I started bringing my son into Dr. Hill and Dr. Stout about one year ago. It was just before his first birthday, and he already had a decent number of teeth. Dr Hill was absolutely amazing with us on his first visit. Today was my sons 2 year appt and we saw Dr. Stout. Dr Stout was also amazing. We’d seen him once, in between the 1 and 2 year appts, for general questions. They are so amazing with the kiddos there, it really is so comforting to know that his first experiences with a dentist are all positive.

~Jennifer Thomas, 8/22/18, 5/5
Best dentist in Oak Harbor!

~Kyle Young, 8/21/18
We’ve been seeing Dr. Stout for years. He is so wonderful in thoroughly explaining anything that is going on, how we can better things and anything that may potentially need to be taken care of in the future. My 2 year old actually looks forward to going to the dentist because it’s such a fun, positive environment, and he gets to watch big sis go first and observe all of the fun, tickle tools. Our family highly recommends Playhouse Dental to anyone with kids of any age, that is looking for an office with kind, friendly and outgoing staff, where you’ll always feel welcomed.

~Jayme Sitko, 8/21/18, 5/5
good experience for our first time, all the staff nice my son felt very comfortable and happy

~Luz Ruiz, 8/21/18, 4/5
Always great with my son. Friendly and helpful staff

~Tami Davis, 8/20/18, 5/5
Great place. Awesome staff!!

~Destiny Holliday, 8/19/18, 5/5
It our first visit to the dentist and the experience was wonderful. They explained everything about how they like to make the children comfortable. It was fun visit which is a great way to start any visit with the dentist.

~Yanina Fowells, 8/17/18, 5/5
Great full to have a kids dental place in our small town. Great dentist and staff always friendly and caring with our kids.

~Bobby La Rue, 8/16/18, 5/5
Prior to switching to playhouse dental my 2 older ones were nervous about the dentist. The staff at playhouse dental made them feel at ease and now they love going to the dentist!!! Definitely recommend

~Nicole C., 8/15/18, 5/5
Love love love this place. My son loves going to the dentist because of the caring and gentle staff here. Totally worth the drive to Anacortes.

~Danielle Riley, 8/15/18, 5/5
They are very professional and nice. The office is very clean and the sitting area has cool things to do!

~Ada Moseley, 8/15/18, 4/5
Our visit was awesome. My son was a little hard to work with but the dental assistant was able to accommodate him and making it a fun experience for him. Dr.Hill was awesome. They don’t just call them and start working on there teeth, they build a little bond beforehand and I LOVE IT. Definitely a fun environment for kids. After having a bad encounter with our previous dentist, I decided to come here and they did not fail!! Thank you so much ladies.

~Prescilla Orozco, 8/15/18, 5/5
Dr Hill is so patient with my kids. I just love her!

~Luanne Ferrell, 8/12/18, 5/5
All four of my kids have been going here since we moved here in 2015. The staff there has always been kind, my children love it there. My best overall experience was during an emergency. My son fell and broke his front tooth, I called playhouse Dental, left them a message to notify them of the situation. I received a call back very quickly, the receptionist was very kind and scheduled my son in a few hours later. When I went in i was told my son needed his tooth pulled and I was so scared for him but I knew it needed to be done. The staff was amazing! They were so kind, patient, and the dentist was very quick to do the job. I wanted to burst into tears and hug all of them and say thank you for making such a horrible experience a good one. I hope God blesses all the people who work here, and continues to bring them lots of people. I highly recommend this place to anyone with little ones! They are the best, you can trust they will get the job done the right way.

~Nancy A. Smith, 8/10/18, 5/5
My daughter had her first visit and it was amazing. They were so kind to her and made it painless! Excellent service!

~Miranda Boon, 8/10/18, 5/5
Every visit to the Oak Harbor, Play House is great a no pain zone.

~Mary S Higley, 8/9/18, 5/5
This place is amazing. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The facility is clean and very kid friendly. Dentist always walks us through what he’s going to do and you can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. Glad we found this dental office to take our son to.

~Emmylou Paden, 8/6/18, 5/5
OMG why can’t I be a patient here!?! Had an appointment for one of my twins who has a cavity and they were able to fit in his sister for an exam! Now we have a full game plan for both kiddos to have a healthy smile. From the phone call to make the appointment until we left with balloons in hand it was a wonderful experience! Thank you! Thank you!

~Stephanie Gonzalez, 8/6/18, 5/5
Very friendly staff! We’ve been going to the Oak Harbor location for over 30 years, 2 generations! My 17 year old was upset when she aged out of Playhouse Dental, no one has been quite as gentle as them. We are lucky enough continue on with my 19 month old, and she has proven to be quite comfortable there.

