff and the reminder system they use is awesome.

~Robin Lachnit, 01/17/2018 5/5

Unbelievably great with kids

I have yet to be able to take my 5 year old daughter here as I’ve been working each time, but my husband has taken her and is amazed at how great Dr. Hill and all the hygienists are with the kids. The way they capture our daughter’s attention and get her to relax is amazing. So glad to have found a great pediatric dentist!

~Kristy Moss, 01/15/2018 5/5

Quality Service

We received the best quality service here. The staff is fun & friendly. You can tell they really care about their patients.

~Tyrah Gaines, 01/05/2018 5/5

The staff was great with my daughter, who was a new patient here. She was very nervous, but even after getting two teeth pulled and some other small work, she came out saying, “I love the Dentist, they were all so nice and I can’t wait to go back.” 🙂

~Taylor L, 01/04/2018 5/5

Wonderful Experiences

My granddaughter loves to go to the dentist because of this place. Dr. Hill performed her surgery when she was 4 and has been her Dr. since then. The entire office personnel have treated her with gentleness and respect. I whole heartedly recommend them.

~Marilyn Blunk, 01/02/2018 5/5

Always Pleasant and Professional

Zachary loves going to the dentist!! Dr Stout is great with him!! And the dental hygienists are the greatest!!

~Sandra Oldemeyer, 01/02/2018 5/5

Excellent Care

Dr.Stout always shows interest in any dental concerns. And gives best options for TX. The assistants are always good to my kids. I don’t even mind the drive from Mount Vernon to Anacortes. It’s worth it.

~Marie A, 12/27/2017 5/5

Daughters Dental Appointment

As usual very complete and informative. My daughter actually looks forward to her appointments.

~Clark Fields, 12/21/2017 5/5

We always feel very well taken care of. Everyone is professional and friendly with my kids and myself. I love going to playhouse!!!

~Elena Rivera-Galaz, 12/11/2017 5/5

Our visit was amazing, the staff is super friendly and very family oriented. I’m so happy to be taking my son who is three and super shy. The dentist and the assistant do everything needed to make sure his teeth are looking good. My second son will definitely be going there.

~Raylyn Shuler, 12/11/2017 5/5

Great care!

We have loved going to playhouse dental. It has been a pleasure to work with them and for the most part our girls have enjoyed it as much as you can the dentist. However the last visit our 5 year old did not want to have the work done she was there for. They must have fought with her for 20 minutes before the dental assistant came out with her very aggravated with my 5 year old for not cooperating. I understand she was being difficult but they never attempted to get help from me. As soon as she saw me she said she was sorry and would let them do her extractions. At that point the dental assistant was so offended by my child they refused to work with her. She was sent home numb with no work done.

Our future suggestion from the dentist was to put her to sleep. However, I know that had I been asked to come back and talk to her our problem would have been solved very quickly and easily. I know not all my children would do well with me in the room, I know this child though, and she calms down when I am with her. I do not like the idea of being banned from the room. I also don’t like that someone who is working with kids would get so offended by a 5 year old that she was not only rude to my daughter but also to me. This doesn’t change that we love Dr.Hill and the facility all around. It was one bad experience that I hope and I am sure will be resolved during our next visit.

~Krystal Nelson, 12/06/2017 4/5

This is the first dentist office where I don’t have to fight with my daughter to go to! I refer people to playhouse dental all the time!!

~Melinda Tolar, 12/01/2017 5/5

High quality service and professional and friendly

This was an amazing experience. The dental assistant was nice and the dentist was amazing, and they speak my language.

~Jazmin Suarez, 11/28/2017 5/5

Absolutely amazing
This was an amazing experience. The dental assistant was nice and the dentist was amazing.

~Lidia Faulk, 11/27/2017 5/5

Great dental office

My kids were worried about going to a new dentist when we arrived in Oak Harbor about a year ago because they had been with their old dentist for about 7 years and loved them. We have had 3 appointments at this clinic and each visit has been a very pleasant one. Everyone in the office seems to genuinely love their job and care about the patients. My kids are excited to go to each appointment and always come out with a smile. I have highly recommended and will continue to recommend this office to friends looking for a caring and trustworthy place to take their kiddos.

~Rachelle Lankhorst, 11/23/2017 5/5

My Playhouse Dental Short Story

I was a bit reluctant to let my 2-year-old go to the back while I waited in the waiting room. She is shy & doesn’t do well with strangers. The dental assistant assured me that she would be just fine & if she wasn’t, they would come get me. I sat & waited… The next thing I knew she came walking out, happy-go-lucky with her balloon, sticker & goody bag. She did GREAT!!! I was so relieved! She keeps asking to go back like everyday. I’m so impressed.

~Terra Baker, 11/22/2017 5/5

High quality service

Fast and friendly. Everyone is nice and respectful.

~Crystal Franks, 11/16/2017 5/5

Dr Hill & her staff are great

Thank you for today. You guys did a great job. Kids actually like going to the dentist. Gentleman at the front desk (his name escapes me) is wonderful at getting people checked in & always has a great attitude.

~Kathrine Morris, 11/16/2017 5/5

Loving, caring, very kid friendly

Both my kids have had bad experiences with a different dentist office. My kids walked in and felt instantly relaxed and welcomed. My son would freak about having to go. I spoke to my son before hand explained that this place is different and to open his mind to the place. Both him and his sister came out with smiles and are looking forward to their next appointment.

~Briana Day, 11/16/2017 5/5

Fantastic staff, skilled Dentist, beautiful office

Our appointment was for a crown and filling and I had a very nervous and emotional six year old. The staff was amazing with her and they were able to do the work that needed to be done. She is not nervous at all about her next appointment. Best pediatric dentist we have seen!

~Jen Leviere, 11/16/2017 5/5

Great dental clinic

We had a wonderful experience at the clinic. Everybody was kind with a great approach to young children. My child didn’t want to leave the office! I would highly recommend this dental clinic.

~Maria Fairbank, 11/16/2017 5/5

High quality of service

Fast and punctual. The doctors and assistants are great and always keep you informed of the procedures.

~Bryan Craig, 11/14/2017 5/5


Such a lovely and kind environment for my 3 year old. They spoke directly to her and made her feel very comfortable. The Anacortes office is beautiful, clean and provides little patients with a warm, caring environment. Where was this place when I was a child?

~Jackie Bornemann, 11/07/2017 5/5

Professional yet friendly

My daughter just had her cleaning done and the service was great. They have made it so she does not hate going to the dentist, even after having to get a temporary crown. We are very thankful to have such a great children’s dentist nearby!

~Michelle Liles, 11/06/2017 5/5

A Truly Exceptional Experience

We recently moved to Anacortes from California and had been preparing our daughter for braces there. Because of our previous visits to other dentists, we’ve come to expect a certain routine. We can certainly say after visiting Playhouse Dental all of those previous experiences have been blown away. Patient, kind, generous, we were in no way treated like a number. They cared about our daughter and her needs above everything else. We have certainly been spoiled by Dr. Stout and the entire Playhouse Dental staff!!! Keep up the amazing work!

~Ben Taylor, 11/01/2017 5/5

Fantastic Service!

I love all the employees. My son had a great time for it being his first and they made all feel so comfortable!

~Katrina Vu, 10/30/2017 5/5

Friendly staff

Love how everyone was smiling and nice. I love a good customer service!

~Stevie Shavers, 10/25/2017 5/5


I literally can’t say this enough – if you haven’t taken your child to Play House dental, you should! They are so fantastic with children AND Parents. Everyone from the front desk guy, to the dentist are so patient, kind and playful. They really made my sweet girl feel comfortable! We will be going there until she turns 18, without a doubt.

~Becca Davis, 10/25/2017 5/5

#1 Choice Dentist for my kids.

Smiles, Friendliness, Cleanliness and Knowledgeable is what we always experience from Playhouse Dental Clinic. That makes us come back, time and time again. Thank you Dr. Stout & staff.

~Arllien Guerrero, 10/24/2017 5/5

High quality, professional, neat and clean, perfect

Love love this kids dentist they are they best dental clinic for kids ever. They make your child feel so safe and comfortable and when it’s time for a procedure the Drs are amazing at there job. I love the staff they’re very nice over all, I give Playhouse Dental a 120% for everything they do. I recommend this dentist, very great.

~Sinthia Arreola, 10/18/2017 5/5

Dr. Hill and her crew are professional and friendly!

We switched to Dr. Hill once she opened her new office in Anacortes simply because her reputation among the locals is incredible. Her fantastic reputation is well deserved and was very evident in my short encounter with her as she cleaned my son’s teeth and gave me the great news that he does not need braces. She has a team of friendly and kind people working with her and everyone seemed genuine and honest.

~Megan Schorr, 10/17/2017 5/5

First visit

Great place for children to interact with dental professionals. The environment is well suited for children, and staff goes above and beyond to make them feel comfortable.

~Ryan Carroll, 10/17/2017 5/5

Awesome place

Both dentists have been amazing with my son. Never have a bad experience when we are there.

~Amanda Grove, 10/16/2017 5/5

The best

My child is actually excited to go to this dentist office. The video games don’t hurt that at all.

~Tanya Johnson, 10/16/2017 5/5

Able to get my daughter in same day for a painful tooth. Excellent service. Everyone is so nice!

~Jennifer G, 10/13/2017 5/5


Love the service and people. Very friendly and always fast and on time.

~Nadine Cushway, 10/13/2017 5/5

Patient centered!!

Dr. Hill and staff collaborate with parents and patients. Love the way we all come to a consensus in the best path for dental care. Thanks for the dental education; we appreciate it!!

~ Diane Eastman, 10/11/2017 5/5

Awesome Experience

As a kid, I remember my trips to the dentist and I feel like my son’s trip today blew mine out of the water! Just awesome!

~B H, 10/10/2017 5/5

Friendly, thoughtful care!

I am grateful for the genuine, caring team at Playhouse Dental. Dr. Stout goes out of his way to remember details of my daughter’s life and has to be one of the kindest human beings on this earth. The staff at Playhouse Dental have also done a wonderful job easing + encouraging my daughter’s independence + comfort by always treating her with respect + talking with her openly about what they are doing, their findings, etc. Always a very positive experience + Sierra at the front desk provides a warm + friendly welcoming!

~L H, 10/09/2017 5/5

I worked for Playhouse Dental for many years! I became a stay at home mom, but miss this staff so so much! They are so great with kids! I would recommend them to everyone!

~Caycee Ozaki, 10/05/2017 5/5

My kids recently had the pleasure of seeing Dr Hill. She did an extraction today on my daughter and I couldn’t be happier, as a parent, with how amazing she is with her. My daughter has requested to only see Dr Hill form now on!

~Deborah Garcia, 10/05/2017 5/5

Best children’s dentist experience.

~Kim Jordan, 10/05/2017 5/5

Wonderful with kids

I’ve taken the kids to other dentists, this is where they will go from now on. Great people , genuinely caring staff.

~Bill Carroll, 10/04/2017 5/5

First time taking my almost 3 yr old to the dentist and based on how well Dr. visits have gone, let’s just say I was less than excited. Playhouse dental was amazing and everyone is so nice and helpful.

~Julia H, 10/03/2017 5/5

First time visit + Anxious 4-year-old = Success!!

We had a lovely time at Playhouse Dental, despite my anxious son’s dislike of all doctors. I have no idea what spurred his fear of doctor and dentist appointments, but it is very scary for him. He has been known to cry and cower and refuse to let anyone touch or examine him, making me wonder why I even bothered making the appointment in the first place. Our experience here was completely different and much, much better than our experience at our previous dentist. The front office was calm and not congested. We were greeted with a smile and a high-five.

My son had fun playing with the toys and a video game before his appointment (which was only a few minute wait). We were taken to a smaller waiting room full of books and puzzles for him to explore, while the hygienist asked me for a brief patient history and if there was anything I was concerned about. Then we were led down the hall and he was directed to sit in the exam chair while I sat close by.

The hygienist introduced each instrument to him and even let him hold one. He got to wear some fun sunglasses to shade his eyes and he did pretty well during the entire exam. When he started to cry and had had enough, she smiled and said, “Okay, we’ll do the rest next time!” After a few minutes we got to meet the dentist and she played a fun balloon glove game to calm his nerves. It did the trick! She then “counted his teeth” and did an exam. It was a very pleasant, reassuring experience. We left with a balloon, some stickers, a new toothbrush and a goody-bag. He’s looking forward to going back in a couple of weeks to show his big sis around 🙂

~Tiffany Burdette, 09/26/2017 5/5

Amazing care

This place is amazing, from the moment I walked into this office to the moment I left, my daughters 1st check up went amazing she wasn’t scared she was excited and now is even more excited about brushing her teeth.

~Jenny Cowan, 09/21/2017 5/5

Great Quality Service and friendly environment

Today my 5 y/o came in for a routine cleaning and it was one of their themed days where they were dressed as pirates which was super fun. My daughter gets anxious when going to the pediatric doctor’s office but is always excited to go see the dentist! I put that credit on this office and their extraordinary staff!

~Cassandra Ching, 09/21/2017 5/5

Excellent Care and attention

Everyone was not only professional but very friendly and put us at ease. My 3 year old did pretty well, the Dentist and assistant were wonderful and patient. Great bedside manner – I watched my shy toddler cooperate willingly with her dental exam. Thank you!

~Dana Aldis, 09/20/2017 5/5
Great first experience! The staff was kind and made sure that my son’s time at the dentist was fun. We also got a adorable letter about a week later thanking us for our visit. It had a personal message and cute picture that my son adored from Frances.
~Brenda Zumwalt, 09/19/2017 5/5

The best I could have asked for

After a horrendous experience at a different establishment, coming to playhouse dental was more than I could have even wanted for my son. Everyone was so patient. They talked to him like a person instead of talking to me and leaving him out completely. I love the open atmosphere of the examine room. Everything was super impressive and my son actually had fun!

~Joanna Uribe, 09/18/2017 5/5

Extremely personable, friendly, and professional

My son has pretty high anxiety when it comes to the dentist, the staff at Playhouse Dental went above and beyond to make him comfortable. They are extremely patient and friendly. They treat you like family, which is great for my family!!

~Erin Croucher, 09/15/2017 5/5

Excellent job, happy mom

I am very happy with what was done, and how they handled comforting my baby, along with me while waiting. Awesome employees. Would definitely recommend them.

~Courtney Squiemphen, 09/15/2017 5/5

Excellent quality of service, friendly and fun

Fun environment, friendly staff that goes above and beyond to help kids feel more at ease and to help the busy mom of four whose husband is deployed! I absolutely loved Dr Hill’s “bedside manner” with each of my children!

~Candace Gibbons, 09/14/2017 5/5

Very Impressed!

My youngest son had his first Dentist appointment today and I was dreading it but the entire staff made it fun, fast, and not stressful! I can’t wait for my 2 oldest boys to go next week! I would recommend this dentist to anyone with kids!

~Amanda Carter, 09/14/2017 5/5

High quality service!

I was highly impressed how dedicated the whole staff was able to accommodate, provide high quality service and attention to both of the patients I brought in and myself. They did it in a speedy, thorough and professional manner all while keeping it fun. Super clean and friendly. My kids loved it!

~Esmeralda M, 09/07/2017 5/5

So impressed

Today was my daughters 1st time to the dentist. It was such a great experience for her. Everyone was so friendly and made her feel so comfortable. I was so impressed. Friendly staff, very clean and so fun for the kiddos!

~Melissa Brancheau, 09/07/2017 5/5

Great experience for my 23 month old

My daughter just had her first ever dental appointment, she is very shy so I was worried. The dentist and staff were great! The dentist came in and sat down to chat with us before jumping right in. He took his time and let my daughter get comfortable. He showed her the tooth brush and tools and was very kind and gentle. She left with a balloon that she wouldn’t put down for the rest of the day. It was a great first visit.

~Meagan Alder, 08/25/2017 5/5

All smiles here!

From the moment you walk into playhouse dental, the staff is warm and welcoming. My son was at such ease during his appointment. On the way home he told me he wants to be a dentist when he grows up. He says he can’t wait to go back!

~Courtney Wellentin, 08/24/2017 5/5

Professional, Prompt, and Very Kid-Friendly

Wonderful initial dental visit for my stranger-shy 2 year old. The visit was relaxed, Dr. Stout put her at ease, she didn’t get upset in the least. The facility was very kid-friendly. All staff were a pleasure to interact with; would definitely recommend to friends/family.

~Tshawnda Lollis, 08/22/2017 5/5

A wonderful experience

The dental hygienist and dentist were fantastic with both of my children. The clinic allowed me to combined their appointments into one for my convenience. They were friendly and very understanding with my 2 1/2 year old and 1 year old. I would highly recommend them.

~Sarah O’Connell, 08/17/2017 5/5

FANTASTIC dental office

We have FANTASTIC experiences with Playhouse Dental in Oak Harbor! They have been SUPER gentle, kind, and encouraging to me and my six kids. I would HIGHLY recommend them!

~Angela Odneal, 08/17/2017 5/5

Best dental clinic

I can’t say enough about playhouse dental they are amazing!!! They calmed my son told him everything that was going to happen Iam so thankful we found a dentist who is caring thank you so much playhouse dental for having such an amazing staff and dentist.

~Amy Dymond, 08/10/2017 5/5

Military Mom in awe!

I absolutely love this dental office! everyone who works here is dedicated to making it a great, and positive environment for ALL kids. Especially those who have trouble with the dentist. When I was younger we just saw the family dentist like everyone else and there was nothing cool o inviting about it, so of course we didn’t want to go! my girls find it exciting and treat it like a healthy competition to see if they can leave with “perfect marks”.

~Kristie Scheidemantel, 08/09/2017 5/5

Highly recommend Playhouse Dental

High quality service from front desk to hygienists to the dentists themselves, compassionate for every patient, provide exceptional education on concerns found, what would recommend to assist correct and how to prevent further problems, beautiful office and very kid friendly!!

~Stacey Pestar, 08/08/2017 5/5

Recent Playhouse dental visit

Once again, my son’s dental visit was a positive one. His oral hygiene issues were addressed with several alternatives acceptable for a teen. The whole vibe of the Anacortes office is positive and refreshing. Thank you everyone.

~Catherine Houck, 08/07/2017 5/5

The Perfect Pediatric Dental Experience

The cheery, competent support staff are great with kids and Dr. Stout is the best. He has a great bedside manner with parents and kids. This staff managed to bring my child from being too scared to get a cleaning all the way to being a happy, healthy patient with little fear. It’s fun going to appointments here!

           ~Maria Mitchell, 08/06/2017 5/5

The best!

We’ve been taking our 4 children here for about 12 years. This office is simply the best! Everyone who works here is professional, kind, & totally willing to follow the child’s lead. The office has a wonderful, positive atmosphere, my kids love going to the dentist! Highly highly recommend Playhouse Dental!!

~ Jessica M, 08/03/2017 5/5

I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Thank you for all your patience. You all truly have a gift working with kids. Thank you!

~ Danielle B, 07/31/2017 5/5

High quality! Every employee was really friendly and inviting.

My daughter had such a wonderful time as she always does at this dental clinic. She was pretty traumatized with her first dentist (not at play house), but playhouse was so inviting at the end of our last visit she did not want to leave!

~ Keena Manglona, 07/28/2017 5/5


I loved how involved they let me be with all 3 of my kids appointments, and how clearly everything was explained to me. All the staff were so kind to me, and the kids. It was easy and painless, Thank you!

~ Candace Honeycutt, 07/26/2017 5/5

I think it’s a great dentist, it was my daughter first dentist appointment and they made sure she was comfortable and she did really well , all the staff members are very nice. All in all it seems like a great dentist and I would recommend them to anyone I know looking for a dentist!

~ Samantha Blanton, 07/24/2017 5/5

Ideal Dental Care for Kids

This was our first visit to Playhouse Dental, and we were very impressed. The front desk staff were friendly and inviting. The dental assistant was very informative and walked us through what to expect and prepared us for the Doctor’s visit.

When Dr. Hill arrived, I was so impressed with the way she handled my two year old daughter. The environment was very comfortable and my daughter was able to be curious and feisty, and still receive a successful exam. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked into the building, but as we left, I knew we’d found the best care we could ask for. I know my daughter will grow to look forward to her future visits!

~ Katie M, 07/21/2017 5/5

Love this place 🙂 my baby has never been hurt and he hasn’t ever been a drain and all of his appointments have been great. Accept the last time I went in they almost got my son and another boy mixed up and I had a slight panic attack cause they told me they were going to put him under, when we came for a simple cleaning…they should start asking for birthdays first thing. We also forgot to put the sticker on the wall 🙁 that’s his favorite part.

~ Jesse Yocum, 07/19/2017 4/5

Great place

Everyone was very friendly and professional, we got an appointment quickly, the dentist was great and walked me through everything that was going on with my child’s teeth, and we were out in no time.

~ Shannon White, 07/12/2017 5/5

Amazing per usual!

As always, all the staff were so sweet and friendly with myself and my children. Super professional and and extra caring. My children LOVE going to the dentist because of the great atmosphere at Playhouse Dental in Anacortes.

~ Erin Clark, 07/11/2017 5/5

Wonderful first time cleaning

We love Playhouse Dental! All three of my kids had an appointment for a cleaning today, and it was my three year old daughter’s first one. The staff did a great job warming her up to it and she did really well. The dentist explained what she needed for follow-up care and put my mind at ease.

~ Clarice O’Brien, 07/07/2017 5/5

Great with kids, clean, friendly friendly friendly

Absolutely LOVE this place! I can’t imagine actually ENJOYING a trip to the dentist. My daughter fell and injured her mouth, and so that led us to her first dentist appointment. They were so great with her, talked to her, included her. There were stuffed animals for comfort, crayons and pages to color on while she waited. She got stickers and a balloon at the end of her visit, and also a card in the mail a few days later written colorfully with little doodles to my daughter telling her how great she did, and hoping her mouth felt better.

Then 2 weeks later we went in for a follow up, and her cleaning, which was another great experience. Both times she had x rays done. Everyone we interacted with was just very pleasant. Overall a great experience, and when your child says how excited they are to go to the dentist, you know they’re doing something good! The whole facility is kid friendly, and still clean. It doesn’t feel like the scary dentist office I went to as a child.

~ Kristina Currier, 07/06/2017 5/5

Professional, efficient, and easy to work with.

My children can be very stubborn, and the staff have always been easy to work with and understanding. They have always maintained the level of professionalism that I prefer while still being fun for my children. They did exactly what they said they were gonna do, and I was informed the whole way. They encourage independence with my children that they appreciate. Both offices are well maintained, and there is always something to entertain the kids while they wait.

~ Meghan Richey, 06/30/2017 5/5

Patient and loving

~ Julia Savell, 06/30/2017 5/5

Friendly, professional

Super friendly, the dentist isn’t every kids favorite but they try to put your kid at ease. Great experience. Also, facility is kid friendly, clean & inviting.

~ April Nault, 06/28/2017 5/5

Excellent dentistry

Amazing service Dr. Hill is amazing she listened to my concerns. Very nice place, my boys enjoyed their visit today

~ Amy Dymond, 06/28/2017 5/5

Professional and So friendly

I was worried that my son would be scared since this was his first trip to the dentist. They made him feel comfortable and safe with every tool that they used. He wasn’t scared at all. He’s actually excited to go back. I will refer all the other spouses that are transferring here to you guys! I couldn’t have been more pleased!

~ Amber Taylor, 06/26/2017 5/5

Wonderful with children

I am very grateful to the people who work here, they are amazing with my kids. They are knowledgeable and honest. I have had my kids here for the last 7 years and have never been disappointed.

~ Cassandra Hert, 06/08/2017 5/5

Kind Caring

I was very worried on how my daughter would do, but everyone at Playhouse Dental was so very kind. My daughter was well cared for, and we both left happy. The team as a whole work well and really do care for the patients.

~ Lea Parsley,06/07/2017 5/5

Very friendly and wonderful service

Dr. Hill is always very informative, always taking the time to answer questions honestly and never making anyone feel rushed or foolish. She is a wonderful pediatric dentist!

~ T E, 06/07/2017 5/5

Excellent customer care

As always the friendly staff was awesome and Kylah enjoyed her appointment.

~ Taran Graham, 06/06/2017 5/5

I will continue to rate this business 5 stars!

This is my second time going to playhouse and my second review. The staff is so wonderful. From the moment we stepped into the Anacortes office we felt at home. My daughter had to be put under today and I was freaking out but they took care of her and made me feel better too! Such a wonderful experience for both my daughter and I. Will always recommend!!

~ Kuulei Gomes, 06/05/2017 5/5

Amazing care of my little one today.

My little guy had to have a little procedure today which I was nervous for. It was over in 20 min and he came out with a smile, a balloon and a sticker. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of my kiddos!

~ Nicole Coleman, 05/30/2017 5/5

Awesome place, people and work!!!

~ Amy Cruz, 05/25/2017 5/5

Wonderful dentist. They go above and beyond to make sure the kids are comfortable.

~ Lisa L, 05/24/2017 5/5

Wonderful and amazing!

These professionals go above and beyond what any dental establishment has ever done for us. Hands down the best care my son has ever received! Thank you for all that you do!

~ Katie Kazmierczak, 05/23/2017 5/5

Made my child feel very comfortable.

~ Lea Parsley, 05/22/2017 5/5

Professional, Good with my children, Easy to understand

My kids appointment time was the same time, so I went back with my 2 year old while my 4 year old went back alone. The wait was not long and my kids were entertained. They were quick and efficient. My daughter needs some extra work and they were very clear with the options and what it would entail. My daughter is hard to get to cooperate usually, yet she did not fuss at all. I would definitely recommend them.

~ Meghan Richey, 05/16/2017 5/5

Friendly staff

Love the People and the care they give!

~ Beth Nastali, 05/16/2017 4/5

Wonderful experience

Very friendly staff, modern equipment, and great with kids. Will absolutely recommend.

~ Tara Linnes, 05/15/2017 5/5

Baby’s first visit

The entire staff is incredibly nice. Everyone was very patient, polite, and professional. I felt 100% at ease with them giving care to my daughter.

~ Erin Kays, 05/15/2017 5/5

High Quality Service

Playhouse dental is wonderful! It was my sons first dentist appointment and they were very interactive and patient with him. They were extremely friendly and made our first trip fun.

~ Emily Holt, 05/08/2017 5/5

Such a great place

My son went in to have a baby tooth pulled. He was not looking forward to it, but the staff really put him at ease. Also, when the dentist looked, he said it wasn’t necessary yet and we could wait to see if the tooth will loosen some more and come out on it’s own. He also said that the one next to it could need to be pulled as well if it won’t come out on it’s own (the adult teeth are coming in behind the baby teeth), so he’d rather pull them at the same time if it needs to be done at all. I appreciated his caution and expertise.

~ Karis Mills, 05/08/2017 5/5

Excellent and friendly staff, very professional

Today was our daughters first experience having gas and being numbed. Everything was awesome and the staff was great. We love Playhouse dental, thank you!

~ Taran Graham, 05/08/2017 5/5

Professional and friendly

Amazing staff. Today was our first day there. They made my 3 year old feel completely comfortable. I will highly recommend it to everyone.

~ Kuulei Gomes, 05/03/2017 5/5

So Kind, Friendly and Professional!

All the staff was extremely attentive to both of my children, making them feel comfortable and cared for. Super clean and professional environment!! The balloons to go made my kids day!

~ Erin Clark, 05/01/2017 5/5

Always 100%

I could not be more thankful for the doctors and staff at Playhouse Dental. They are all so caring and professional. Most importantly, they are never condescending like many dentists I have dealt with in the past.

~ Shaunie Mcleod, 04/26/2017 5/5

Older Kids Love It Too

My 15 year old is comfortable taking the short walk and checking herself through the whole process when the parents have to work. She trusts the assistants and hygienists. Always has a great experience.

~ Danielle Arnett, 04/21/2017 5/5

Very Impressed

I would like to amend my previous review. My son had overheard a hygienist speaking negatively about another patient. After submitting my review, I received a very genuine and heartfelt phone call from our dentist apologizing for and wanting more information about our experience so that he could address any issues with his team. I am very impressed that he went to such lengths in response to my review. We look forward to our next visit at Playhouse Dental. Highly recommend.

~ Kelly F, 04/19/2017 5/5

High quality service, clean office, but gossiping about patients

Front desk staff was kind. Hygienist and dentist were professional and knowledgeable. The office is very child friendly. However, my child overheard another hygienist gossiping and saying negative remarks about another patient and his family that were in the building.

~ Kelly F, 04/19/2017 4/5

Great with my son

They took time to explain everything to my son and helped him stay calm.

~ Melissa Pilcher, 04/19/2017 5/5


Bringing in three kids at once could not have ran more smoothly! The assistants worked well with each kid, while the others had plenty of fun activities to keep them busy. But most importantly, Dr.Hill was so AMAZING with each child. The way she interacts with children provides comfort not only for the children, but for the parents!

~ Vanessa Cross, 04/18/2017 5/5

My girls beg to GO to the dentist!

Playhouse Dental is an amazing dental office for kids! I wish they were around when I was young. My girls love going to the dentist. They will countdown the days until their next visit and tell me all about preventing sugar bugs in the mean time. They are establishing great habits thanks to all of the fun. Dr. Hill is great with kids and parents. She has wonderful pointers that always help me through the current struggle. The Anacortes office itself is fantastic too–a must see!

~ Lindsey Herrick, 04/18/2017 5/5

Love, Love, Love

Our visit at Playhouse Dental from the moment we stepped inside till we left was filled with fun, smiles and professionalism. We brought our 2 year old in today for his first dental visit. Dr. Hill and her team took their time with William, making him smile- answering his questions and even making him forget he was at the dentist. He loved it and left smiling and showing everyone his new toothbrush.. keep up the GREAT WORK. It is really all about the patient, thank you!

~ Brandy Bowen 04/17/2017 5/5

Quick and Professional Service

I was especially impressed with how smoothly the office ran. Everyone knew their job and was attentive. So many people came in and out of the room to do their portion of the work and everything worked so smoothly. The staff members were great with my child and made him feel safe. When he got antsy, they were so quick to pop out the tablet and get the TV on for him. They used lots of diversion tactics and got everything he needed done very quickly. I was very impressed by the quality of service here. 🙂

~ Sarah Vawter, 04/12/2017 5/5

Professional and Friendly

My 2 year old twins were seen today for their first dentist visit. I was so worried and my girls were all over the place. The front desk gentleman was super nice and helped me get all the paperwork done without complaint. He was super patient while I was distracted. The lady who did our “intake” was polite and patient as well. The Dentist was super gentle, nice and quick. He answered lots of my questions before I could ask them and the whole visit was over before I knew it. Thank you to the staff who gave balloons and tooth brushed when the visit was over. My older son also goes to this dentist and I am always happy with the overall cleanliness of the office, the staff and the professionalism of the staff.

~ Lauren Davis, 04/11/2017 5/5

I was very happy with the entire staff! They made my 7 year old daughter feel very comfortable and explained everything to her in a way she could understand. I was very thankful for that.

~ Holly Pilz, 04/11/2017 5/5

It was a great experience

My boys (6 and 1 1/2) both had a good time. My 6 year old was fearful, but the assistant and dentist both put him at ease and he actually enjoyed his examination. They were both very helpful, and I am so relieved to have a local dentist we look forward to seeing.

~ Karis Mills, 04/10/2017 5/5

Fast, Friendly, Attentive

Playhouse made my son feel comfortable in a situation that would have normally scared him. The staff was friendly and attentive to his reactions when he began to get anxious. Amazing job!

~ Sam Daniel, 04/10/2017 5/5

Best Dental experience ever!

I have brought my two children to Playhouse Dental (Anacortes) 4 times now, and we love it! We don’t feel like it’s a chore, we look forward to it. When I recommend it to friends I say, “It’s like a Disney experience-dentist style”! Every step of the way is well thought out by staff to give children AND parents the best, most stress-free, experience possible. From the warm toys and books filled waiting room, right to the end with balloons and easy next-appointment-setting goodbye’s. The staff is personable and friendly, and well trained, not just in their craft of cleaning little teeth, but also in their people skills of dealing with children and their parents. We feel so blessed to have Playhouse Dental in our little Community.

~ Joy Moore-Salmon, 04/10/2017 5/5

Environment Professional and High Quality

Walking in, the clinic was clean and inviting. The receptionists were extremely friendly and professional. The tech was kind and friendly when coming and getting Skyylynn.

~ Connie Lippo, 04/07/2017 5/5

Friendly & professional staff

All employees are welcoming & kind with every visit.


~ Garren Guerrero, 04/06/2017 5/5

On TIME, Great work, Gentle on Kids

The staff is always helpful, and I always get a full explanation and expectations are set from the beginning. Very happy with the work and how they are gentle and considerate of taking care of the kids as they get their procedures done. Great place!!!

~ Shannon Charnley, 04/06/2017 5/5

Playhouse Dental Anacortes

My girls are seen at the Anacortes office and love how it is catered to them. I love the friendly service and this has made their experience here a pleasant one.


~ Kristi W 04/05/2017 5/5

The staff at playhouses are always friendly, and my kids are never afraid to go see their Dentist! I always refer people with kids there 🙂

~ Jacqueline Thompson, 04/05/2017 5/5

So good with kids and parents

They are very professional. They do such a good job making my 7 year old son comfortable and happy that he looks forward to going. Yesterday they fixed 2 cavities. They were so gentle he enjoyed the entire process.

~ Jim Kunz, 04/04/2017 5/5

Super Friendly!!

Dr. Stout and his staff are very sweet and friendly people!! My daughter is usually scared of all medical offices and they put her at ease almost immediately, she barely cried at all!!

~ Ashley Trobaugh, 03/30/2017 5/5

Everyone was so friendly and thorough, my kids had a great experience!

~ Latasha Roldan 03/23/2017 5/5

Amazing friendly staff!

I cannot believe how patient they are with my toddler when we go in. My son asks if we can come again and again! I do not think this is normal for a child to say about a dental office. So we will be going back in 6 months with big smiles on our face.

~ Nicole Haun 03/22/2017 5/5

My Kids Love Going to the Dentist!

We absolutely love going to Playhouse dental. All of the staff members are so wonderful with the kids yet they are extremely professional. They have fun while getting their teeth cleaned and are well taken care of.

~ Tanya Hunsaker 03/18/2017 5/5

Doc and Staff are Awesome.

Took care of my sons immediate dental needs! They treated him like family rather than a patient! Thank you all for taking care of my son!

~ Veronica Avila 03/17/2017 5/5


My child(ren) have been attending since 2003. They have always had friendly caring staff. They are professional and make the kids feel at ease. Great first dentist for kids!!

~ Alia Houston 03/17/2017 5/5

Wonderful Experience!

Playhouse was one of the best dental experiences we have ever had! The staff are very friendly and accommodating. Thank you!

~ Jessica Cantrell 03/16/2017 5/5

Quality and Compassion

Playhouse Dental has always give top quality and compassionate service to both of my children! Most highly recommend them.

~ Mary Michell 03/16/2017 5/5

Absolutely Wonderful!

Playhouse Dental has been used by my kids for the last 3 years. Dr. Stout is wonderful each and every time! The entire staff is awesome with all of my kids. They all look forward to, and love going to the dentist!

~ Kristin Duncan 03/14/20175/5

Caring, Professional and Very Child Friendly

This was my son’s first real dentist experience and while I prepared him for it as best I could and had faith that he would do well, the experience was made all the more positive by the skill and fluidity of the staff here. I am so relieved to know that I have found the right dentist for my son. Thank you.

~ Diana Maynard 03/13/2017 5/5

Great Service and Staff

It’s great to know that when I bring my kids (ages 9, 7 and 3) to Playhouse Dental they’ll be taken great care of and come away with smiling faces. My 3 year old just had her first check up and cleaning in the “big chair” and did great! The dental assistant was so patient with her and made her feel comfortable right away. Dr. Stout is friendly and great with the kids and good about explaining what is going on with their teeth to the parent. I appreciate that he waits and watches a tooth to see if a cavity will develop instead of filling every possible place right away; like some other dentists. I am completely satisfied with their high level of service and the kids don’t hate the dentist, so I’m happy! 🙂

~ Rebecca Swan 03/13/2017 5/5

Awesome Staff

My kids are excited about the going to the dentist because every single person there makes it fun.

~ Patricia Volpe 03/06/2017 5/5

So Good With Kids!

My 5 year old had his first cavity, Kate and the assistant were FANTASTIC at talking him through it, explaining everything and skilled at numbing him up without using laughing gas (he only felt a pinch and never saw the needle) – he had a wonderful experience.

Dr. Hill was efficient and pleasant. They all worked together like clockwork. They even let him watch the whole process with a mirror – which he was totally into. And, of course, he got to play a video game afterwards – which he was really looking forward to. I love that they let parents come back and stay with the children. My last dentist I had to practically force my way in the back – what do they have to hide? So glad we found Playhouse dental.

~ Heather Hutchinson 02/15/2017 5/5

Great With Children!

Upon arriving to this office for the first time ever based on recommendations from friends, I was impressed by the environment they provided. It was warm and cozy, aesthetically pleasing for children and clean. The woman at the front desk was very welcoming and her trainee seemed very warm herself. Check in was quick, and the staff were excellent with accommodating my toddler in what was previously nerve-wracking, making it a fun experience for her. I realize that I’m writing under the oak Harbor location but we visited the Anacortes location this morning. I loved it, my daughter loved it, and her dad even gives a huge thumbs up for the retro games they have next to the patient chairs.

~ Bekah Romero 02/22/2017 5/5

Professional and Child Friendly

My son (2 1/2) loves everything about this office. It’s new, clean, large stuffed animals and new/clean toys everywhere. The staff is amazing at speaking to young children and making them feel excited and comfortable there. The dentist we saw was amazing. They also blow them up a helium balloon when everything is over which made my child happy the entire day!

~ Andrea Price 02/21/2017 5/5

Friendly Staff

We always have a wonderful experience here! Everyone is very patient and understanding with my daughter who has some anxiety about going to the dentist. Thank you for being so caring!

~ Annie Avery 02/15/2017 5/5

Love This Place!

My kids actually love going to the dentist and so will yours!

~ Chandra Chaffins 02/14/2017 5/5

All 4 of my children are seen here ranging from 13 to 1, they all have been seen here since their first tooth came in. The staff and dentist’s are beyond amazing, they are fantastic with the children!! We always look forward to our dentist’s visits.

~ Mindy Grimaldo 02/13/2017 5/5

Great with kids

Staff were wonderful with the kids. Overall very impressed. Took the time to explain and ask questions.

~ By Falon Hudson 02/07/2017 5/5

Exceptional communication

Appreciate the way my child’s concerns are listened to. Even though he wasn’t able to stop the procedure he was talked through it in a very positive way

~ By Wanda Lankford 02/07/2017 5/5

Great with scared children

The staff are so patient with any child that has dental fears. My children can’t wait for their next appointments.

~ By Krystal Cooley 02/07/2017 5/5

Best first dental experience I could have asked for!

I wasn’t looking forward to taking my three year old son to his first dental appointment because he’s had a rough time at doctors visits, hair cutting appointments and I was sure this was going to be the same. The staff at Playhouse was SO friendly and honestly, I don’t think they even gave my son time to get nervous! The facility was clean, kid friendly and a place that even I wanted to hang out at. Our hygienist, Janet explained everything to my son before she did it, showing him on her hands, then his hands, then asking if she could proceed. During the two times she stepped away to set up other things, she had my son go over and play pac-man for a minute. When it was time for Dr. Stout to come over and do his exam, my son was at ease. The only downfall of the experience was that my son didn’t want to leave 🙂 He’s looking forward to his next appointment in 6 months!

~ By Jill Bysegger 02/01/2017 5/5

My daughter loves this place. The staff are very friendly and helped with her anxiety.

~ By Mindy Eddy 01/31/2017 5/5

Beyond expectation

I was worried my 3 year old would leave the dentist hating it BUT he actually didn’t want to leave! He made friends with the dentist assistant and Dr. Hill and loved all the toys and books they had. The environment was great! Definitely the place for kids! I loved the office, the staff and Dr. Hill. Thank you for making it fun and especially not scary! My son already can’t wait to go back.

~ By Amalis Pearson 01/31/2017 5/5

Professional and fun!

We were lucky that it was national bubble wrap day! Office was friendly and fun

~ By L Hayworth 01/30/2017 5/5

Wonderful! Friendly! Professional!

Janet was amazing with my 4 year old daughter, enthusiastic and positive and kind. Dr. Stout is professional, friendly and thorough. It was clear that both Janet and Dr. Stout truly care and make a personal connection to their patients. As a parent, I was welcome to accompany my daughter back to the dental chair for her exam, I like having that option. The building is beautiful, full of light and fun. We had a great experience and look forward to many years of care from the team at Playhouse.

~ By Cindy Ristow 01/30/2017 5/5

More than satisfied

My 4 year old had a good amount of work done and both him and I were nervous about it. The staff was amazing and very empathetic to our worries, they never made me feel silly about being emotional and they cared for both my son and I very professionally. His teeth look amazing and I am so thankful that Playhouse Dental was recommended to me by several parents at my son’s daycare. Thank you so much, I couldn’t be happier with the way we were treated and the results. I will highly recommend Playhouse Dental.

~ By Malorey Garcia 01/29/2017 5/5

Very personable wonderful with the kids love the office

From the moment we came in we were warmly greeted We felt taken care of and kept with Abreast of everything that was going to happen. Dr. explained everything and gave attention to every detail

~ By Sue M 01/29/2017 5/5

My son had a great experience

I appreciated the time, care and personal attention we received. We felt cared for throughout our time at the clinic, including getting some dental work done. My son felt listened to and knew he was made as comfortable as possible. It was great to have the combination of friendly smiles and competence, and the kids were thrilled to receive a sparkly helium balloon as we left. Playhouse Dental definitely make an effort to make kids feel welcome and comfortable getting dental care. Thank you!