~Jolene Pincin, 8/5/18, 5/5
My son recently had his very first dentist apt at another location a week prior to going to Playhouse. All I have to say is his first visit at playhouse was NOTHING like the his first visit to the other place! He didn’t cry once he had a fun time with the dr and all the nurses while they played games to get my to check his teeth my 3 year old didn’t even realize he was at the dentist! My son doesn’t go with people he doesn’t know but had no problem with the staff there! By the end of the apt my boyfriend could have left without my son knowing he was gone because he was having a good time with the staff. My boyfriend said he didn’t feel like he was getting yelled at this time or being told how bad of a parent he was! Instead he was getting recommendations of alternative ways to help our 3 year old! All I want to say is I DO NOT regret scheduling my sons apt to playhouse. I am so thankful I did and my son is excited to go back!

~Skye Fodor, 7/27/18, 5/5
You guys always take good care of my grandkids I was very impressed how you took good care of my granddaughter Aspen and made her feel comfortable in her dental experience thank you very much

~Daelene Lance, 7/27/18, 5/5
Playhouse Dental is awesome. Dr. Hill is very knowledgeable and her staff is friendly, helpful, and nice.

~Bre Gaines, 7/25/18, 5/5
They are very personable and caring. Very good with kids. Dr. Stout is awesome. I’ve never had a bad experience. Always informative.

~Stephanie Whisenant, 7/24/18, 5/5
We had a great experience! The staff were so awesome with helping my D as fuhrer feel comfortable.

~Lorlei Medina, 7/23/18, 5/5
Excellent job whit the children’s.

~Stacy A., 7/23/18
Dr. Hills and her staff have been wonderful for the many years my children have gone to her. She allowed one of my children to return the next day when they were refusing tonget the cleaning done. Recently my 4 year old was willing to get her teeth cleaned, xrayed and able to get her wiggle dealt with within an efficient time. I honestly expected longer time & being called back to calm her.

~Summer, 7/23/18, 5/5
The best pediatric dentist. I’ve referred several people here and they all leave happy too. All the staff is great and Dr Hill is amazing with my daughter!

~Christen Price, 7/22/18, 5/5
Thank you so much for another great experience!!!

~Koa G., 7/18/18
Best experience I could have imagined. Dr hill was beyond amazing as well as everyone else we encountered. I raved about them for hours after the appointment. We had just over a 30 min drive and I would drive 2 hours if I had to just to go back. I can’t say enough good things!

~Abby F., 7/18/18, 5/5
We used to travel to Oak Harbor or Mt Vernon to see a pediatric dentist, so it is wonderful to have one in Anacortes now. Kids are treated great and they provide great tips for parents each time we visit.

~Judith Baker, 7/17/18, 5/5

My Kids loved going here. They keep asking when they can go back. Everyone was so helpful and nice and made my kiddos feel very welcome and comfortable.

~Kristin Fuhr, 7/16/18, 5/5

My wife was very specific that my daughter does not like men dentists, this is also male doctors so don’t feel too bad. But it has made my daughter that more scared of coming back to the dentist. Please next time, if my wife has specified something, follow the request.

~William E., 7/13/18
Playhouse Response: Thank you for the feedback. Clearly we missed your preference for a female dentist and apologize for the misstep. We are happy to make a note of it going forward. We ALL want a great outcome every time!

Absolutely fantastic dentist, both of my kids loved Dr Sarah Hill.

~Chila, 7/14/18, 5/5

We have been going to the Oak Harbor Playhouse Dental for your about five years. The girls and myself have been treated with respect and kindness. Thank you to the staff and Dr. Hill you all are amazing.

~Mary S. Rose, 7/13/18, 5/5

Great all around.

~Charles Lindsay, 7/13/18, 5/5

Our experience was great, as always but 8 do have a request or suggestion. We would prefer not to use fluoride products in our young daughters mouth. At the beginning of her cleaning I was informed your office didn’t carry child fluoride free child flavors, only mint. I gave in to make everyone’s experience a good one but would love to have better options in the future. Thanks.

~Brittany L., 6/29/18
Dr. Hill’s Response: I have been looking into some options for fluoride free prophy paste other than mint. You and your daughter will hopefully be pleased with either “Fruity” or “White Chocolate.” While we do believe that fluoride helps move teeth away from decay through a remineralization process, we do respect your right to opt out. Thank you for partnering with us on that journey.