~ By Meredith Griffith 01/26/2017 5/5

Love this place!

I am grateful my children are able to go to a dentist office where they are treated with a lot of kindness and patience, and where any questions I have are readily answered. The whole staff is great -especially Dr. Hill, whom I wish we could take home with us!!!! Would definitely recommend bringing children here for their visit.

~ By satnam gfeller 01/25/2017 5/5

They are wonderful!!

They were quick kind and just did a wonderful job with my 3 year old!!

~ By veronica young 01/18/2017 5/5

I appreciated how all the staff treated Caleb. Professional, yet thoughtful and kind.

~ By Sue Muff 01/13/2017 5/5

Always good service

I have 3 kids and the oldest if 15. My kids have been going here since my oldest was about 3. They have always been wonderful and make it a good experience. None of my kids have a fear of the dentist. Thank you!

~ By Karen Jaeger 01/12/2017 5/5

Felt friendly as soon as we walked in!

Our experience with Playhouse Dental and Dr. Sarah Hill was fantastic! Dr. Hill was great at making our daughter feel comfortable and safe. I wish we would have found them 6 years ago when we moved to Whidbey!

~ By Amy Trujillo 01/11/2017 5/5*

Great staff!

My daughter really enjoyed visiting Playhouse Dental and thought that the staff was funny and made the experience and enjoyable one. The dentist was very straightforward and offered his opinion when needed. Extremely happy that we chose Playhouse Dental.

~ By Dan Evans 01/11/2017 5/5*

Amazing, professional service

Our first visit was incredible. My 19-month old was treated so kindly, I received some great advice and I am extremely pleased with our visit. I look forward to the next.

~ By Molly Johnson 01/10/2017 5/5*

Good Experience

Took our 8 month old in for his first check up, service was quick and professional. We enjoy them as a pediatric dentist so much we drive out from Mount Vernon to Anacortes!

~ By Lauren V 01/09/2017 5/5*

Excellent care and restorative work

We had a dental emergency with my daughter on a Sunday evening, and Dr Hill made herself available to see us first this Monday after returning an after hours phone call. The ladies that worked on my daughter’s front tooth today did an AMAZING job. No one would know she broke her front tooth off last night and her smile is actually prettier than it was before!

~ By Elizabeth Thornlow 01/09/2017 5/5*

High Quality Service

They are AMAZING at PlayHouse Dental in Anacortes, quick service, all the staff is friendly and helpful. My kids look forward to going to the dentist for a check up. Balloons are a Huge Hit!

~ By Lisa T 01/09/2017 5/5

Anacortes Office and Staff is Amazing!

Took my 3 year old daughter for her 1st visit and they went above and beyond making it special and making her comfortable. Needless to say, she LOVES Playhouse Dental, and her Mom does too. Thank you for being sweet, caring and professional.

~ By Erin Clark 01/05/2017 5/5*


So friendly and helpful!!!

~ By Renae Hard 01/04/2017 5/5 *

The best professional place for pediatric dental work!

My son had a traumatic experience at his dentist. It sent us searching for a place that welcomes kids, provides exceptional work, and has a positive outlook on dental health. We found all those things plus more at playhouse dental. My son is excited to brush his teeth and go to the dentist! I would call that a win-win!

~ By Amy Jansen 01/04/2017 5/5


Wonderful staff!

~ By Kim Jordan 01/03/2017 5/5*

Very professional

Staff was very helpful. Asked me if I had any questions and very small wait time.

~ By Michael Whiton 01/03/2017 5/5 *

Friendly staff & exceptional care

Dr. Stout is an amazing dentist who really knows how to connect with children so their dental experience can be the best. He was very patient with my 5 year old son who had a wonderful experience. We have found our new pediatric dentist!

~ By Stephanie Bushong 12/22/2016 5/5*

Highly impressed.

We recently visited the oak harbor office for our daughter and found them to be highly pleasing and pleasant, front the welcoming at the front desk, to the nurse who took our information all the way to her actual visit with the dentist; highly recommend this office. They made us comfortable and our baby girl on her first ever visit. Thank you.

~ By Michelle Valentin 12/22/16 5/5*

Great with the kids, friendly service

We are really happy with the dentists here. We have had to wait up to an hour in the past for our appointments but not this time. They had us in before I could sit in the waiting area. They are always great with the kids and respected my decision to not use fluoride on my sons teeth. It’s a great place to take the kids.

~ By Andrea Van Houten 12/21/16 5/5*

Great with nervous kids

My daughter needed several baby teeth extracted due to overcrowding. We received exceptional care. Dr. Stout and his staff we incredibly patient and good natured during the procedure. They are careful to support your preferences, and offer as much information as needed to make sure you are comfortable with all the decisions being made. Thank you so much!

~ By Elizabeth Crain 12/20/2016 5/5*

Best dental care for my child

The visit went great. I have a 3 year old, they were able to take her x-rays at this visit and she got her teeth cleaned. She was excited the whole time. They were so friendly and walked her through what they were doing. She is always excited to come in to her dental appointments. The whole staff was great! From beginning to end of the appointment. Just help on doing what you are doing!

~ By Stephanie Johnson 12/20/2016 5/5*

He was nervous but the staff put him at ease

My son (8yrs) was very nervous about needing a filling and was terrified at the thought of having a drill in his mouth. The Playhouse Dental staff were all very kind and understanding and quickly put my son at ease. Very professional and clearly comfortable working with children!

~ By Heather Dickinson 12/19/16 5/5*

Awesome place!!

I brought my son in and felt like I got a lot of information about his teeth and what to do and what not to do. They were awesome with my son even though he didn’t want to do barely anything. Wish there was a place like this when I was little!

~ By Malayna Richardson 12/15/16 5/5*

Great visit, friendly, professional, clean

We had a great first visit. The office was very clean and inviting. The staff was friendly, helpful, and professional. The visit with the dentist and the girl who brought us to the room and took our history and gave info were both very informative and thorough.

~ By Brandi Malloy 12/15/16 5/5*

Fun and friendly environment

 Fun and friendly environment with friendly and courteous staff from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave.

~ By Chanetta Devore 12/06/16 5/5*

Great experience for my little one

 My 5 yr old was terrified before her first visit to Playhouse Dental today. She left the office smiling, feeling confident and happy. She had a basic cleaning/check-up and was very much involved, encouraged, and educated during the entire visit. Her hygienist was very professional, patient, and courteous. Dr. Hill provided a very thorough (and fun) exam and spent a great deal time with us today. Very impressed!

~ By Laura Brese 12/02/16 5/5*

Great Service!

 I was so impressed by the atmosphere (very kid friendly), how professional it was, and how well the staff did with my two toddlers.

~ By Chelsea S 12/02/16 5/5*

They work well with anxious kids

 Dr. Hill was very patient with my scared 8 year old. She needed a tooth pulled and also a crown. They talked her through the entire procedure and had many tricks/tools for helping get an anxious kid through a scary procedure. I was impressed with the way they treated my child. It was all about keeping her calm and informed. We’ll be going back to Playhouse Dental for many years to come.

~ By Emily Socha 12/01/16 5/5*

Excellent dental office!!!

 I have 3 kids and have been taking them to this office (Dr. Hill) for about 12 years. Excellent service, kind staff! Love them!!!

~ By Karen Jaeger 11/30/16 5/5*

Caring and Compassionate

 My 10-yr old daughter is petrified of the dentist…she has had many fillings and feels a lot of the drilling, so is in pain during the procedure. When her routine 6-month appointment uncovered a small cavity forming, the girl checking us out had worked with my daughter that day, commented that she could tell she was very upset, and then suggested we schedule on a day the private room was available. At the appointment for the filling, one person held my daughter’s hand, while shots and the filling were done. It was so nice. Our dentist is also a mother, and understands children. My son, who brushes for 5 seconds, has never had a cavity. My poor daughter, who brushes twice/day, at night with an oral B and flosses every night, just can’t get a break. I am very happy with everything about this dentist office.

~ By Aleshia Mitten 11/30/16 5/5*

Wonderful experience

1st class service, beautiful building and terrific dentist!

~ By Cali Swain 11/28/16 5/5*

Rough visit

My son said the dental hygienist he had this time was rough, not willing to listen when he asked her to STOP, and was overall very mad about she treated him. He’s never had anything bad to say until his last visit. He has sensory issues and he says he asked her to stop scraping his teeth and he was ignored. He says she was also heavy handed when doing the cleaning. Overall he was extremely dissatisfied with his appointment and felt completely ignored. Both my kids have gone here for 10+ years and this is the first time either one of them has complained. I will make sure he does NOT have that specific hygienist again.

Dr. Hill’s Response:  

Thank you for your feedback. Teenagers in braces often tire of the extra brushing required, especially towards the end of a 2-3 year treatment phase. The dental assistant who cleaned your son’s teeth worked hard to educate him on the current state of his oral health, and the risk factors in his diet.
As children grow into adulthood, we begin to stress the responsibility THEY bear in caring for the smile that they will have for a lifetime… and it takes WORK to develop good habits; by them and by us! Hopefully your son will come to understand that we are here to help him, and not harm him. He deserves to be heard, and to be a partner in the process.

~ By Kerrina Dubois 11/23/16 4/5*

Wonderful staff, beautifully playful atmosphere. ..

 My children and I relaxed the moment we walked through the door. First of all the place is gorgeous, kid friendly and immaculate. I have an 11 year old getting ready for braces, a 4 year old with sensory issues and a 1 year old. The staff is very adept at interacting with all of my family’s ages and stages and special considerations. I highly recommend Dr. Hill and team at Playhouse. You even might get a balloon!

~ By Justina Nelmar 11/20/16 5/5*

Emergency visit

My daughter cracked her front tooth and I Called to see about advice for it and they were able to squeeze us in within a few hours. Great staff !

~ By Konni Smith 11/16/16 5/5*

Excellent experience

 Very friendly and courteous staff. Professional atmosphere while also inviting to the children coming in for appointments. Very informational as well!

~ By Krystin Faber 11/16/16 5/5*

Great first visit

 I was very pleased with the kid-centered care at Playhouse Dental in Anacortes. It’s really important to me for our care providers not only give me respectable options and care suggestions, but for them to treat my children respectfully and talk directly to them. It sets the stage for the rest of their lives. Dr. Hill and her staff did exactly as I had hoped. They provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere for my two kids and helped them feel comfortable before doing any examinations. Dr. Hill gave me direct insight on what is going on with my kids’ oral health, some suggestions and positive reinforcement to the children for stepping outside of their comfort zone. They were also respectful when I temporarily declined an x-ray due to the age of my kids. We will definitely be back!

~ By Bianca Tarleton 11/14/16 5/5*

 I wasn’t able to be with Anthony. He did say he felt the shots and I wasn’t sure if he was supposed to be able to feel them or not with the gas. His over all experience seemed good. Thank you. I really like the staff and since we are new to the Island it has been a challenge finding dentist and doctors that we like. Thank you.

~ By Susannah Amezquita 11/09/16 5/5*

Very positive experience—very professional and friendly.

~ By Mick Donahue 11/02/16 5/5*

Teeth cleaning and checkup

 We arrived early and were able to be in and out within 45 minutes. Dr. Hill has been monitoring a small beginning of a cavity in my son’s tooth, and she recommended we come back to have a non-invasive sealant procedure. As always, the staff and doctor were personable and professional. Plus, I LOVE that we can see the dentist in Anacortes now! Thanks, Playhouse Dental!

~ By Lisa Jackson 11/01/16 5/5*

Professional and friendly dental care

 Love the staff at Playhouse Dental as a former dental assistant I feel confident in the care and service they provide. They’re always professional and informative with all the dental procedures. My kids enjoy both dentist in the office. Very friendly dental assistants who make my kids feel welcome and comfortable in the dental chair. Excellent service and would highly recommend this office.

~ By Kimberly Robinett 11/01/16 5/5*

Friendly staff

 My daughter said the staff was very friendly. They took great care of her and made sure that while she was getting her filling that she was comfortable and numbed properly. Overall the staff was great.

~ By Octavia Prosser 10/31/16 5/5*

High quality, friendly, and perfessonal

 Our experience was made so much better due to the awesome people who worked with us. No one was traumatized, Mom nor Nolan. Thank you

~ By Debi H. 10/31/16 5/5*

Always a good experience for my child at Playhouse. He is becoming more confident every time he goes, and the staff are always on point and care that each child gets great treatment.

~ R Jarvis 10/28/16 5/5*

Great experience for my autistic grandson, Max.  He responded well to this new office setting.  He usually has a lot of anxiety about any kind of office, but yours is certainly kid friendly from the building itself to the lobby.  He has come to recognize Dr. Stout and allows him to do the exam.   Dr. Stout is gentle and takes his time to accommodate Max’s needs.  I am very happy with the total experience at your clinic.  We live in Birch Bay and it is well worth the drive. Would definitely recommend this clinic to others.

~ Deborah Sauter 10/27/16 5/5*

Great office and follow-up

Great in an emergency and as a regular course of a visit. Thankful to be a patient there. My son really likes his dental office!!!

~ Shannon Charnley 10/25/16 5/5*

Great for the kids

We always have a great time at playhouse, but our recent visit seemed to be riddled with “sales pitches.” No one likes to have to tell their child no to cool nun-chuck style flossing tools, but its not always financially possible to pay X-amount of dollars just to help their child floss.

Dr. Hill’s response:

Thank you Rebecca for the feedback. We work hard to present many options to families to help them achieve optimum oral health for their kids. Some of them are at no cost to patients, and others are at the same price available online. Flossing is important, whether you do it with fingers and floss, disposable sticks, a Y-shaped floss holder, or “gum-chucks”.

~ Rebecca Fitzpatrick 10/24/16 4/5*

Superb Pediatric Dental Care!

Everything about our appointment was excellent, from the waiting area to the great care we received from Dr. Hill and her assistants. They know how to work with small children and also talk to parents. Everything about Playhouse Dental inspires full confidence that my son is getting the best possible dental care from caring, expert, and experienced professionals. It’s worth the hour long drive to get there!

~ Kerry Holland 10/23/16 5/5*

Very Impressed

I was really impressed with Dr. Stout in Anacortes after a terrible experience with Apple Dental in Ferndale. He really explained things and  showed me the X-Rays. I felt he and his staff genuinely cared about the kids first and foremost. That was refreshing.

~ Stefanie Geise 10/21/16 5/5*

Very good experience. I love how friendly everyone is. It is  always a fast and very clean facility.

~ Jerome Toby 10/19/16 5/5*

Professional, yet kid friendly!

Very professional yet kid friendly. Involve my 12 year old in thinking about his own dental care, provided him some good informational tools to make healthy decisions..

~ Adrienne Coatney 10/19/16 5/5*

Excellent service

Thank you for all the care and comfort that is shown! My daughters never leave sad or uncomfortable.

~ Chelsea Ramsey 10/17/16 5/5*

My kids love the dentist!

Very friendly, professional and kid-oriented staff. They overcame my kid’s fear of the dentist. Now they love going.

~ Theresa Jones 10/10/16 5/5*

Special Needs Experience

I just want to say that the staff was excellent! I talked to them ahead of time that my son has sensory issues and they were accommodating, kind, patient, and made my son feel comfortable. The staff made it so that Aden had choices and were very good at telling him everything they were going to do before hand and allowed him to be who he is! 🙂 Best dental check-up we’ve ever had!

~ Elkie Rogers 10/8/16 5/5*

Very good service to parents and kids

All the staff are very approachable, suggestive , helpful and kids friendly….

~ Alma Delos Santos 10/7/16 5/5*

Great doctor and great staff

The Doctor and dental assistant were really helpful and kept me informed of my little one’s progress for her very first dental fillings. When my daughter came out to the waiting room she had a smile on her face.

~ Bryan Craig 10/6/16 5/5*

Best Dental Experience Ever.

As a child I had a fear of the dentist and I had a lot of visits regrettably due to braces. Today’s visit was for my toddler’s first dental visit, and it was hands down the best experience. Thanks, Playhouse Dental team and Dr. Hill for making us feel at ease!

~ Brandy Morgan 10/03/16 5/5*

Always a Good Time!

My child loves coming to the dentist now!

~ Dan Brown 10/01/16 5/5*

Very Calm and Gentle Approach

I am very happy with my experience with Playhouse Dental. I brought my three children (7,6, and 3 years old) to their first appointment and it was a breeze. The office is set up very kid friendly and I did not feel like I had to constantly remind them not to touch things or be good. Refreshing for a dentist appointment. My kids all want to come back.

~ Marie Pressley 9/30/16 5/5*

Just a Wonderful Staff!

What a wonderful staff who cares about my daughter!

~ Diana Hunt 9/29/16 5/5*

Best dental experience ever!

I absolutely love Playhouse Dental! All of their systems are electronic and seamless with appointment reminders. My daughter had her first visit here today and everything is set up as a warm inviting environment. You can tell they love their job as we happened to be there on superhero day! Dr. Hill had phenomenal way of making my two-year old feel comfortable with being examined and her and the assistant had great tips on home care. She loved putting her name sticker on the cavity free tree and what an adorable idea that is! Thanks for making a possible frightening situation into a very fun one! Can’t wait to come back for her next appointment!! Highly Highly Recommend Playhouse Dental!!

~ Brittany Morrell 9/28/16 5/5*

Simply the Best Pediatric Dentist Office

My son’s six month cleaning and tooth extractions went smoothly. He was comfortable the whole time. The office has a professional, friendly, warm, and safe feel, which is great for parents and kids. My kids have seen Dr. Hill in Oak Harbor for many, many years, and we cannot say enough about how wonderful she is. We are so excited to be able to utilize the new Anacortes location.

~ Joanne Dyer 9/27/16 5/5*

Extremely Happy with Playhouse Dental

We are extremely happy with all of the Playhouse Dental staff.  April 2016 was our 3 yr old son’s first dental visit, he was very scared, he had to sit on my husbands lap and barely let the dentist check his teeth. Today, 6 months later, we returned for his routine cleaning and this time Susan was able to do a cleaning on him while sitting on his own. Susan was amazing at making my son feel comfortable and I’m thankful for her patience. Thank you Playhouse Dental!

~ Marie Ellis 9/26/16 5/5*

Great Experience

Dr Hill was great with my daughter, she put her at ease and made her laugh! She was very informative and answered all my questions. My daughter had to have work done the next day and was actually excited to go back!! Haha

~ Amanda Knapp 9/22/16 5/5*

Friendly and Educational

I brought my daughter in for her first dental visit. As soon as I walked in I felt welcome. I loved how before any work was done on my little one they showed her what they were going to use and allowed her to assist. She was so happy. It was a very pleasant first visit. Plus I learned a few tips as well. Lol.

~ Amanda Aguilar 9/21/16 5/5*

Best Pediatric Dentist Ever

A fun place for your kids to keep their healthy smile!

~ Traci Barela 9/20/16 5/5*

Professional and skilled

I really appreciate the way your office puts my kids at ease. You even put me at ease when I got emotional about my daughters needed work.

~ Andrea Vanderpool 9/20/16 5/5*

Wiggle teeth out

The Dr explained clearly to my daughter what to experience. She talked to my 6 year old, not just me. The day of the appointment,  my daughter was excited. I waited in the waiting room and the dental hygienist came out to keep me updated and reassured. Wonderful experience. Thank you Playhouse Dental!!!

~ Jenna Collins 9/20/16 5/5*

Very friendly!

They made Katrina feel not scared to go to dentist. Very friendly.

~ Kim Tice 9/19/16 5/5*

Beautiful office, Amazing staff

My daughter’s first appointment made me nervous for her, but after seeing her open up to the doctor I knew she would love coming back here in the future! Thanks for the awesome experience!

~ Marissa Conlin 9/18/16 5/5*

Excellent Atmosphere and Employees

My son was very nervous about his appointment, about it hurting, etc. He came home from his appointment with Dr. Hill with no complaints! He went to school after his appointment and carried on as a regular day :). Great customer service and they know how to talk to kids. Thank you Dr. Hill and Playhouse Dental!

~ Shay Quigley 9/16/16 5/5*

My daughter had the first of 2 teeth pulled to encourage stuck adult teeth to push upward. The dentist and hygienists explained everything thoroughly beforehand, so we knew what to expect. I found out afterward that our dentist, Dr Hill, sang her a little song during the procedure! A song for the ‘wiggling’ part and a song for the ‘cracking’ part, etc. Even though my girl is 11, she liked it. We are very happy to have Playhouse dental here in Anacortes now!

~ Lisa Jackson 9/14/16 5/5*

Professional, Friendly, and Age-Appropriate

I have had my kids seen by both dentists at this location. They are friendly and professional, while maintaining an age-appropriate conversation with my children (age 7mo to 14yo and myself. All my kids have had a wonderful experience here. I highly recommend this business.

~ Danielle Arnett 9/13/16 5/5*

Always Friendly

Sage has had a wonderful experience at your office. I grew up with a lot of drama at the dentist, so it is nice to have him not afraid to have his teeth worked on. Thanks!

~ Kim Arends 9/9/16 5/5*


Once again the staff is wonderful! They do such a great job before, during, and after my child’s service. Thank you for being so wonderful!

~ Kristin C 9/9/16 5/5*

Great Experience

My son and daughter have an amazing time every time they go to have work done. Thank you so much for being patience with my children. Means a lot. Thank you and the staff.

~ Amber Grogan 9/8/16 5/5*

I visited for my children’s dental care and I loved the customer service. Also, the Doctor explained everything so well. Over all great experience!

~ Youjin Cho 9/8/16 5/5*

Helpful Staff

The staff at Playhouse Dental is so friendly. I had been really nervous about the health of my two year old’s teeth. All of my questions were answered and my fears were addressed and reassured. This was our second visit and we will be sticking with Playhouse as our Pediatric Dentist! As two year old’s do, mine fell had while he was waiting for the doctor and got a large bruise on his face. The staff got him an ice pack and balloons. The dentist can be a scary experience and at Playhouse they truly work to make sure things are going well for you. My only complaint is that I feel as if the doctor talks “baby talk” too much, that’s just not my personal style though.

~ Emily Cavell 9/7/16 4/5*

Best dental care my kids have ever received!!!

A very positive experience from the initial phone call for scheduling, all the way to the end of my three children’s appointments. Every person working at Anacortes Playhouse Dental had a helpful, friendly and knowledgeable attitude. We felt cared for and informed. The dentist took time to talk with me and answer all my questions. My children are actually excited to come back!

~ Elizabeth Thornlow 9/4/16 5/5*

Patience is a virtue, and helps count the teeth quicker!

I appreciate that you take the time to help my daughter with anxiety understand what is going on, and that you are fast, and willing to change your methods to help her not be so freaked out. I know it can be frustrating, and I appreciate that you do your best to give her good dental care, and make positive experiences.

~ Leah Potter 8/24/16 5/5*

Awesome People

Chuck, & Sierra are wonderful & great with the kids!

~ Kathrine Bayliss 8/23/16 5/5*

Awesome as always!!

The staff is amazing and always great with our kids!!

~ Kristen D 8/23/16 5/5*

Professional and Friendly

My kid loves going to the dentist. Always very engaging with my son. He loves getting a balloon, best part for him.

~ Jessica Bradshaw 8/22/2016 5/5*

Always takes care of my kids

Playhouse Dental is always friendly and courteous. They take my kids back and do what needs to be done. They always explain to me afterwards what they did and what the kids need next.

~ Brenna Hughes 8/20/16 5/5*

Like Family!

From the moment you enter the office you know you are in good hands! Those hands greet you, welcome you and will effortlessly take care of the most complex situations, and when it comes to our son, he is complex! My children love Dr Hill and Dr Stout! My children have never had a dentist that them as their own! Playhouse Dental, thank you for your time, your patience and all the dedication and support that you have given to us!

~ Jenn Shashaty 8/12/16 5/5*

Good experience

The staff was friendly and helpful. The facility was clean and had a bright atmosphere. The Dentist was very good with the kids and seemed to enjoy his job. 

~ Bob Halstead 8/11/16 5/5*

Thank you

Chuck was so great with my boys. I really appreciated how he talked with the boys and made the visit as fun as possible. Also he never missed a detail in his report to the doctor.

Thank you Chuck!

~ Susan Janow 8/10/16 5/5*

My daughter, Lorelai, instantly connected with the doctor. The office was beautiful, clean and the team, even though short handed, were kind and attentive. Although my daughter’s visit was a little rough due to the work that had to be done, I feel as if they did everything in their power to make this a positive experience. Thank you to the staff!

~ Raquel Brinkman 08/09/16 5/5*

High quality service. Best in the business

The dentists and staff are beyond amazing!! Wonderful with the children! We have been clients for thirteen years now! Every time my children are seen they are always so caring and friendly!

~ Mindy Grimaldo 8/4/16 5/5*

As always our experience at Playhouse Dental was fantastic! Great communication!

~ Kristi McGeehan 8/3/16 5/5*

Everyone at Playhouse Dental is great. They are very friendly, thorough, and efficient. My girls are ages 12 and 7,  and love their dental visits. 

~ Maria G 7/26/16 5/5*

High quality service, caring atmosphere

I love the staff, the service, the care that everyone has for the kids and making them feel comfortable at the dentist. We’ve been seeing Dr. Hill for 14 years and couldn’t ask for a better more dedicated dentist!

~ Karman Paul 7/19/16 5/5*

No Funny Business

I love that this pediatric office has no qualms with telling my 11 year old,  “teeth don’t lie, and yours are telling me you aren’t brushing”. They are age-appropriate, but honest. No funny-business. Great praise for my 7 year old who is far surpassing her brother in hygiene! She loves putting her name on the no-cavity-wall, and getting an entry for a special treat. My 14 year old even asked to switch to this office after our long-time dentist finally retired. It’s a shame it’s only twice per year!

~ Danielle Arnett 7/19/16 5/5*

High quality service, helpful, and straightforward

It was great. I received key information and learned things not only regarding dental matters, but general parenting tactics. I used to sit with Russell at the dentist; however, I learned at Playhouse that he is fine without me. I discovered that brushing once a day is insufficient for Russell at this time. I appreciate the attention given to accurately assessing Russell’s cooperation level and determining out plan of action based around him. Dr. Hill had a wonderful bedside manner. The staff was helpful and understanding.


~ Jude Sirois 7/14/16 5/5*

Great service & friendly staff

It was a very positive experience for my little guy and his first dental appointment. He cried because he didn’t want to leave.

~ Sarah Crisp-Wilson 7/14/16 5/5*


Both of my children had a great experience at Playhouse Dental. The staff was fantastic and made the dentist such a fun experience.

~ Kristi McGeehan 7/14/16 5/5*

Dr. Stout is extremely friendly towards my kids. He has helped me and my husband tremendously in a stressful situation with one of our children’s teeth conditions by helping us make the best decision possible! The staff is super sweet and caring as well! Hands down a great dentist office!

~ Jessica Bush 7/14/16 5/5*

All around great, friendly, and informative staff

I love playhouse dental for my little ones. All the staff that we have came across in our short time of being there have been helpful, caring, understanding, and all around helpful. I love taking my kids there.

~ Katherine Geotina 7/13/16 5/5*

Wonderful all around!

I took my 3 year old daughter in today to get her teeth worked on and she was put under anesthesia. They took care of everything at once and it was a trauma free experience. It was very nerve racking and emotional for me knowing the risks of anesthesia, but Dr. Hill and everyone there made me feel much more at ease because they LOVE kids! They made Alex feel special before the surgery and it was over very quickly. They did an excellent job! She’s now back to normal with a brand new smile. When I asked her how the dentist was, she said “good”. All she knows is she woke up after feeling funny, and her mouth is tender. Nothing a Popsicle can’t fix!

~ Chantal Pelletier 7/13/16 5/5*

Very neat overall, staff and high quality service!

Very comfortable clinic, friendly and professional staff. My three children are very grateful of their services. Highly recommended pediatric clinic.

~ Manuel Caballero 7/12/16 5/5*


All of the employees were so nice and patient with my children. The nicest and friendliest dentist I have ever been to.

~ Syke Benthimer 7/11/16 5/5*

Great Dental Experience

It is a welcoming experience from the moment you walk in the door. The staff are very friendly and professional.

~ Chanetta Devore 7/5/16 5/5*

They were awesome, my daughter loved it!

They were awesome!! They pulled a tooth out of my daughters mouth and she had no idea!! She actually loves going to the dentist!!

~ Shayla Schindler 6/30/16 5/5*

The best children’s dentist!

Playhouse Dental is amazing. All the staff members are so friendly and Dr. Hill is such a professional. It’s nice to be in an environment that is comfortable for the kids supported by the confidence of the staff. Thank you!!

~ Brittany Falso 6/30/16 5/5*


The new office is an architectural delight! The staff is friendly and courteous! My son experienced no pain during his baby tooth extraction. He was rewarded with a lovely blue balloon. The sink in the restroom is really quite clever, a must see!!! Thank you so much!!!!

~ Naomi Frates 6/28/16 5/5*

New Anacortes office is great

My 6 year old son has autism so I was nervous for this appointment. He had not been to a dentist since he was 1 1/2. The assistant Janet was fantastic with him. She sang to him and counted with him and really took her time making him feel comfortable. Dr Hill was great as well. I love the sunny open rooms it really takes your mind off being at the dentist. Overall I was very happy.

~ June Payton 6/27/16 5/5*

Excellent as always. Great cleaning. Both kids like and are comfortable coming. It makes going to the dentist a great experience for kids.

~ Jennifer Dolanski 6/23/16 5/5*

High Quality Service, Professional Courtesy

It was PERFECT! Love the personal, friendly service, modern kid-friendly facilities, and in a much-needed location, Anacortes.

~ Ellen Kline 6/22/16 5/5*

Awesome Dental Place

Personally, going to the dentist has never been a good time for me as a child, this is not the way I would like to children to feel about the dentist either. This place has made it so easy for my kids to love going there. Awesome customer service, they are always so kind about any concerns I have as a parent. I never get treated like i’m bugging them. My daughter has gotten cavities fixed her and teeth “wiggled” out here and she is not scared to go back. recommend this to all children on the island 🙂

~ Yesenia Leon 6/21/16 5/5*


We went in for my daughter who is 2, and they were absolutely fantastic! They were very helpful with getting me information I needed to know about her procedure and about after care as well, very nice and very professional, great customer service, and also Fantastic with kids. my daughter who is very shy and hard to get to do anything with new people she has never met, was very open when she met the Dr. and staff, they provide a very happy environment for the kids so they don’t feel scared. I just wanted to thank the staff and also the Dr. for how kind they were and being patient with my daughter. Thank you, thank you!

~ Olivia Bailey 6/16/16 5/5*

Excellent Experience

This Dental office is so amazing and wonderful with kids! We are truly blessed to be able to have them in our home town, Anacortes now!

~ Pam Longworth 6/14/16 5/5*

Good job

~ Irvin Sams 6/14/16 4/5*

Excellent, efficient and all round friendly

Everyone was super friendly. My son was at ease within minutes, even when told he had to have a number of fillings. Awesome experience!! His dentist was personable and very polite. He answered all my questions thoroughly

~ Wendy Patterson 6/13/16 5/5*

Delightful Experience

Dr. Hill and her staff are very professional, generous with their time and extremely caring/comforting towards their patients. Their new facility is beautiful and definitely geared towards kids having the very best dental experience possible. Mom wishes she could go here for her dental needs! 

~ Candice Langston 6/7/16 5/5*

They were awesome, my daughter loved it!

They were fantastic! I was super nervous and thought my daughter would end up sharing my fear of the dentist! But they did awesome and she literally loved it! She got X rays a cleaning and it was pretty fast! She loved getting the nag of goodies and balloon at the end! She even got a little report card saying how well she did taking care of her teeth, and got to put her name on the no cavity tree.

~ Shayla Schindler 06/04/16 5/5*

Great with unhappy kids

My youngest (21 months) hates a toothbrush going anywhere near his mouth. The dentist and assistant were very patient with him, calm, and understanding. The dentist was very gentle when he had me lay my son back so that he could look in his mouth and brush his teeth. They were informative and clear with instructions. I really like this office and its staff.

~ Julie Price 5/31/16 5/5*


The office is truly FABULOUS!!!! Wonderful staff, friendly and helpful!! Doctor Hill is great and we really appreciate her care and helpful hints to maintain good oral hygiene!! Thank you for a truly enjoyable atmosphere for the parents and children in the waiting room! We love it!!!

~ Naomi Frates 5/31/16 5/5*

I was impressed with the efficiency and atmosphere of playhouse dental. I came with both my kids and they were both seen on time and the staff made sure both of my kids where comfortable every step of the visit! Well done!

~ Caroline P 5/26/16 5/5*

I was impressed with the efficiency and atmosphere of playhouse dental. I came with both my kids and they were both seen on time and the staff made sure both of my kids where comfortable every step of the visit! Well done!

~ Caroline P 5/26/16 5/5*

Great, easy experience for kids.

The staff works well with kids, making going to the dentist fun instead of fearful. Would recommend their staff to everyone!

~ Kara Chappell 5/26/16 5/5*

So professional and friendly

Today was my daughter’s first experience going to a dentist. She is 3 and had such a positive and fun experience going! The dentist was so friendly and explained everything she was doing, the staff were just fantastic!

~ Emily Winchester 5/24/16 5/5*

So professional and friendly

Today was my daughter’s first experience going to a dentist. She is 3 and had such a positive and fun experience going! The dentist was so friendly and explained everything she was doing, the staff were just fantastic!

~ Emily Winchester 5/24/16 5/5*


Logan is just 8 years old and did very well considering the tooth had a deep cavity. The Dentist came out and explained the procedure in detail. He also explained what things could happen in the future with the tooth, and when to call and get Logan back in should this occur. Logan was taken back promptly and didn’t have to wait for a prolonged amount of time. Logan said he liked his dentist and even though it hurt at times, he made it through it with his help! He has to go back for 3 more fillings which are much smaller and Logan does not seem nervous or scared about that!

~ Rosemary Noble 5/19/16 5/5*

Loved it!

We recently had our first visit and couldn’t be happier with our experience. The employees were welcoming, friendly and professional. They supplied a comfortable environment and were so playful and patient with my 1 1/2 year old making for a enjoyable and fun appointment. I would certainly recommend them to friends and family.

~ Kahlan Metz 5/18/16 5/5*

Very patient and helpful

Thank you for always being supportive and friendly. I know it’s hard working with kids. Keep up the good work.

~ Kristen Nelson 5/18/16 5/5*


This is our second visit and today included a cleaning and extracting some stubborn baby teeth (6 of them). My son did amazing and he does not do well with any shots in his arm or leg. I was worried about his shots in his mouth. The ladies there walked him through it all and were amazing with him. They were born to work with kids!

~ Melissa Groenig 5/16/16 5/5*

Friendly and Efficient

Every person we interacted with on our visit was friendly and efficient. It was my daughter’s first dentist appointment and they made the experience fun for you and easy for me. We love the new Anacortes location!

~ L R 5/16/16 5/5*

The Absolute Best Kids Dental Facility

When your kids don’t want to leave after their appointment is over…..do I need to say anything more??? Thank you for your awesome facility and for treating my little ones like they are simply kids! 🙂

-The Hart Family

~ Courtney Hart 5/16/16 5/5*

Playhouse Dental Anacortes

Our 4 year old granddaughter was put at ease immediately upon arrival. We were well informed about what was to happen by the anesthesiologist and the dentist. The facility was clean and comfortable. The post operative instructions were well written and explained. We were told to take as much time as we needed while Gemma was recovering from the anesthesia.

~ Sheri Donahue 5/12/16 5/5*

Staff Was Able to Overcome My Child’s Fears

We’ve had three visits to this office, all of them wonderful. In our most recent appointment, my child left feeling like a superstar because of the way the staff patiently and expertly enabled him to make it through a procedure that he was very afraid of. The staff and Dr. Stout were amazingly patient, understanding, professional and deftly completed the procedure all while being extremely supportive and encouraging. This ranks among the best pediatric care experiences my child and I have experienced anywhere. The staff are angels!

~ Maria Mitchell 5/11/16 5/5*

It was great the staff were very helpful and friendly. They made my child feel very comfortable.

~ Sheila Bryan-Pohano 5/10/16 5/5*

Great Services!

I would refer Playhouse Dental to anyone. I was very pleased with the service my son received when he had some cavities filled. The staff was very friendly and very knowledgeable.

~ Anna Jacobsen 5/10/16 5/5*

The staff are always friendly & professional . I would definitely recommend playhouse to anyone!!

~ Patricia Rivas 5/4/16 5/5*



~ Katie Kazmierczak 5/4/16 5/5*

Professional and friendly

Everyone was so professional and friendly my kids love their first visit to the dentist office. And they ask if we would go the until they are out of high school.

~ Irvin Sams 5/4/16 5/5*

Professional and highly trained in providing care to children and families

I found the new building to be exceptional and inviting for families and the staff are very skilled in working with you to make a positive and enjoyable experience for young kids. The Dentist is amazing! I highly recommend this dental office.

~ Brooke Freeman 5/4/16 5/5*

Kind, Attentive, Patient and Understanding

The staff and Dr. Stout were exceedingly patient with our child and showed great compassion to our family. Our child has a lot of fears about dental visits and everyone was very well equipped to patiently work with us. The experience from the front desk through the entire visit was full of kindness, care and warm professionalism. The atmosphere of the office is fun and very friendly to children. Our child felt very much at home and immediately felt like we had made new friends at the dentist’s office.

~ Maria Mitchell 5/3/16 5/5*

Great customer service

I love this place and so does my two year old boy!

~ Kristina Useman 5/19/16 5/5*

Professional, Friendly, Fun

Dr. Stout and the staff at Playhouse Dental were very welcoming and made my toddler feel comfortable. I definitely recommend this dental clinic.

~ Monique Devore 5/2/16 5/5*

Always Friendly

I have never experienced a rude person here! It is great and I will always compare future peds dental practices to this one. Each person explains everything they plan to do, give balloons after each procedure whatever it is, and gives report cards to let you know what else could be done and how the teeth looked, they also gave me a full screen x-ray. They really go above and beyond here .

Even though my insurance doesn’t pay for it all and there’s a significant amount I am responsible for, they work with me on payment plans so I don’t have to drain my bank account. THANK YOU PLAYHOUSE DENTAL!

~ Erica Araujo 4/29/16 5/5*

Great environment and friendly staff!!

This has been the best dentist office my son has ever been to. He enjoyed it, which is the first time for that. I will always stay with this dental office. They are very friendly and actually seem like they care about my child. Fives stars all day!!!

~ Jami Bolton 4/27/16 5/5*

All the staff was amazing and made my son feel very comfortable. I loved the they showed him how everything works and let him try it out before they went to work! Would definitely recommend you guys and we will be back! We live an hour away but the drive is totally worth it! Thank you guys for your awesome work!

~ Courtney Pederson 4/27/16 5/5*

Friendly, Knowledgeable!

I took my oldest son to Playhouse Dental for his first ever check up. The hygienist was wonderful with him, blowing up gloves, showing him all the instruments, she made him very comfortable. Dr Stout was very nice and went over everything with me, including showing me the x-rays. It was a great experience.

~ Julie Price 4/27/16 5/5*

Excellent Service and my kids love going to Dentist

We came in an hour early and they were happy to accommodate us. Really helped out our schedule for the day and my kids love going to see the dentist so you must be doing something great! Plus, they see BOTH children at the same time. Makes things easier in our world. Thank you for all you do!

~ Johnna Dow 4/27/16 5/5*

Exceeded Expectations!

We had our first visit to Playhouse Dental (their new location in Anacortes) today and it exceeded all of my expectations for our kiddo! This was her first check up at 9 months old. The other, older kids in the office seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. All staff were friendly from the front desk to getting our balloon at the end!

I was impressed by Dr. Sarah Hill, she explained things as we went and repeatedly paused to ask if we had any questions. They take both dental insurance and Provider One, which is awesome! We are foster parents and we chose to drive out to Anacortes from the Mt. Vernon area to give them a try, SO glad we did and SO thankful that they take our kiddo’s state insurance!

~ Lauren V. 4/26/16 5/5*

We love Playhouse Dental!!

We LOVE Playhouse Dental! Everyone is fantastic, from the front desk, the hygienists, and Dr. Hill. My kids are never worried about going to the dentist and it’s because of how warm, kind, and considerate they all are! They made sure to take their time with my three year old, so he felt comfortable and safe. Thank you!

~ Romany Kerr 4/26/16 5/5*

Great service, perfect layout and options for kids.

We are very pleased with Dr. Hill and her dental practice for children. The service and space is so geared for children; the whole experience was great.

~ Pip Anacortes 4/20/16 5/5*

Great job working with my 2 year old!!!

It was my son’s first experience in the “big chair” getting a cleaning and check up. He was laughing and smiling the entire time!! Great job to the staff and dentist for making this an enjoyable experience for him :).

~ Liz Squires 4/19/16 5/5*

Very friendly!

My son hates doctors and dentists. He was at ease at his first appointment here. Dr let us know all the details of why his jaw was slipping and locking. This is our new dental office for him!

~ Melissa Groenig 4/19/16 5/5*


Could not have asked for a better experience. My 7 year old was a little apprehensive about her visit and the hygienist, Hannah, could not have been better at her job. She was warm and welcoming, spoke to her like an adult and explained everything before she did it.

Dr. Hill was exceptional as well, making her laugh and giggle all the way through the visit while she did her check and took time to go over any questions and concerns I had. Front office staff was fast, efficient and extremely friendly and helpful with insurance questions!

~ Kelly Wheeler 4/18/16 5/5*

Last minute appt

My son broke a molar over the weekend and the staff at Playhouse Dental were great getting us an appt ASAP! They were very professional and friendly. So pleased with the staff and their work!

~ Sara Mathis 4/18/16 5/5*


After my children had a very traumatic experience at another “pediatric” dental office, it was difficult to convince them that the dentist was a good thing. I was thrilled when Playhouse opened in Anacortes. Being new to the area, I could only rely on reviews and research. Our whole family is so thankful for the staff and doctors here. The kids’ faith and trust has been redeemed!!

~ Shaunie McLeod 4/14/16 5/5*

Best dental visit ever!

My family felt valued and important. The employees were obviously very well trained and professional. The computer systems ran efficiently. Start to finish it was wonderful. The dentist was informative and kind. She was encouraging when it came to new tricks and tips for brushing and hygiene for children.

~ Krystal Nelson 4/14/16 5/5*

Urgent appointment

My 18 month old daughter fell and chipped her tooth at the park. We went straight from the park to the dentist who then referred us to Playhouse Dental. They were able to see her immediately! The staff and doctors were wonderful. The office is perfect for little ones and the exam was very thorough. I left with happy little ones and they even got balloons.

~ Ashley Larner 4/11/16 5/5*

Creates a positive atmosphere for children!

There was a child at the orthodontist that is in the same building and they were crying and yelling. It was hard for me to listen to them and remain calm but my daughter did not hear a thing. They are so great with the children and she came out happy. It was a huge relief that she had a positive experience

~ Dee Dee Uranga 4/11/16 5/5*

Recent visit

My 14 year old son has had cavities filled before, but this time, he said it was the best dental appointment he has had. My daughter had 2 cavities filled and got two balloons. The dental assistant was positive about my daughter’s brave ability to sit through both fillings.

~ Kelly Corson 4/5/16 5/5*

The staff is great and the Doctors are truly wonderful. I love how they stay in touch with emails or text for office visits and reminders. They make the patients feel comfortable and know how to work super with children’s fears. Great work all around;  well managed clinic. Thank you!

~ Maria LaRue 3/31/16 5/5*

Receptive and comforting

Went back today so that my daughter could have sealant put onto her molars. She has never had anything but cleanings done, so they were initially wanting to use the medical gas to help keep her calm (due to her past fear of the dentist). I requested to at least try without it, which they were completely respectful of and didn’t even question it.

My daughter ultimately did great thanks to their comforting demeanor and their wonderful practice of explaining what they are doing as they go along. This most definitely played a huge part in my daughter being able to stay calm during the procedure.

~ April Carlson 3/31/16 5/5*


~ Sonia Razo 3/28/16 5/5*

Things are going really well

Each time my child goes to Playhouse he gets better, and better. They are kind and caring, as he is special needs and requires additional support. My child especially likes the room with the window. That made it the best. He did his first real cleaning, and they step it out gently so he knows what to expect. He still is not able to do a complete check up, but we are getting there. This office has supported him the whole way, to assure him that he is safe, with nothing to fear.

~ Dot Irvin 3/26/16 5/5*

Love them!

Dr. Hill and all the staff are wonderful with our kids. I’m so glad we started with her. AND, the new Anacortes Office is AWESOME!

~ Becca Hyman 3/23/16 5/5*

Amazing staff

I was so excited Dr. Hill opened in Anacortes now. The check in was a breeze, the hygienist was friendly and my kids loved her and felt at ease. Dr. Hill is the best!

~ Stefanie Meyer 3/22/16 5/5*

Patient, friendly, efficient, professional service

All three of my children were seen for the second time, two of whom are quite young and all the staff were incredibly patient with them. Their anxiety was eased by the calmness and professionalism displayed by all who work there.

Dr. Stout took his time explaining things, listing options and putting forth his recommendations but still keeping everyone in mind while doing so. Great service!

~ Kaelin Harris 3/21/16 5/5*

Loved the new location!

The Anacortes office is BEAUTIFUL!! Loved the feel, atmosphere, people, and DR. HILL!!! Incredible experience — can’t wait to come back in 6 months!

~ Casey Jarzombek 3/18/16 5/5*

love playhouse dental

Everyone was great, beautiful office, and my 5 yr old had fun

~ Christina McKee 3/17/16 5/5*

Wonderful staff

My daughter has had a severe phobia of the dentist since she was very small. The staff were amazing. They explained everything to her and made her very excited for the process of the visit step by step. It definitely made a positive impact and she’s already eager to go back 🙂

~ April Carlson 3/17/16 5/5*

Great Experience!

I took my 4 year old daughter in for the first time to Playhouse Dental. They were amazing! The atmosphere is perfect for kids. They were so personable and made my daughter’s experience the best it could be. She can’t wait to go back!

~ Kristina K 3/10/16 5/5*

Loved everything

Loved everything. It was a bit difficult to do the new patient forms at the computer and keep view of my 2year old around the counter while seated at the computer. we did loose the balloon in under 60 seconds once we got outside! Pretty much a perfect experience!!!

~ Stephanie Downey 3/8/16 4/5*

Comfortable Dental Care for Kids

My child needed two teeth removed to make space for his permanent teeth. I was nervous, and he was nervous, but because the staff are so gentle and friendly and competent, we both felt calm and comfortable throughout the procedure. All the records are computerized, so check-in and paperwork are done on their computers.

You may have to ask for print-outs of after-care instructions, but it’s also available on their website – I actually called the office after my child’s appointment and they emailed me a copy of the document. We’ve been going to Playhouse Dental for a couple of years, and have loved it.

~ Rachel Foss 3/7/16 5/5*

 Always very professional and friendly. I love this dentist office and so do my children. I love that they reward children for a cavity free visit.

~ Rebecca Starkweather 3/2/16 5/5*

Awesome dental office!

I’ve always liked this dental office. Even my 19yr old used to come here years ago! Nice place with great staff who are kind and friendly! Highly recommend this office for kids!

~ Donna Ordonio 2/26/16 5/5*

Busy Afternoon

Waited 30 mins past appointment time. I don’t mind the wait as I know Dr. Hill and her staff are amazing with my kids. Daughter was so comfortable with staff and Dr. Hill.

Dr. Hill’s Response:

Thank you for you patience!  Everyone’s time is important, and we work hard to honor your schedule, as we appreciate your understanding when we must take extra time with those that need it.

~ 2/26/16 Jennifer J. 5/5*

More than I expected

Dr. Hill was very kind and went out of her way to answer additional questions I had. Was a great first dental experience for a 16 month old.

~ Emily Cavell 2/25/16 5/5*

it was my first time here and i brought in my 6 year old daughter. everyone was great and i felt she had a pretty thorough check up. i am planning on moving my other 2 children (ages 3 and 4) to this office, as well.

~ Michelle D. 2/20/16 5/5*

Very professional, informative and prompt service.

Great first dental experience for a one year old and two-and-a-half year old. Dr. Hill is very personable and wonderful with young kids. A bonus that she also spoke Spanish.

~ Pat S. 2/19/16 5/5*

The staff is always very friendly and attentive. I feel that they go above and beyond to make sure the visit is as enjoyable as it can be. My daughter loves getting her balloon and putting her name on the cavity free tree!

~ Laura Metheney 2/18/16 5/5*

Exceptional as always !!!!

The staff at Play House Dental is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better dentist for my son!!!!

~ Kim Jordan 2/16/16 5/5*

Great Office

Every time we go to Playhouse Dental, we are welcomed by their staff with smiles and open arms to the kids. Professional staff always treats the kids with respect and communicates information in an understanding way! Recommend this office to anyone with kids.

~ Paty Russell 2/13/16 5/5*

This was our first visit. Hannah needed two teeth extracted. Hannah was comforted by Dr. Hill, Kate and Ariel when she had anxiety about the procedures. She had a reaction to the numbing medicine, and Kate stopped and talked her through the discomfort. Kate only proceeded when Hannah was ready. Hannah said she would definitely go back again. Thank you for making this difficult visit a positive one!

~ Danielle Rustad 2/12/16 5/5*

Professional Friendly and AMAZING!!!!

My daughter went in today 02/11/2016 for her first visit, neither here nor there, however she is 6 years old. They were great with her and all the other kids. Nobody’s favorite place is the dentist, however they truly make a honest effort to make EVERYONE children and adults feel welcome and safe. They are great!!!

~ Miss N. Lundsten 2/11/16 5/5*

Fantastic with kids

It was a nice experience. They have a child friendly atmosphere from the decorations to the staff. Today was the first time for our 6 year old to have a cavity fixed. They were very thoughtful and nurturing to him. Once he felt comfortable with them they explained the process in kid terms. They used light gas to relax him and then slowly numbed the area. All the while talking to him and encouraging him. Afterwards he got a balloon and a sticker. He was happy and ready to go to the library. I asked him how he felt about this dentist visit and he said “It was fun”. Wow! They made it fun for him. That’s amazing.

~ James K 2/5/16 5/5*

Just like Family

As a mother of 4 children, our life can be chaotic! Playhouse Dental puts your mind at ease, they take over and treat my children as their own! Playhouse Dental has the ability to make my children love being at the dentist. Extremely thorough and professional. As a traveling military family, by far the best dental care we’ve had to date!

~ Jennifer Shashaty 1/31/16 5/5*

Dr. Hill was really great and my girls felt comfortable with her right away. She knows how to get the attention and trust of the kids.

~ Ana Bascon 1/26/16 5/5*

They were great, got us in and out!

~ Brandie Mejia 1/25/16 5/5*

Very helpful

There was a bit of confusion on what treatment was going to be happening at the appointment, but the dentist and the hygienist were very patient and helpful in making me and my child feel comfortable with the decision.

~ Nicole Marley 1/25/16 4/5*

Very friendly staff

We loved everything about our appointment at Playhouse. It was quick and easy to get in as new patients. I was able to fill out all of my daughter’s paperwork online before we arrived at the appointment. The dental assistant explained exactly how the process would work. My daughter is not yet 3 so they did her entire appointment in the office which helped with her anxiety. After the dentist saw her and was very friendly they took my daughter back to see the “real chairs” and didn’t pressure her at all but gave her the opportunity to sit on a chair and go “up and down”. Then she got a new toothbrush, a balloon, some toothpaste and put her name on the “cavity free tree”. Overall it was a great visit and we look forward to coming back.

~ Joy Meyer 1/24/16


The entire office staff is wonderful! They really know how to make you feel welcome and at ease. My boys did great and we are looking forward to future appointments! Highly recommend!!!!

~ Heather Carlon 1/23/16

not sure

After we left thought all was good but instead of my son I got a screaming possession of a child back.

Dr. Hill’s response:

Trysha, many times when the numbing wears off, children can be extremely upset by the fact that they can’t “make it go away, right now!”  This is normal and will soon pass.  Please see our page of post-op tips for more information.

As always, if you would like us to re-evaluate your son, we will see him ASAP, and welcome your calls anytime!

~ Trysha Miller 1/21/16

Professional and friendly

They are always nice and the staff makes my son feel comfortable. They do a great job at making dental visits much more exciting.

~ Megan Helgeson 1/18/16

First Time Patient

This was my 4 year old daughters first ever visit to the dentist and we were worried for her cooperation in the process. Playhouse Dental was amazing! Chuck was her dental hygienist and he was calm, loving, patient, and just really nice and was open to any and all questions and comments. We can’t wait to bring our second child in for a first appointment once she is old enough.

~ Kristie Scheidemantel 1/15/16

Filling and Sealants

Always provides excellent service in a caring environment.

~ Dee Dee Uranga 1/14/16

Professional, caring and friendly

My daughter had to have 2 teeth extracted. She was nervous going in but the staff calmed her nerves, made her smile and finished up fairly quickly. She didn’t show any signs of extreme pain. I was very pleased with everything. Would definitely recommend!

~ Maria Gilstrap 1/13/16

They are great with kids

They are very patient and good with kids. My kids were crying and wanted to leave because they were scared, but doctor made them comfortable and got kids to do what was needed.

~ Kerry Kim 1/12/16

Lillyrics had nothing to say but great things about the hygienist who cleaned her teeth. She had stories for days! Thank you Sir, she had a great visit!

~ Kelly Norman 1/6/16

Playhouse Dental is the best! They have a professional and friendly staff and the only bummer is that I’m too old to go there!! Both of my kids love going to the dentist, even my 3 year old left with a huge happy smile!

~ Taran Graham, 1/6/16


Thank you for being patient with me and my daughter (especially me). I believe she will grow up enjoying her time at the dentist and will be able to never experience the fear that I experienced as a result of dentists when I was growing up. So thank you again!

~ Kristina Miller, 1/5/2016

This place is amazing! My daughter was so scared to go to the dentist but after one visit here her fear melted away. The staff is very understanding when kids are nervous and take their time with each kid. I can’t thank you enough!

~ Annie Avery, 12/31/15

My two year old son is seen in this business and he is a little bit of a handful.  The staff is very helpful and they make the appointment fun for him, which makes it a lot easier on me. I highly recommend anyone to bring their children here; they will love it!

~ Jennifer Hurtado, 12/29/15

BETTER than I expected – and I came in with high expectations!

Thank you so much for the customized and child-friendly visit today. My son (3) was nervous and everyone was SO wonderful with him! All of Oak Harbor recommends Playhouse and they did not disappoint. Add me to the list of satisfied customers!

~ Carly Slavin 12/21/15

Great teamwork

I have to say, the way their team communicates with kids and how they pick up on behavioral cues from children and parents is remarkable. Dr. Hill knows how to engage her team and make the kids comfortable for major dental work on a toddler.

~ Annie P. 12/17/15

Our children love going to Playhouse Dental. No anxiety or nervousness when the time comes to get their check-ups at this dentist! The staff is friendly & the environment is relaxing for all! We are so fortunate to have found such a great dentist for our children. Thank you Dr. Hill & staff!

~ Samantha M. 12/12/15

Friendly, amazing staff!!

I have been taking my kids here for over 5 years, and they still enjoy it every time and ask to go back. Staff is knowledgable and friendly, things are clean, and they always address any questions I have. Great with kids of all ages!! Best staff!

~ Brianne Alejandro 12/12/15

My daughter loved the balloon and sticker she got after her exam. Hopefully that will motivate her to go again. Dr. Hill was very kid-friendly and gentle.

~ Valerie Kendrick 12/11/15

best children’s dentist

Dr. Hill is the best children’s dentist I have ever known. That is not talk! I have 10 children and been to plenty of dentists in 30+ years. She is very caring and concerned with her patients. It also shows thru with her assistants. I always look to see if the assistants are happy and how does the dentist treat them…. I have never seen friction at the Playhouse Dental! Everyone loves their job! Thanks for doing your work so well… All of you!!!

~ Alice Kosel 12/10/15

Awesome place

Took my 16 month old in Friday for an emergency. He split open his upper lip tie. The Dr saw him an was great. Went in today 12-9 for his first appt and they were all so nice in the office. Got him in quickly an checked his teeth, gave him a balloon an we were on our way. We will be back to see them in the future

~ Kayla Magowan 12/9/15

Always a great experience

Kids enjoy the visit to the dentist!

~ Susan Thomas 12/9/15

Made my little girl happy

Today we came in for fillings and crowns over my daughter’s 4 front teeth. She did great and was very happy to have the appearance of her teeth improved to look like a normal healthy smile, all ready for Kindergarten next fall. Thank you for helping her feel good about herself. We are so lucky to have you all.

~ Clarice O’Brien 12/8/15

High quality service, professional and friendly

My 2.5 and 3.5 year olds just had their first trips to the dentist at Playhouse Dental today. Both came away with a really positive experience of the dentist. The receptionist, assistants and the dentist were all very friendly and knowledgable and amazing with my kids. I would totally recommend this place to others!

~ Erin Howard 12/8/15

8am appointment for my 4 kids

I made an 8am for my 4 kids and there was 4 other kids scheduled the same time and those other kids were done before they even went to my second child. I was there 10 minutes before the scheduled time and still they took the other kids and finished them first. Then when they did my youngest daughters lap exam the kids that were in there before us must’ve pooped there pants and the room had a disgusting smell. They didn’t even spray anything in there before they made us go into it.

Response from Playhouse Dental Clinic

Christina, Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your being on time yesterday. The initial delay in bringing back your four children had to do with preparedness. It takes a single assistant longer to review each of their four charts before coming out to speak with you. We want to be sure that we have a plan for x-rays, your preferences on fluoride, follow –up on previous referrals, trauma, and any concerns that you might have written down.

Once we had a plan in place, the team went into action, and all four of your children were completed before 8:50. We apologize for any smell you may have noticed. We OFTEN open the window or use air freshener when there is a lingering odor. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you notice it before we do!

Finally, if you are under time constraints, please be clear about that both when you check in, and when the dental assistant greets you and your child(ren). A great experience for everyone involved is what we strive for.

~ Christina Benjamin 12/7/15

Immediate Care

My daughter’s retainer came loose in the morning and they were able to fit her in by the afternoon. Her regular dentist wasn’t in that day so she was really nervous but she ended up having the best experience yet with the other dentist there that day! Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter and her teeth!

~ Sarah DeClercq 12/1/15

Adept with Special Needs

We chose this practice because they are known throughout the special needs community as being very good with “them”. Caleb went from being filled with abject terror of the dentist and refusing to open his mouth, to allowing the dentist to floss him and squirt water into his mouth. Which is HUGE in my house.

~ Rosemary Bottom 11/25/15

Playhouse Dental Rocks again!

My 8 year old is quite anxious when it comes to going to the dentist. Today she had to have a tooth pulled and a crown put on. The staff are always the best, they made her feel at ease, and were there with her all the way. Such kind caring professionals. And Dr. Sarah-she is the best. We all love Playhouse Dental.

~ Jody J Levit 11/24/15

Great care and information

Procedure for my son was explained very clearly and it was quick and painless for him.

~ Judith Baker 11/19/15

Great staff, very kid- and parent-friendly

There are books and toys and magazines in the waiting room. Once you get called back, they have coloring pages, toys, an old video arcade game, and once the kids’ teeth have been cleaned, they can choose a balloon. The staff at this dentists’ office is amazing. They are super friendly, they explain everything they’re doing, and they are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. They recognize repeat patients, and address them by name. They make sure your kids are comfortable and understand what they need to do to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Bar none, the best dental office experiences we’ve ever had, including my own

~ Nicole George 11/18/15

Today was the first time my daughter had been to the dentist. She was nervous about going and the staff made her feel very comfortable. They explained all the utensils they were going to use and how they worked and even let her touch them. As a parent that made me less nervous. My daughter is not afraid to go back for her next visit. I highly recommend Playhouse Dental!

~ Jennifer Burdick 11/17/15

Dr. Hill

My 3 year old loves going to the dentist. They are amazingly patient, explaining then practicing each step. Dr. Hill is great.

~ Kat B. 11/15/15

My daughter had to have some permanent teeth removed. She was very nervous about having this done. The staff did a great job making her comfortable as well as reassuring her. They did such a great job that she said she didn’t even feel them being taken out.

~ Christina U. 11/13/15

My Kids Teeth Look Great!!

I have trusted Playhouse Dental with my children’s teeth for 11 years now, and I keep coming back! Friendly staff, great service, and my kids teeth are straight and clean! Thank You!

~ Corey Swanson 11/11/15

Amazing service and super friendly! My daughter was afraid to go to the dentist, and since coming here she is sooo excited everytime! They explain everything so well and show the kids the equipment they will use before hand. They make everything fun and comfortable.

~ Ayla Fox 11/10/15

15 year relationship

I have been bringing my children to Dr Hill for about 15 years. The staff is always amazing and has always gone the extra mile to take excellent care of my 4 kids. You won’t find a better kids dentist in Oak Harbor.

~ Kathie Hager 11/9/15

Love this Dentist

My children have been going to this dentist office since 2004 and I would recommend it to anyone.

~ Jamie Whiton 11/6/15

Professional and Friendly

For the 1st time my daughter went in upset, and they took their time to make her feel comfortable. I’ve been taking all of my children there for years and wouldn’t want anyone else taking care of my children’s beautiful smiles.

~ Lisa Tarpley 11/3/15


As always, the assistant is amazing, the receptionist really kind and my kids are looking forward to coming back! Thanks.

~ Imelda Zakimi 10/30/15

Kid friendly care

My daughter has special needs and the staff at Playhouse Dental are awesome with her! She is never afraid and is always smiling when she comes back to the lobby, no matter what her procedure for the day.

~ Tonia Johnston 10/27/15

Friendly and welcoming

My son had his very first dental appointment this morning and usually very shy, the doctors and assistants did an awesome job warming up to him and made him feel welcomed and he did amazing for his 1st time.

~ Tia Pitt 10/23/15

Fun dental experience for kids

My daughter asks me, “When is my next dentist appointment?” because she has so much fun there.

~ Karen Price 10/22/15

Very Caring

As usual my daughter had a very positive experience. She is always so excited to write her name on a tooth when she has no cavities which is her norm. The encouragement given by all staff is what drives her to do really great hygiene.

~ Clark Fields 10/14/15

Excellent Service!!

Very understanding when we were running late and was still able to see all four of my kids at the same time.

~ Laura Dixon 10/13/15

Very friendly, clean, kid place

My son loved the waiting area with the truck. Everyone was very friendly. Thank you.

~ Marci Fankhauser 10/12/15

Genuinely friendly!

Before we took our son to Playhouse Dental for his first dental appointment, I was nervous how he would react. But, the staff were all extremely welcoming and friendly and made our son feel comfortable. I’m glad I came across this dentist on Google when searching for one to take him to because it is hands down the best. The girl who stood out the most when we were there was Clarissa. She was so sweet and explained everything very detailed to us so we understood how everything was going to go. I would see her every time we go for our son if I could! They were finishing up on another kid so she politely came into the room we were in and apologized for the wait and gave our son coloring pages and crayons to keep him busy. We felt very comfortable at Playhouse Dental and will definitely recommend it to others!

~ Chels H. 10/12/15

Dr. Stout and staff are friendly, caring, and they listen to our concerns…

With all the children they have coming in, it’s a wonder they are so organized! Dr. Stout cares, and his staff reflects his character. Our children’s dental needs have been met in a professional and skilled manner. Highly recommended!

~ Kirsten Bird 10/7/15

Awesome Time

My children actually enjoy going here. Even if they have cavities to be filled.

~ Christopher Hough 10/4/15

Great service

I don’t really have much to say about Playhouse.. for my own personal experience, they are absolutely great. very friendly staff.

~ Griselda Bergeron 10/4/15

Continue to be impressed!

Thank you for being kind and positive! Brody said he wasn’t scared at all – and that is because your staff is amazing! Ariel and Dr. Stout were so professional yet again! Thank you:)

~ Meggan Carrigg-Davidson 10/2/15

Great quality service with a smile

The appointment went very well. It was fast and both Veronica and Angelisa came out feeling awesome. Nice job done by all.

~ Debi Hassler 10/2/15

Amazing staff, professional and friendly!!

My 10 month old son chipped his tooth and while he was fine mom found it discomforting at feedings. This happened on a Fri afternoon when most offices were closed but I had a message into my dentist. By Monday mid morning I had to follow up with my dentist who recommended playhouse dental and I’m so grateful! They were kind enough to work us in the same day and the doctor did an amazing job explaining our options. The support staff did a fabulous job of helping entertain my 3 year old during the appointment. I can’t express enough how wonderful this office is and the staff within. I highly recommend any family bring their children here!

~ Cassandra Ching 9/29/15

All the staff are so accommodating and the service is fantastic, however they should provide an Internet connection to their customers while waiting the patients inside.

Dr. Hill’s Response:

Thank you for asking Chona… We DO provide a free wifi connection… our password is “playhouse”

~ Chona Epe 9/28/15

Best Pediatric Dentist

My child LOVES coming to see the dentist! I love that my child is getting an early positive dental experience so that she will maintain good dental health in her adulthood!

~ Tonia Johnston 9/25/15


The entire staff is so friendly and they actually take the time to get to know you and your kids. They make it a fun experience rather than a terrifying experience for the kids, I had actually asked them if they were able to work on adults to repair one of my cavities! I recommend this dentist to anyone who has kids!!!

~ Ashley Fischer 9/25/15

In and out in 30 minutes! Great service and my kids love them!

~ Jacqueline Thompson 9/25/15

Excellent Experience

My daughter told me that this office was more fun than the other one she went to. My daughter was so happy after this appointment and I have never seen her so happy after a dentist appointment. She is looking forward to the next appointment and she loved that Dr. Hill has so many different earrings. Thank you for making her first visit so great!

~ Dee Dee Uranga 9/22/15

Highly qualified and efficient

The appointment today was for Kaitlyn to have two teeth pulled. This is the first part of the team work which will be done. Yes I am very pleased with the way my granddaughters are taken care of.

~ Mary Rose 9/22/15

Excellent Staff and Atmosphere

The entire staff,  from the front desk, to the dental assistant, to the dentist himself was absolutely incredible. Very warm and inviting waiting area, every room felt like a playroom, and the whole experience was geared toward being kid-friendly. I love the special touch of giving balloons at the end. The staff also was attentive to my concerns and thorough in their descriptions.  All around a wonderful experience.  HIGHLY recommend.

~ Desarae Hubbard 9/21/15

Exemplary Service!

Thank you, Dr. Hill and staff for making my daughter Diana’s first major visit relaxed and pain free. Dr. Hill’s cheerful manner and her obvious love of children shone through the entire visit. Every effort was made to make Diana feel comfortable and distracted from the discomfort associated with dental work. Also, it was apparent from the first phone call that this is a top notch, professional organization. Texting to confirm appointments and email follow ups were sent promptly, and billing was explained in detail, making the whole experience convenient and efficient. We have to travel a long way to get to the office, but the superior experience made it worth the drive. We will continue to make the trip. Thank you!

~ David Churchill 9/17/15

friendly, professional

its was all great… love how they handle kids

~ joan hazel vanlandingham 9/17/15

Welcoming staff!

Great friendly staff 🙂 fast and accurate work.

~ Konni Smith 9/11/15

Fantastic Experience!

I took my 2.5 year old to see Dr. Hill. She is great with kids and the office is very kid friendly. My daughter actually cried when we had to leave! Where was this office when I was a kid? I look forward to the expansion in Anacortes!!

~ Lindsey Herrick 9/9/15

Professional and very friendly people

I absolutely love Dr. Sarah Hill. She is a wonderful Dentist. Everyone that works there are super friendly and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Playhouse Dentistry to others. Thank you all for your hard work. 😊

~ Lisa Harald 9/8/15

Great staff and attitude towards every patient

Thanks you for making us feel very comfortable! Doc always answers our questions and concerns, support staff is very helpful and we always feel welcome! Thank you for being very patient with our children!

~ Katarina Fray 9/4/15

Always Easy

My kids have been receiving care from Dr. Hill and her exceptional staff for 11 years and it has been nothing but a good experience. Everyone is upbeat, professional and punctual! Love them!!

~ Leah Yanega 9/3/15

Best care we have ever received!!!

My daughter has very bad anxiety about going to the dentist, and all of the staff was very nice and accommodating! They are the best ever! Even the Doctor was amazing with my daughter! He even talked with me in private to not scare my daughter! Loved this place, and I know we will be back!

~ Jonique Scott 8/31/15

Best in town!!!

Would not take my children any where else!!! We love your office!

~ Louis Grass 8/27/15

Smiling faces

Even at their busiest time of year they greet you with a welcoming smile and answer all your questions and concerns.

~ Michele Barrera 8/26/15

Wonderful Place

We love playhouse dental. My kids are excited to go. The staff is always great with the kids, giving us information and making sure teeth are taken care of. Would recommend to anyone!

~ Melissa Mullins 8/24/15

Great service!

From person at the front desk, to the staff, and the dentist: Great customer service, very kid friendly! Looking forward to our next visit.

~ April Aguirre 8/22/15

Very gentle! Dr. Hill is great with all 3 of mine!

~ Katie Cornes 8/18/15

High quality service as always

My kiddo has gone here since she was 6 months old and is now 12.  She has always loved the dentist because of Playhouse and their team.  Thanks for doing such a great job!

~ Heather Rice 8/10/15

My daughter’s first trip to the dentist was as smooth as it could have been. Dr.Stout is very kind and relatable. All the staff was very polite and helpful. We will definitely be back again!

~ Laura Metheney 8/6/15

Great with children!

Very professional, and great with kids!!! Highly recommended dentist.  My daughter went in for cavity cleaning/capping and they did an amazing job explaining to my daughter what was going on and why they were doing it.

~ Elgin Light 8/3/15

Friendly but…

The staff is friendly but they don’t really get to know your child. It feels like a factory with smiling faces.

~ David Paxton 7/29/2015

Dr. Hill’s response:

David,  while I appreciate your perspective, I believe that you have overlooked some realities.  Our priority is always your child’s well-being and oral health.  Over three appointments, we have tried to find a solution that would meet YOUR expectations as well.

We value the trust that parents give us in allowing us to treat their child(ren).  We actually find joy in the work that we do.  We wish you the best in your search for a better solution for your family.


Love this place… We have Dr. Stout and love him.

~ Tiffany Mecom 7/19/15

It’s a great place!

~ Sonia Razo 7/19/15

Very time efficient

We were seen promptly, the staff were courteous and friendly. They did their best to make my little one feel as relaxed as they could, and were patient with her too.

~ Kaelin Harris 7/17/15

Friendly professional and thorough

My son (6) loves the place. The staff is amazing every time. With their open honest approach, my son WANTS to eat less sugar… which is, in my opinion, the number one enemy here. Kudos Playhouse Dental!

~ Jerimiah M. 7/15/15

Good first visit.

A good first visit and convenient that I could fill out most of the paperwork and submit through their website prior to my visit. I would recommend in the future omitting any PHI (protected health information) data unless given assurance of security when submitting. Clean office, friendly staff, listed by my insurance provider, and recommended by a co-worker. Overall very pleased.

Dr. Hill’s response:  Thank you Michael for asking about our HIPAA compliance; we take your privacy seriously.  Our web forms are encrypted using HTTPS over SSL.

~ Michael Donnelly 7/15/15

Our Family Dentist

I attended here when I was a child and now my son does, they do excellent service. My son is only 3 and he was neither scared nor confused. He sat in one of the big kid chairs. They are very great with children.

~ Amber Griffin 7/12/2015

Great experiences every time

Very kind staff and a great waiting room for my child to play. Love the doctor and the fun environment. Great for any baby going to their first appointments! Only thing I wish was different was instead of a computer screen with all the info on it, I’d like it to be an iPad or tablet for more privacy. But I believe there is a privacy screen on it so that’s good. But really great dentist!

~ Ellie M. 7/8/2015

Dr. Hill’s Response:

Thanks Ellie for the great feedback! If you (or anyone else) would like more privacy than the kiosk allows up front, please let us know, and we will walk you around to our “check out” station.  Sadly, the tablets we tried to use as you suggested showed VERY small print with our software, (i.e. were hard to read and enter data)  and often LOST your answers before we could upload to our server.  But we are still looking/watching as technology evolves!


Wonderful first visit for our baby.   As always, the staff is wonderful!  Thank you!

The kids very much enjoy their dentist trips and look forward to the next one!


~ Kristin Duncan 7/8/2015

Extra Attention

The staff is kind and courteous. They take the time to explain things you don’t understand. We are very impressed with their attention to detail. Thank Again for your excellent service to my three boys!!!!

~ Naomi Frates 7/6/2015

We liked Chuck

Vince liked Chuck and thought he was funny!

~ Lisa Jackson 7/4/2015

Best dental office

Kate and Dr. Stout are so wonderful! Love this office and all the staff. All 3 of our boys are so comfortable here 🙂 our children do their regular check ups here and actually look forward to their visits. Two of our kids have had cavities filled there as well and can’t believe how well they have done under what would usually be a scary circumstance. Highly recommend this office to everyone.

~ Sara Wohlgemuth 7/1/2015

Regular Checkup

As usual, the boys enjoyed the experience only disliking the application of the fluoride. They look forward to their appointments and work hard on keeping their teeth in top condition.

~ Wendy Wasik, 6/29/15

Consistently great

Always start the appointment on time or even early; very friendly and personable staff; great experience every time; kids actually enjoy going to the dentist.

~ Rebecca Wilson 6/27/15

Welcoming Environment!

I’ve been bringing my son here for a year and he loves this place! He’s never scared to go back and enjoys his time with the nurses and dentist!! Which is a relief for this mom and her almost 3 year old!

~ Renee Blow 6/25/2015

Very accommodating and friendly.

~ Manuel Caballero 6/23/15

Outstanding service!!

There is seriously no place better than PlayHouse Dental!! We have two children ages 2 and 4 who are nervous about new things and gadgets. Our last visit with PlayHouse Dental threw all their uncertainties out the window! The staff walked us through the regular procedure of a general teeth cleaning and even let our 4 year old hold some of the equipment so that he could be involved with his check up. The staff didn’t push anything on either of our children and when they noticed they were getting a bit uneasy, they took breaks until he was up for the rest. At the end of the visit, after receiving their well known balloon parting gift, our 4 year old literally said “I love this place”, if that doesn’t explain PlayHouse Dental I don’t know what else can! My husband and I seriously wish they had more offices like this everywhere! We would recommend this place to any and everyone a million times over!

~ Gabriela Trejo 6/20/2015

Everyone is so awesome and caring.

~ Jamie Polubinski 6/17/2015

Great service and personal attention.

I love that fact that Dr. Hill comes out to the waiting room to personally discuss my child’s visit. My daughters have been seeing Dr. Hill for 13 years and we have always been pleased with the treatment and appreciative of the fact that preventative maintenance is a big topic and concern.

Dr. Hill’s response:  Thank you Gina for being such  a wonderful parent in our practice!  I am always aware of others in the waiting room, and whether our conversation might best be had in private.

~ Gina T. 6/16/2015

Excellent as always!  Very professional and informative.

~ Colette Nadeau 6/15/2015

Professional and friendly

Excellent dental experience for my daughter , she had a blast!

~ Elgin Light 6/10/2015

High quality service and very professional

I called due to my son having pain in his mouth, and we got in the very next morning and he even got his teeth cleaned because he was due.

~ Soni Tobey 6/10/2015

Excellent Staff

The staff are always friendly and courteous when we arrive. The check in process is hassle free. Dr. Stout is very knowledgeable and I always leave there knowing that any questions or concerns I have were addressed. I would highly recommend Playhouse Dental. We have never had a bad experience.

~ Natalie Fishburn 6/8/2015

Friendly and professional

Every appointment we have had they have been on time and ready to go. One time our regular dentist was going to be out and they called a couple days before the appointment to ask if we wanted to reschedule or keep the appointment. They are patient and very sweet with my daughter. She walks out of there happy and excited to go back.

~ Jennifer Hopper 6/8/2015

Terrible twos

I have always loved this office!! The nurses and doctor have always been great… Macy who is two… terrible two and they were great with her!

~ Amanda Arnold 5/28/2015

Friendly, helpful staff and great service!

From our initial phone call to the capping of teeth, everyone was friendly and helpful and went our of their way to help us get as much done as possible. We live on the South end of the island, so it’s an hour drive to get to their office. Everyone was thoughtful about that when we were scheduling and instead of just doing a consult, we were able to get not only full x-rays, but 2 teeth filled and one capped. Fabulous….saves us a tremendous amount of time and effort, expense and discomfort. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Sherryl Christie 5/26/2015

Great service!

I’ve taken my daughter there since she was 1 and they have always been awesome! They’re right on time, the dental assistants are extremely helpful and Dr. Hill is a lot of fun. She is very good at knowing how to make children feel at ease while she checks their teeth and providing tips on how parents can help keep their children’s teeth cleaned.  I recommend them anytime a friend needs their children’s teeth cleaned!

~ Micaela Deal 5/26/2015

Very helpful and quick with referral!

~ Cynthia Gilliland 5/26/2015

Clarissa was wonderful!

We were there today with our 3 year old little boy and he was introduced to the dentist “spaceship” chair, and all of the tools that will be used for cleanings. Clarissa was great allowing him to touch, turn on and off, and feel all the tools that will be used in future cleanings. Her time and care were greatly appreciated!!  And of course Dr. Stout is wonderful as well.

~ Danette Farmer 5/25/2015

Good Service.

~ Yadira Correa 5/21/2015

Always a great experience for the whole family

Everyone that works at Playhouse Dental is fun, professional, and helpful. They address our concerns. They make our children feel safe and welcome while educating them about dental health. The kids love going, the balloons are a great incentive! The only point of improvement would be to make sure the doctor has time to really address anxieties about future issues like orthodontics, missing teeth, etc. We love Playhouse Dental and everyone there who makes it so great!

~ Alicia Mann 5/19/2015

Dr. Hill’s response:  Thank you Alicia, for the kind words.  We are pleased that you and your family value the focus we put on oral health and well-being.  When it comes to growth and development, we love to share what we know… but often there is some uncertainty, and I have to share that as well.  Please know that I will be there to help you understand the miracle that is your child’s smile, as it develops and evolves.


Wonderful dentist

Everyone is very nice and caring! I had 3 happy kids and everyone helped in keeping them entertained.

~ Christina Kasner 5/13/2015

Positive experience for the first dental visit!

It was my 2 year olds first visit, it was a calm and welcoming environment for a little destructive person a 2 year old can be, when scraping at his teeth he got a little fussy, but the dentist started to sing to him and it made it alright, also I am teaching my son Spanish and the dentist was able to have a conversation with him and sing to him in Spanish.  At the end of the visit my son was so comfortable with her that he walked out of the office holding her hand to get his complementary balloon.  Love this place– I am so grateful my friend recommended them!!!

~ Adaiha Tanner 5/13/2015

Best bedside manner

My 4 yr old had to have his first filling today. We were both nervous going in. Everyone was so great. The techs were so awesome with him, gentle, soothing and so sweet. Dr. Stout explained everything he was going to do as he did it (in kid speak) so my little guy wasn’t scared. Best dental experience!

~ Cynthia Allen 5/11/2015

Perfect in every way

Every experience with Playhouse Dental has been perfect in every way. My kids actually look forward to going to the dentist because the staff are always so happy,  friendly and caring. Best pediatric dentist office we’ve found yet!

~ Rebecca Wilson 5/4/2015

Front desk very nice, dental care excellent, especially considerate to my special needs daughter.

~ C. Woods 5/2/2015

Everybody is always nice and professional. They make both children and parents comfortable while taking care of business.

~ Jennifer D. 5/1/2015

I just want to start off by saying that the reception staff and the hygienist were great and very welcoming. The dentist came in and just wasn’t very warm and seemed like she was late for something. She asked me if I had any questions but didn’t really give me a chance to answer and told me my 2 year old needed braces. Maybe she couldn’t read the concern in my response but she really wasn’t reassuring in any way. Also she gave my child a balloon after I told her he’s scared of them… All in all I think she spend about 5 minutes with my child and I felt very rushed.

~ Nicole R. 4/30/2015

Dr. Hill’s response:  Thank you so much, Nicole, for your feedback and I humbly apologize for the impact I had on your child’s visit. It saddens me that you and your child had this experience. Please call my cell number I left for you on your voicemail and I will be all ears to answer your questions and address your concerns.


Love Playhouse Dental!

Sealants done on my middle daughter today. She was in and out in less than 20 minutes with no issues!

My 3 year old had two fillings done today. I had to point out to the techs several times that she would have trouble breathing the Nitrous through her nose, but other than that, they did a great job of getting the job done quickly and with as little fuss as my daughter would allow.

~ Tara Febuary 4/28/2015

Awesome people!!!

Such an awesome experience for me and my kids! 5 stars all the way!!!

~ Amy Cruz 4/28/2015

Second successful visit!

The receptionist was friendly and helpful, no paper work this time. The assistant was very understanding and explaining everything to us and to Hanae. We just need to floss more often! We finish the visit with a balloon and a smile!! Thanks!

~ Imelda Zakimi 4/26/2015

Stress free and very professional!

Yusuke has an expander in his mouth and it was getting loose. They fix it and also they clean it and adjust it. They discover a cavity and they fix it too. They did all this work, which I thought it was going to be painful and stressful, in no time and in a very gentle, kind and understanding way. My son wasn’t scared at all. The assistant told us that he actually enjoyed the visit a lot and he wants to go back again soon! Thank you!

~ Imelda Zakimi 4/26/2015


This was our first visit to Playhouse Dental for routine x-rays and cleaning; we were impressed.  At first my children were (and I was) a bit nervous, but the warm, friendly atmosphere coupled with overt professionalism around every turn put their nerves and mine at ease. Clarissa and Dr. Hill were especially wonderful. We will certainly be back. Thank you!

~ Abi Tschetter 4/21/2015

Super awesome

Dr.Hill is awesome!!! The whole staff is perfect for kid environment. Been going there for years.

~ Alison Wells 4/16/2015

Excellent Service

I have been to several dentists on the island. Dr. Sarah Hill is fantastic!

~ Sarah Meyer 4/16/2015

Great appointment!

Felt like the dental assistant was a little pushy with my 4 year old. but DR stroud (Stout) is amazing great Dentist.

~ Christopher Hough 4.15.2015

Jackson loves going to the dentist because he thinks everyone is super nice which makes me as the mom happy.

~ Deborah Leavitt 4.13.2015

We can’t wait to go back!

We had such a wonderful experience at your clinic. My son can’t wait to come back!

~ Pam Longworth 4/10/2015

Great experience!

Great staff! Very caring and friendly!

~ Karen Conners 4/9/2015

Excelente atención!!!

Muchísimas gracias por todas sus atenciones y cuidado, mis hijos están felices y yo mas!! Muy contentos con el servício! La dentista explicó todo con xuidado y la asistente fue muy clara con las explicaciones.

~ Imelda Zakimi 4/9/2015


I’ve taken my children there twice so far, once for cleanings and filling the other time. Everyone that dealt with the kids were very calm and explained everything to them and made them comfortable. They are very welcoming with the parents who go back with their children as well. They make me wish I was a child again so I could be seen by them as well!

~ Mindi Cook 4/9/2015

All staff was wonderful! Dr. Stout was great with my 2yr old daughter, he was quick but patient and thorough. Thank you!

~ Chelsea Heiserman 4/6/2015

Dr. Stout was professional and caring

Dr. Stout listened carefully to my daughter’s concerns and respected her wishes. The assistants could be better attuned to the patients by refraining from personal conversations, talking over their patients.

~ Kirsten Bird 3/30/2015

Dr. Stout’s response:

Thank you so much for your comments. We are happy that your daughter felt respected and had a good experience. We are, however, sorry to hear that you felt the assistants were “talking over their patients”. We strive for a fun, interactive environment where patients come first. Our goal is to engage and include the children and teens to help create a comfortable environment. We take your feedback seriously and will use it to continue to improve our clinic.



As usual… We are welcomed and treated with compassion and true dental knowledge!!  We love you guys!  

~ George Bissitt 3/26/2015

A very caring staff and warm environment!

Thank you to the Playhouse Dental staff. I always know that my boys, Bastian and Jonah are in great hands with Dr Hill and her staff. We are happy to be with you!

~ Kelly Eubank 3/25/2015

So caring and comforting!

Even during difficult procedures the staff is especially sympathetic and caring to the patient! Love knowing that my kids are in such good care!! Thank you!

~ Heather Dickinson 3/24/2015

Love this place!

I have my 2 daughters come here for their dental care and we are pleased; everyone is friendly and my daughters are comfortable and come out happy.

~ Michael Aburto 3/23/2015

My daughter loves coming here to get her dental check-ups!

~ Barbara Baumann 3/19/2015

Great experience for both mom and son

The staff and dentists are so kind, professional and understanding. My son did wonderfully and can’t wait to go back.

~ Tanya Hunsaker 3/18/2015

Wonderful Place

Everyone we have encountered has been so friendly and welcoming. They explain everything to the kids and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

~ Molly Waldron 3/17/2015

IT was beyond great!

Thank you so much for making Brody and I both feel so comfortable during our visit! Looking forward to seeing you again in September!

~ Meggan Carrigg-Davidson 3/16/2015

Fantastic First Experience

I brought my four year old to Dr. Hill at Playhouse Dental for his first exam. There was no wait after paperwork and the staff was super friendly and knowledgeable. My son was excited and proud to show off his choppers. The exam and cleaning were thorough and I felt like the communication was excellent. I would most definitely recommend this to other parents.

~ Jess Pullen 3/13/2015

Second visit

I was afraid for awhile then you made me feel better. The only pain I had was the shot but after that I had none. Thank you.

Dr. Hill’s response:  When a 10 year old can do such a great job letting us know what she needs, and how we can help… it is a joy to help you through the hard moments. You are amazing!

~ A.W. 3/12/2015

Friendly and caring!!

My kids love their dentist Sarah Hill and all the staff. Everyone is very friendly and caring!

~ Lori Romer 3/11/2015

We got right in.  Everyone was very friendly and professional.  They work hard to make your child feel comfortable.

~ Charlie Klein 3/11/2015

The staff is very attentive & friendly. The wait is not very long. My son’s experience was very pleasant.

~ Denise Ramirez 3/9/2015

Fantastic experience.

I took my 4 yr old daughter here this past week and was so impressed with the office and staff. She was nervous and didnt know what to expect as it was going to be her first time at the dentist for something besides just checking her teeth were coming in fine. The staff were patient and explained and showed her everything resulting in her letting them do everything they needed to do including xrays. She was very excited she got to pick a new toothbrush, got a balloon and stickers and since she had no cavities got to be entered into a drawing. And then today in the mail she received a card and stickers!!!! Great dental office for kids!!! Highly recommend!!!!

~ Jennifer Davis 2/26/2015

Excellent experience!

We had a fabulous dental experience this morning at Playhouse Dental! No tears and no fears! This is a huge accomplishment for a 6 year old!

~ Heather Dickinson 2/24/2015

Great office!

Very thankful we were referred to an awesome pediatric dental office!!!  The staff is extremely helpful and friendly! Dr Hill was very thorough and took the time to explain everything to us.  She answered all our questions and was fabulous with our children.

~ Melissa Grass 2/19/2015

Love the care !!!!

Yet another time where my daughter’s experience to the dentist has been a good one, the way Dr. Hill calmly does the care is incredible; my daughter doesn’t fear the dentist.

~ Kayla C 2/10/2015

I am so happy that my coworker recommend this dental office. The office was so clean the staff was extremely nice and welcoming. I have 3 children. It was my son’s first time at the dentist, I was so nervous that he would give me a hard time and freak out. The staff was so patient and made him feel comfortable. He was well behaved and did way better then I had expected. The dentist explained each step and process that was going to be done to each of my children. I would recommend this dental office to anyone in the area looking for a dentist.

~ Desirae Castro 2/9/2015

Playhouse Dental Clinic provides wonderful service with a smile! While waiting for your child during his/her appointment, you can enjoy the music, surf the web, watch t.v. or peruse the magazines.

~ Melissa G. 2/9/2015

Everyone we have dealt with at this facility has been amazing. Dr. Stout is great with my one year old. I would recommend Playhouse Dental in a heartbeat!

~ Allyson Buttrey 2/9/2015

I thought the experience was great. I like that all of the new patient forms are done on a computer. My kids seemed to like it, and were very comfortable.

~ Mary Riese 2/5/2015

Very Helpful

My son ran into a pole and injured his mouth along with his front tooth. Dr. Hill was able to see him within an hour of the injury and let me know what to look for as the healing begins. I was extremely happy with the care that my son received at this appt.

~ Laura Dixon 2/4/2015

Fun-filled Children’s Dental

Playhouse Dental has covered their bases to make your child enjoys their appointment. Every waiting room has activities for kids to enjoy while they wait, along with quick and proficient service while children are in the dental chair. And the Speedy up-to-date technology makes the paperwork process painless.

~ Anne M. 2/3/2015

Great place for kids

Check in has always been pleasant with very welcoming receptionists. They always have a kids movie playing in the waiting room and there are lots of books and a few toys for the kids to play with in the waiting room.

Dr. Hill is great at getting my son to listen to her, especially when he was anxious and scared at his first visit (at around 4 years old). Since he was so anxious the first time, they only did part of the exam and had him come back another visit soon after so that he could warm up to the place and not increase his anxiety by forcing him to be still to complete the appointment. I completely understood and thought that was a great idea.

My son left with a sticker, balloon, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a big smile on his face. He is 5 now and still receives the same goody bag when he leaves each visit, which has been a great bribe to get him to go. He has to see several different specialists and so hates going to any doctor.

~ Rebecca P. 2/1/2015

They are the best pediatric dental place I have been to.  Everyone was very kid friendly, as one should be when working with children. Everything was explained in kid friendly terms so there were no surprises!!

~ Mindi Cook 1/30/2015

Ever since my granddaughter went to this clinic, it always is a pleasure. They keep her at ease all the time. She is not scared anymore not like where she used to go. They keep me informed on the next step that is needed to be done. I salute all the staff and specially to my granddaughter’s dentist, Dr. Sarah Hill…

~ Rose Graham 1/15/2015

Awesome!    The staff is the best around and service is wonderful! Always have a great visit for my kids!

~ Kristin D 1/14/2015

Best dentist ever!

Dr. Stout and Dr. Hill, as well as all the Playhouse Dental Staff are EXCELLENT! They make it so my kids are excited to go to the dentist. I tell everyone I know with little kids that Playhouse is the place to go. Thanks for being so great!

~ Sky Graham 1/14/2015

They were fabulous with my son. His experience was very good and he was super happy when we walked.

~ Audra Evans 1/13/2015

Great experience

We love doctor Hill and her staff!  Everyone is super nice and professional. Always makes sure that my kids are comfortable and safe.  I always get all my questions answered and receive great information.

~ Stacey Ruddy 1/13/2015

Friendly staff, GREAT with young kids (1 and 3 yrs old), prompt service, great communication and reminders about upcoming appointment.

~ Brittanie 1/7/2015

Amazing is what Dr. Hill is when it comes to dealing with my Autistic daughter. The noise is loud but Dr. Hill patiently led us to the quiet room and calmed my 11 yr old and all was well for the visit. I could not ask for a better place to take all my children.

~ Jennifer Jeffrey 1/5/2015

Wonderful staff and took time to speak with me about concerns.

~ Anonymous 1/2/2015

Your service is excellent and very accommodating and this regard I would like to thank you guys for such a wonderful services you did with my family.

~ Bruce 1/2/2015

You did great! I didn’t feel anything.

~ Bea (a patient) 12/30/2014

My daughter has been going to Playhouse Dental since she was a baby. Today was her first time to go back without me and get a cleaning on the big chair. She went back with her brothers and watched while they got their teeth cleaned. Then she was ready for her own turn. I love how her experience during each visit has been met with patience and flexibility. I also appreciate the time Dr. Hill has given me to support me in understanding what my children need to keep their teeth healthy. Everyone in the office has been friendly and helpful. Thank you all.

~ Vanessa 12/23/2014

Awesome as always!

~ Anonymous 12/22/2014

Wonderful with the kids and they really enjoy going!

~ Anonymous 12/19/2014

The staff and dentist were amazing! We are definitely bringing our 1 year old back for all her dental appointments. The only thing is that the filling out papers on their computer is not the easiest thing. I would recommend switching to iPads (maybe 2 so the wait time isn’t bad) or switching back to paper. Otherwise, the dentist is amazing and caring!

~ Anonymous 12/19/2014

Dr. Hill’s Response:  We can appreciate that completing paperwork can be a burden… Especially if you have more than one child!  For new patients, we encourage you to do this from home from the “forms” section of our website. Initially, tablets were not a viable option with our software, but your suggestion has prompted me to revisit the issue. Thank you!



I know that when I take my children to Playhouse Dental I can expect to be greeted by a friendly smile and seen promptly on time. My kids enjoy coming here because they know there is no need to fear the dentist when seen here. The staff does an excellent job of making sure my children are comfortable and at ease. I would highly recommended Playhouse dental and their entire staff to anyone looking for a pediatric dentist.

~ Natalie Fishburn 12/19/2014

I cannot say enough about this dental practice. We have always have a wonderful experience, and our kids really enjoying going. I highly recommended this office to everyone who has kids.

~ Chandra Chaffins 12/10/2014

Those Guys are AWESOME!!!

~ Angelo Allen 12/9/2014

I love that my girls feel comfortable coming here! Thank you for taking such good care of them!

~ Amy Bruce 12/9/2014

Wonderful with children… so fabulous and patient with them, and inviting!

~ Anonymous 12/9/2014

My daughter is always happy upon leaving. Thank you for making her feel so comfortable!

~ Kelly 11/26/2014

Such a super friendly, accommodating team at Playhouse Dental. Thank you for your consistent patience and for being flexible. I’m impressed and appreciative of the many ways you make each visit comfortable for my daughter.

~ Lindsey 11/25/2014

BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! My 4 year old felt did fantastic all by herself without Mommy in the room. The hygienist made her feel special and empowered her to aide in the entire experience. My daughter giggled throughout her entire cleaning, exam, and X-rays! She is begging to go back soon and “count her teeth” again with the Dentist!!! I love Playhouse Dental!!!!

~ Channell Frongillo 11/21/2014

My daughter was very happy. Said everyone was so nice. Looks forward to coming back.

~ Anonymous 11/19/2014

Couldn’t be happier with my experience at Playhouse. From reception to the dentists and hygienists everyone was friendly, efficient and especially kind and gentle to my timid little boy.

~ Nicole Bailey 11/18/2014

Playhouse dental is such a great place for kids. The environment is kid friendly. My daughter recently had some extractions and she sure is a strong girl. She came out like a trooper! As long as I’m living on the island, I will bring my children to Playhouse dental!

~ JG 11/11/2014

Playhouse is amazing my daughter and I love them. They are very professional and great with the kids.

~ Ashley 11/10/2014

My children ENJOYED their visit at your office! I love how you see them on the same day so we can take care of them all at once. Thank you!

~ Elise 11/10/2014

My child had to have 3 teeth pulled in preparation for braces someday. She is one of the potentially “difficult” patients. I really appreciated how the staff and nurses projected calmness and kindness. I love the “wiggle song” that Dr. Hill sings when the teeth come out. Even at the beginning of the appointment when filling out paperwork the staff referred to the procedure as “the wiggles” so it didn’t upset my child. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this!!! Thank you so much!! 

~ A tired mom 11/5/14

My daughter went back today for an extraction, sealant, and filling….BY HERSELF!! Thank you!

~ Anonymous 11/5/14

An absolutely wonderful experience! Our son was nervous about the first exam, and has been back twice more now without a complaint. We drive from Freeland for how good they really are if that says anything.

~ Anonymous 11/5/14

The nurses and doctors were wonderful. Great open environment that makes it comfortable for children. Great place for a first visit to the dentist. Definitely recommending for all my friends with children.

~ Miranda Sheffield 11/4/2014

First visit to this office and liked the whole experience. My son loved the staff and enjoyed his teeth being cleaned.

~ Mo 11/4/2014

There are coloring books, toys, and books to read as you wait for your appointment, and the staff is so great with my girls. They make sure to explain everything they are going to be doing, in plain English, in advance of the actual procedure, even going so far as to show them what each instrument is used for. They are very gentle, and kind. They make sure that I understand everything that is going on. They offer a mild sedative (nitrous oxide) when needed. There are balloons and stickers for after the procedure.

~ Anonymous 10/29/2014

My two teens have had excellent, professional service and on time appointments.

~ Anonymous 10/29/2014

With 6 boys this office is more than accommodating to get them in together making appts affordable. They take phenomenal care and address any and all fears, concerns, and cares. Great staff. Caring and courteous doctor.

~ Angela 10/25/2014

My kids absolutely love going here and that make me one happy mama, so thank you for doing such a great job. and my daughter just loves Keoni !!!

~ Anonymous 10/22/2014

Wonderful, kids are always happy to see the dentist.

~ Anonymous 10/21/2014

The staff was so patient with my son and very understanding. It was a very welcoming environment and we look forward to our next visit!

~ Jamie 10/9/2014

Every single person at this office handles my three young kids with compassion and care. They are patient and really take the time to make the little ones feel comfortable. Dr. Hill is equally amazing. I have never once felt rushed through an exam. She plays with my toddler before even looking at his mouth. We love Playhouse Dental!

~ Jessica 10/7/2014

Bugsy (Aiden) liked being at the dentist! That is the best review there is! So nice and so organized! Worth the commute from Langley.

~ Johnna 10/3/2014

Firstly, you are able to fill out the forms needed (registration, medical history, etc.) online and submit them; no need to be at your first appointment early – so convenient! Secondly, the staff are all extremely kind and accommodating, as well as knowledgeable. They explain everything in plain English, and are very patient with, well, their patients. We saw Dr. Hill, and she made sure to put our kids at ease, while explaining all they needed to know. A great visit – I only wish they took adult patients. 🙂

~ Anonymous 10/2/2014

Awesome staff!

~ Anonymous 10/2/2014

A very professional and friendly staff.

~ Anonymous 9/30/2014

Our visit was amazing. The staff is friendly and Dr. Stout made my little guy feel right at home. The hygiene team always takes a lot of time to explain everything to my kids so they aren’t so nervous. Our treatment plan was more than fair and I knew the doctor had our best interest at heart.

~ Laura Moriarty 9/29/14

All the staff, as well as Dr. Hill, are so cheerful and laid-back and easy-going with the kids. They all do such a great job making it fun and enjoyable for the kids so they love going to the dentist and are not afraid. Thank you!

~ Teresa 9/25/2014

Dr. Stout and his staff are very, VERY kind and patient with the patients and parents. We love coming back, even when the news isn’t great. Haha!

~ Anonymous 9/17/14

They did amazing with my daughter, she loved them.

~ Anonymous 9/15/14

I give Playhouse Dental a 5 star rating because I have never in 13 years had any issues. They have the most wonderful staff: always courteous, always friendly, and always eager to help.  I just want to say thank you to all of you at the dental office.  My children are far better off now because of your help.

~ JG 9/9/14

My son absolutely loves going to the dentist here. They make it quick and painless for everyone and truly are there for the kids. From the setup of the office to the staff everything is geared for making the dentist an enjoyable experience.

~ Allison 9/5/14

Dr. Stout has been helpful and encouraging. Although he is very busy, he always takes time to get to know his patients. He got us in right away for an after-hours dental emergency.

~ Anonymous 9/4/14

Our visit to Playhouse Dental was great. Everyone was so friendly and helped the experience be fun for my two little boys. They both came home excited about brushing their teeth, which has not been the case in the past. I would highly recommend Playhouse Dental!

~ bf 8/31/14

Everyone is always friendly and wonderful with our kids! Great dentists!

~ Anonymous 8/27/14

My kids like going to the dentist because the staff makes it an enjoyable experience. I would recommend Dr. Hill to any parent seeking an excellent dentist for their children.

~ Sarah Bowman 8/26/14

Love this dentist office; staff are great and dentists are fabulous!

~ Nicole 8/24/14

You guys did a wonderful job! I couldn’t be more pleased! Johnny and Kenny really liked it as well! 🙂

~ Anna J. 8/21/14

The best nurses in the world and the best dentist. My kid refuses to go to another dentist ever and she has only been there twice!

~ Natasha Sesera 8/17/14

My two girls had a great experience today! They were somewhat nervous but the staff helped them through it and all went very well. Even my 3 year old loved it and wanted her teeth brushed more!

~ Anonymous 8/11/14

So good with both my kids. They answer all my questions and make it enjoyable for the little ones!

~ Anonymous 8/5/14

From calling to schedule my daughter’s first appointment to every office employee we encountered during her visit, Playhouse Dental could not have been better. I’m very grateful for the kid-focused care Playhouse Dental provides and for the patience they showed my four year old who was both curious and uncertain about having her teeth examined and cleaned. Ariel was understanding and accommodating (even going so far as to brush the teeth on the unicorn my daughter was holding first) and really put my daughter at ease. Dr. Stout was so kind and gentle and related to my daughter so well. No one rushed us and I left feeling very clear and in agreement with the plan going forward. I kind of wish I could be a patient at Playhouse Dental….

~ Lindsey 8/4/2014

I thought they did a wonderful job of checking out my daughter’s teeth. They were patient, kind and understanding when my daughter was a little afraid. Also, the wait wasn’t bad, we got to enjoy a movie in the waiting area and I think that made my daughter feel more comfortable. I will continue to bring my daughter there and refer you guys out to friends!!

~ Anonymous 7/27/14

This is absolutely the most wonderful pediatric dentist ever and we have been to quite a few in different cities all over! My son had overlapping front teeth and has just been dealt a rough card with his baby teeth (hoping his adult teeth will be better with some orthodontic love). He had to have 4 shots on 4 separate occasions and he doesn’t even know he had 1. He is still happy to go the dentist so I know these gals are really really good he hates shots! She makes my 2 year old laugh when he is past due for a nap and normally that alone makes him a very unwilling participant.  I cannot recommend Dr. Hill enough! You are in great great hands!

~ Melinda 7/25/14


~ Linet Ramos Jimenez 7/24/14

Going to the dentist is never fun. Playhouse Dental always fits in my 3 boys at the same time so they start and finish together. This is so helpful! Staff is gentle, caring and puts a fun twist on going to the dentist. Tools that could be scary to kids they let my boys touch and try on their finger first. My youngest called one tool a tiny fire hose. Next thing she did was show him that’s exactly what it was. Very impressed by staff. Thank you!!

~ Anonymous 7/23/14

Our nurse was very sweet to my daughter. She explained everything to my kid before she did anything.

~ Natasha Sesera 7/23/14

My son is almost 4 and this was my first time taking him to the dentist. I was so anxious that it would go terribly since I waited so long. It was an incredible experience. Both the hygienist and the doctor were SO good with him. He had a blast and didn’t want to leave.

~ AJR 7/22/14

This is the absolute best dental care for children. They are extremely responsive to the needs of a child and know how to ease their worries.

~ mm 7/21/14

The level of service at Playhouse was great. I like that everyone was child friendly and made my kids feel comfortable.

~ Anonymous 7/16/14

You guys are the best, as usual, thank you!

~ Anonymous 7/16/14

My son had two teeth extracted. The hygienists who worked with him were incredibly patient and very skilled handling his fear. The dentist was amazing as well.

~ Matt 7/10/14

In addition to filling a small cavity in my daughter’s front teeth, Dr. Hill fixed a scarred tooth she had from a fall when she was a toddler. The tooth was a dark, orangish color. Dr. Hill and her assistants painted an enamel color over the scar that really matches the rest of her teeth. Her smile is so much brighter and healthier now! As always, the staff were friendly and communicative. Thank you!

~ Anonymous 7/9/14

Dr. Stout was professional during my son’s care to have two teeth extracted. I appreciated that he and the hygienist were caring toward him during this procedure.

~ Anonymous 7/7/14

Staff was great and friendly!! Would recommend them to everyone.

~ Karen G. 7/3/14

Both of my girls do not like going to the dentist (Surprising, I know), but every time they leave Dr. Hill’s office they say “it wasn’t so bad.” It is good to know they are so well taken care of while they are there.

~ Jason McFadyen 7/3/14

Caleb did wonderful, thanks to the dental technicians they are AWESOME!! They talked him through everything and went at his pace as he has autism and this can be a very scary time as for ant child .  I want to thank them again for making his experience a good one.

~ Donna 7/2/14

They take the time to make sure my children are comfortable and calm. They are very kind and informative.

~ Rebekah 7/1/14

Awesome staff and Awesome Dr. Hill….

~ Jennifer 7/1/14

The atmosphere was calm and happy. The staff was very cheerful and made my sons experience very fun.

~ Melodee 7/1/14

Every visit is great! Dr. Stout is great with my daughter. He never talks down to me or my daughter. He is helpful, kind, and very good at his job. I would recommend him to everyone.

~ Anonymous 6/30/14

Dr. Hill and her staff have been wonderful with all 4 of my children. She has done excellent work with my boys (12, 7) and my girls (7, 10 months). They have had to help my oldest daughter by having her come back multiple times for one procedure. My 10 month old had her first visit and it was fantastic and insightful!

~ S.W. 6/30/14

The staff and medical team are very friendly, kind, and patient!!! I know my girls are taken care of with gentleness and compassion and I would never take them anywhere else! Good job team!

~ Mindy Ashmore 6/30/14

Very friendly and helpful staff. You were amazing with my two year old for his first trip.

~ Anonymous 6/28/14

Very professional and knowledgeable staff and doctor. Great with kids and helping them thru their anxieties. I appreciate the kid friendly environment and personal, down to earth service.

~ Cliff 6/28/14

My kids left with huge smiles! The staff is warm and friendly and Dr. Hill is absolutely amazing. She goes above and beyond to make sure my little ones feel safe and comfortable during an experience that can seem a bit scary for some. She also gave me some creative ideas to help my toddler be more cooperative about brushing. Thank you!

~ Marie Holloman 6/27/14

Dr. Hill and her staff are absolutely superb. They all know how to work with small children to make early dental visits as good an experience as possible. In addition to the great everyday work they do with regular office visits, they are very responsive when there’s an urgent problem. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

~ KLH 6/25/14

Everyone in the office is always smiling and cheerful, making me feel welcome. You can tell they truly care about your child and encourage them to take good care of their teeth.

~ Rose Abrahamse 6/25/14

Have been coming here for 15 years. Love Dr Hill and all her staff.

~ Nerell Edwards 6/24/14

Clean facility, neat lobby, and fantastic staffs, also like the way they treat the patient then gives them things they need to manage their teeth.

~ Manuel Caballero 6/18/14

Always friendly, and kid oriented. Everything is explained to parents, then to the child in terms they can relate to. Dr. Hill is amazing! So are all the other staff.

~ Mom of 3 6/18/14

Thanks to all the staff at Playhouse dentist for a great dental experience for my 4 year old son. His procedure ended with a crown, and despite his nervousness he listened and followed the staff’s directions. Making for a very successful visit. (So much so he is asking when we can go back). Special thanks to Kate, Ariel and Dr Hill.

~ Anonymous 6/18/14

My autistic daughter’s procedure was horrendous. She needed a a tooth extracted, and Dr. Hill and her staff were as gentle and understanding as much as they could be to do what they had to do. I will return for any other dental work that is necessary. Ariel and her co-worker were kind, gentle, and soothing while prepping her for the procedure and Dr. Hill was as quick as possible. My daughter is now feeling fine, and hardly missing the tooth.

~ Judy B 6/18/14

I have been coming since before teeth. I like the balloons when done! I like that they are nice to you. I like that you get to play in the playroom/games while waiting your turn.

~ Anonymous Child 6/17/14

We had a fantastic experience. The entire staff was pleasant and made my daughter feel comfortable. This is the best dentist on Whidbey!

~ Shannon Miller 6/17/14

I appreciate that Dr. Hill was able to make time to call me and let me know how all my kids were doing with their dental habits. With two older teenagers it is easier for them to drive themselves, but we still want to be involved in their check-ups.

Dr. Hill responds:  I wish I was ALWAYS able to make those calls and talk with every parent.  If you EVER have questions/concerns about your child(ren)’s visit, please don’t hesitate to call or email!

~ Lori Sutfin-Reafs 6/14/14

Dr. Hill is the best. All of the recent office improvements are appreciated too. My girls truly listen to Dr. Hill’s dental advice!

~ Gina T 6/11/14

Courteous, helpful staff. Thank you, for your services.

~ Anonymous 6/9/14

Thank you for your thorough care of my children’s oral health.

~ Dawn 6/7/14

Great staff and visit for my two year old.

~ Anonymous 6/6/14

Professional, courteous, extremely kid friendly. She loves going there. Thank you for making it easy and a good experience.

~ April Fairbanks 6/4/14

So great with my 2 year old. Can’t wait for the next visit !!!

~ Krystal Higbee 6/4/14

Finally a dentist who understands me! Excellent staff!

~ Anonymous 5/29/14

Everyone was great at Playhouse Dental; professional staff took the time to listen to both my son and myself. And the dentist herself was a lovely lady who sat and spoke to me for a few minutes to also get a feel for any issues my son had. I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone with kids. From the fun toys in the waiting room , the dentist singing as she checked teeth, to the balloon on the way out; great atmosphere and great people.

~ Roz 5/29/14

Love it! Very knowledgable staff! Excellent experience.

~ Anonymous 5/29/14

My daughter had to have a tooth pulled. She received excellent care and felt comfortable during the process. I have confidence in the staff. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because my daughter had a dental cleaning 3 weeks ago where it was determined that she needed the tooth extracted. We were then informed that we had to come back to have it done because they don’t do those procedures in the afternoon. I would have much rather preferred to have the extraction done while we were already there. Other than that we have always received great care.

~ Anonymous 5/29/14

Dr. Hill’s response:

We appreciate that it is sometimes hard to find time for dental appointments.  When possible, we are happy to add in treatment after your child’s cleaning.  Part of that decision is your own child’s psychological readiness, as well as honoring other children’s appointment times.  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the feedback.


I love the staff. They are so friendly and my kids look forward to coming back.

~ Jessica 5/28/14

Great friendly personnel headed by wonderful Dr Sarah Hill!

~ Anonymous 5/28/14

All the Employees greet you with a smile and the Dentist is great with my son. He enjoys every visit!

~ Tiersha 5/21/14

Wonderful care and attention to my little 2 year old! Thank you!

~ Anonymous 5/20/14

Our first time at Playhouse Dental was super. The staff did a great job greeting us and helping my child feel comfortable. They were thorough and made sure they answered all of my questions. Excellent visit!

~ Anonymous 5/19/14

Very professional and pleasant.  They explain everything they are doing , and always ask if you have any questions or concerns We are very happy with the service we receive at the clinic.

~ Anonymous 5/15/14

I love the ladies at playhouse…always friendly and an overall good place for my kids.

~ Anonymous 5/15/14

Friendly, courteous staff. They were shorthanded due to an absence of one of the staff. They went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

~ Anonymous 5/14/14

Dr. Stout is amazing. He is always very nice and treats my daughter so kindly. He is very gentle and very respectful. We have always had a great experience.

~ Jennifer 5/7/14

Great Service!

~ Anonymous 5/2/14

Wonderful as always. Dr Hill and her staff do a fantastic job of working with my children of all ages.

~ Anonymous 4/29/14

You know something is right when your kids are excited to go see the dentist. I appreciate all of the staff; they are all so very polite and great with my kids. I have a 2 and 6 year old and it has always been a pleasant visit. Thank you for taking such good care of my kids.

~ Megan R 4/24/14

The Playhouse Dental Clinic is by far the best dental office to bring your children. The Dr does an exceptional job with her little patients; she’s perfect & all staff is great.

~ Yvonne Sayer 4/22/14

My two nervous daughters continue to have positive experiences with the kind staff at Playhouse dental.  Each time we’ve gone I see an improvement from the last. This is what I was hoping for.  Thank you!

~ Ruth 4/17/14

When the pain medication (local anesthetic) wore off, they immediately stopped and gave him more so he wouldn’t feel the drilling. We greatly appreciate your services!!

~ Anonymous 4/16/14

They provide an environment that is safe and comfortable for my son. He never is scared or apprehensive about going to the dentist. He always goes in with a smile and come out with a smile, or half a smile if his face is numb.  😀

~ Karlyne Larson 4/15/14

Dr. Sarah is an amazing dentist and her assistants are phenomenal.

~ Anonymous 4/11/14

Everyone was incredibly professional and great with kids. My son is not the easiest patient and everyone involved was very patient with him.

~ Matt 4/10/14

We had a fabulous experience at Playhouse Dental with Dr. Hill. The entire staff was so friendly and welcoming. One daughter is very enthusiastic and she had a blast, giggling and being responsible with her “equipment”. My other more apprehensive one did great too, with lots of patient, understanding, non-threatening support. We highly recommend this office!

~ Val 4/10/14

The dentist was rude to the assistant and to my child—the assistant was very helpful, concise and realized that the black dot on my child’s tooth was not something that needed to be drilled but simply watched while the dentist insisted that it was a full blown cavity. The dot in question has been there for years and has not changed—I applaud the assistant for taking a stand—I feel that the Kulshan philosophy is to make as much money off of the “under-privileged clients” as possible–I have never heard of so many cavities and “necessary” tooth extractions as sitting in the waiting room of either Kulshan office—I feel that the pressure is on to turn a profit and am frankly disgusted and will look into other options for dental care.

~ Cecilie Miller 4/10/14

Dr. Hill’s response:

Cecilie,  Thank you for sharing your concern about our motivation concerning treatment planning. Your daughter appears to have large “arrested decay” underneath sealants on three of her permanent molars.  After discussing the options, at your discretion we opted to  continue to monitor it.

I may have offended you and “R”, when I clarified that it isn’t “just a dot” on her tooth. In fact, there is a large black hole underneath the surface that is visible on the radiograph and through the enamel. My duty is to inform you of your daughter’s oral health status, and to partner with you in helping her achieve a healthy smile for her lifetime.

I understand that we cannot please everyone, and we wish you the best in your search for other dental care options for your child.


My son loves going here.. The dentists and staff are great. They make him feel comfortable and at ease. He hasn’t had a bad experience.. He gets excited when he finds out he is going to see the dentist.

~ Dionne Taylor 4/10/14

My daughter always looks forward to going to the dentist, yes I said she looks forward to going! The staff is all super friendly from the moment you step into the building until you step back out. Fast, efficient, and undeniable care for each patient.

~ Anonymous 4/8/14

We had a very good experience today. It was Sophia’s first ever dental check-up and I was nervous that she would be scared and uncooperative, but she did great and most of that was because the staff was so friendly and gentle with her. I appreciate all of the good advice and the plan for future care. We look forward to future visits.

~ Clarice O’Brien 4/7/14

I asked Bethany what her favorite part of her first appointment with Playhouse Dental and Dr Hill was. She told me it was when the Dr played Jingle bells on her teeth. I asked her what the worst part was and she said there wasn’t any!

~ Beth 4/3/14

Our granddaughter’s special needs were acknowledged and handled well – I felt they has taken time to review her chart and were prepared everyone was thoughtful and professional.

~ ARJ 4/1/14

My son (3) felt so comfortable and did everything the doctor and tech asked. Now he’s telling everyone he went to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned. It is awesome that they show the kids all the tools and let them touch and play with them before just sticking them in their mouth. I am really impressed how well the staff connects with young children.

~ Andrea 4/1/14

Thank you again….To Dr. Stout & his staff!!! My children are always looking forward to their dental visits!!! 🙂

~ Monica Bolden 3/31/14

Both my boys loves it there.I recommend it! Very nice staff.

~ Anonymous 3/29/14

Thank you for your help today. Everyone in the office was very friendly and you all worked together to make a potentially traumatic experience go very smoothly.

~ Anonymous 3/26/14

It was my sons first visit to a dentist. (15months) and I had some concerns about his teeth and how they were looking. We were greeted promptly upon arrival. They helped my husband go through everything he needed to fill out. Then we went back in a room and discussed our concerns and what to do in regards to being able to brush his teeth. Dr.Hill was fantastic with my son. She made my husband and I be at ease that his teeth would be fine as well as she did some awesome little tricks that had my son engaged and laughing so he was scared when she had to start playing with his teeth.

~ Anonymous 3/25/14

The office staff are nice and professional. The assistants are kind and very effective. The dentists are great and willing to answer any questions.

~ Anonymous 3/24/14

The positive caring attitude of all of the staff has made my daughter’s visits something she looks forward to as opposed to something she fears. Thanks for being so patient with her. 

~ Clark Fields 3/24/14

Everyone and everything was wonderful as always!

~ Kristi Lang 3/22/14

All 3 of my kids love going to the dentist because of Playhouse Dental!

~ Jennifer 3/18/14

This is the third pediatric dentist we’ve been to, and by far the very best. The staff are so friendly, helpful, respectful, and thorough. I’ve never felt rushed, and Dr. Hill seems to genuinely care about every patient. They’re fantastic with kids, and I feel like my kids are getting the very best care possible. Really just a great group of people!

~ Anonymous 3/18/14

I really like how easy it is to make appts and get all of my children seen at the same time. Plus, the kids enjoy going to the dentist. This takes a lot of stress out of it.

~ Anonymous 3/13/14

My kids absolutely LOVE coming to you guys! You’re all so nurturing, gentle, kind, and caring. Plus, they get to play video games!  Thank you!

~ Romany 3/11/14

The whole staff is so wonderful with my boys. “O” was nervous but his hygienist was so comforting and has a great chair side manner! Of course Dr Stout is so great with the kids too. “T” was so scared but everyone was very patient and tried to comfort him the best they could.

~ Anonymous 3/11/14

Very great staff. Great with my daughter and explained everything in detail to me. Very friendly and caring!

~ Anonymous 3/7/14

My daughter left the office about an hour ago, and hasn’t stopped talking about her new friends and her new toothbrush. Every member of the staff we met was sweet and made her feel so confortable. She’s looking forward to going back so much that I had to explain that she can’t go back tomorrow!

~ Nikko 3/7/14

Our visit to Playhouse Dentist are always great. Today I called to see if I could get an appt. for my 9 year old who had been having tooth pain for several days. You had a 4 pm appt which was great and were able to take care of the tooth, or teeth as it were. I’m sure it kept you all a little later then closing too since we were the last ones there. We are always treated with kindness, respect, and honesty. Thank you all.

~ Mary Jones 2/25/14

I have been bringing my two children here since they were both toddlers. The care provided is consistently kind and the knowledge is complete. The staff have always treated us with much respect, and the best care. Over the past year, we see the positive changes to the office and the children genuinly enjoy their visits. If they come in a little anxious…the staff puts them at ease. We are glad to call Playhouse Dental our “home.”

~ Anonymous 2/25/14

As always, Playhouse Dental rocks. My 3 kids, age 7, 6, and 4 have required extensive dental work in the past, so were apprehensive about the visit even though it was only a checkup. The staff, everyone, including Dr. Hill, put them at ease and got them so excited about the “No Cavities Tree.” In addition they helped upgrade brushing techniques & helped kids know why it is so important. Love them all.

~ Langley Mom 2/22/14

I love Playhouse Dental Clinic! My 3 boys are relaxed & NOT nervous about visiting the dentist whenever  we go. The staff is ALWAYS professional & very courteous. Dr. Hill & her staff are the best. I am grateful to be able to take my children to such a wonderful dentist! Thank you Playhouse Dental! 

~ Samantha Jo 2/22/14

Today was my 23 month old son’s FIRST dental visit. There isn’t much to a first time visit for a child that young–so I don’t have much experience to rate on–but I will happily say we are EXCITED to let our son’s baby teeth be cared for at Playhouse Dental Clinic. Dr. Hill was excellent–and the staff was very friendly. Our son felt right at home. We will see you again in 6 months! Thank you!

~ Anonymous 2/21/14

I am so happy I made the decision to switch from a non-pediatric dentist to Playhouse Dental! Everyone is so friendly, and good with the kids. They really seem to like each other and like what they do, which is really nice. The new ownership has made it an even happier place to be. I tell all my friends to take their kids to Playhouse Dental.

~ Coupeville Mom 2/21/14

Dr. Hill is the best with the kids. Staff and nurses are always so friendly and ready to help!

~ Anonymous 02/20/14

This is my son’s second time at Playhouse Dental and we are very happy to have found this office! He is 4 and extremely shy but feels very comfortable during his visits. The staff is patient with him and takes their time explaining to him what they are doing. Thank you to everyone for making our experience a positive one!

~ Kayla Coleman 2/17/14

My kids and I love Playhouse Dental. All of the assistants and hygienists are so skilled at making my kids feel comfortable, they have a system that you have to see to believe that takes the drama out of the kids dentist. All three of my kids love going to the dentist, there are never tears involved.

Dr. Hill is the best dentist I have ever worked with, takes excellent care of the kids teeth, communicates with me like I am a family member and has a calming friendly attitude. Appointments are easy to make or change and they even fit us in for short notice emergency appointments. Thank you PDC for taking such great care of my family!

~ Mrs. T 2/14/14

Great office and office staff-my son loves to go into the back-even when he was done with his visit-he wanted to be in the back playing with the game and staff.  🙂              Staff is super friendly-and professional. Love the new chairs and tv in the waiting room…It would be nice to have coffee/tea for mom’s and dad’s! My 5 kids have been going to this office for years and enjoy each visit!

(Dr. Hill’s response:  Thanks Jessica!  While we encourage you to bring the beverage of your choice to enjoy while you wait, for the safety of the children who are often playing in the waiting room, we must forego the possibility of providing  a beverage station.)

~ Jessica Voshall 2/12/14

We love it here! Everyone made my 3 & 5 year old very comfortable. So nice not to have to fight them to go to the dentist because they are scared. Awesome!

~ Anonymous 2/12/14

Everytime is a great experience!!! You make my kids feel so comfortable! So thankful for you all:)

~ Megan 2/10/14

All my kids go or have gone to the whidbey playhouse dental clinic throughout their preteen years and we have had nothing but excellence, professionalism and kindness from our dentists and their assistants.  They really care about their patients!  They make sure we the parents know exactly what work they performed during the visit prior to leaving. The staff is so gentle and kind that my son looks forward to going to see “his” dentist…even after a scary visit where he had multiple extractions and shots..i was/am very impressed. They are a special group of people that obviously love what they do.

~ judy harrison 2/7/14

You bring out the brave in our son and keep fear out of dental work on kids! He is happy to go to the dentist every time.

~ Melinda Howard 2/4/14

As always a professional enviroment, where everyone is respectful and understanding even when I come in with 3 children under 4. I want to point out also they always try to make cleanings for all 3 children together so we dont have a lot of extra appointments also. My oldest always has a smile on her face when leaving and the fact that they give them a balloon always helps.

~ Adrienne Kallstrom 1/21/14

My kids love going to the dentist! They will talk about their dentist visit for days, even if they have cavities filled.

~ Anonymous 1/20/14

Thank you so much for the awesome work with my daughter. With her autism it can be a bit much. She has always had a great experience.

~ Anonymous 1/20/14

I love how caring the staff is toward the children. The kids don’t get scared they actually love coming and I love the knowledge we have gained to help improve teeth hygiene.

~ Melissa Mullins 1/13/14

My kids all love Playhouse Dental – I recommend them to everyone. The staff are great! Even my 16-month old had fun and was made comfortable during her cleaning.

~ Anonymous 1/4/14

I always disliked going to the dentist as a kid, and it is such a pleasure to have kids that look forward to it, thanks to the wonderful care of Dr. Hill and her staff!  My seven year old has been asking for weeks about when he gets to go back again! Thank you Dr. Hill!

~ Reyna 8/22/13

“Driving my child with special needs to your office has been well worth the travel time.  I especially appreciate your willingness to address my fears as a parent, (making sure I’m comfortable with all the procedures before going forth.)  No other dental provider has been able to meet my child’s needs as well as Dr. Hill and her staff.  Thank you for making going to the dentist fun!”

~ Amanda Sloan 1/1/13

Many of us grew up in an era where the dentist office was designed for adults – with little thought to how scary the whole environment could be for kids. What a wonderful change Playhouse Dental Clinic has brought to pediatric dentistry! It’s warm and welcoming – everyone there absolutely loves working with children, and the entire space is designed with a ‘kid-friendly’ philosophy. Sure, kids can still be frightened at the dentist … but the team at Playhouse will work diligently to build trust and confidence in even the most timid child. Simply put – the Playhouse team Rocks!

~ Janet Gifford 1/17/13

“Hi Dr. Hill: Wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thank you for taking good care of our little man at the hospital. He woke up yesterday after the procedure, and though he was certainly a bit crabby, he calmed down after about 5-10 minutes. After an hour’s nap they removed the IV and released us. He slept for another few hours, and then ate like there was no tomorrow; today he’s running around playing like he always does.”

~ Adrian Santangelo 12/27/12