Mom’s Response: Wow, thank you for taking my concern to heart. I’m pleasantly surprised you have brought in some child friendly non fluoride options, and love the fact that you respect our decisions. Thank you for being so awesome!

Sorry to push the ‘Not Great’ button. We had a good experience and we love Dr. Hill. But since you asked, I do want to share feedback that’s a little negative. It’s unprofessional to talk to the parents in the waiting room about anything to do with the child’s dental condition, treatment plan or any other concerns. It’s private and generally uncomfortable for the parent. This has happened multiple times to me and other parents in the waiting room and it’s clear that they are uncomfortable as well. This should be done in a private setting. Thanks for asking for my feedback as I appreciate your desire to provide a good experience.

~Stephanie R., 6/29/18
Dr. Hill’s response: Thank you for the feedback! You make some excellent points that we will incorporate into our practice. Our Oak Harbor office is extremely tight on space, and challenges us to maintain the balance between clear communication, privacy and efficiency. Thank you for helping us prioritize the first two values over the latter.

I love this place and so do my children

~Kristina Useman, 7/10/18, 5/5

The care, time and effort that Playhouse Dental puts into their patients is not only amazing but comforting. We very much appreciate them!

~Lindsay Formhals, 7/7/18, 5/5

I was recommended this place and I am SO happy I made an appointment. This place is so awesome! From the second I walked in I felt welcomed and my 3 year old son felt instantly comfortable and excited to be at their cute kid area. My son usually gets nervous at any kind of appointment but The sweetest dental assistant made him feel quite at ease. He was hesitant to get on the chair but she talked him thru it and he was even excited to get on after that. Then the dentist came! Before even getting to his teeth she spent time making him giggle and not be scared of her (which he usually was at a previous dentist at other office). He willingly sat perfectly still for her and I know that’s because he trusted her and was completely comfortable (he was NOT like that at his last appointment in a different location)When he was done they gave him a little treat bag,a balloon and even an extra balloon for his stuffed animal he brought. Sh even specifically said good bye to him and his stuffed animal Moe!
My son just received a thank you card and some stickers for him and Moe for coming! He got SO excited when he received this. By the smile on his face he clearly remembered the fun place he visited.
I’m not one to yelp much or even give specific details about locations but this place went above and beyond that I had to write and say THANK YOU so much for making my boy love the dentist, making it such a fun experience, taking time to care and putting this mamas heart and nerves at ease. I’d recommend this place to everyone and anyone!

~Julienne E., 7/7/18, 5/5

they are all really nice and they are very good with the kids. i have 2 boys one did very good
the other one was really nervous but they where really calm with him
i’m very happy with them

~Emily Mitchell, 7/5/18, 5/5

My son loves it here, and he’s usually very nervous going in, but not with them!

~Lindsey Moniz, 7/3/18, 5/5

We love the office staff, hygienist and dentist. Great communication and willingness to work with us when scheduling 3 kids for appointments.

~Christina Jump, 7/3/18, 5/5

My kids actually like going to the dentist! Fun toys, super friendly staff. We love playhouse dental! Dr. Hill is fantastic with children. Unlike most dentists (in my experience) she has realistic requests for my children’s oral health upkeep. I 100% recommend playhouse dental.

~Devvan Alexandra Schols, 7/2/18, 5/5

Exceptional level of care and the team went above and beyond to ensure my daughter’s comfort during her first visit.

~Lauren Rider, 6/29/18, 5/5

Wonderful dentist!!

~Anonymous, 6/28/18, 5/5

Love kids friendly amazing staff. I don’t need to drive all away to Mt Vernon anymore. Exactly what we need it.

~Roxana Guzman, 6/27/18, 5/5

Amazing with kids who are on the spectrum!

~Katie Kazmierczak, 6/27/18, 5/5

I love everything about this clinic.

~Elena Rivera-Galaz, 6/25/18, 5/5

Everyone at this office has been great! They have helped my child overcome a lot of his fears and really listen to questions or concerns.

~Rebecca W., 6/25/18, 5/5

Every experience at Playhouse Dental has been a delight. They sent a thank you note to my son with more stickers and just made his whole visit special. Dr. Hill is amazing with kids, made my son feel very comfortable and I felt very heard and understood. They truly care about kids having a good experience with the dentist over profit.

~Ariel Williams, 6/23/18, 5/5

Great place! The staff are wonderful with kids. My son felt at ease before and after his appointment. He loved getting a card in the mail from them after his procedure. Highly recommend!!

~Kendall Boyle, 6/22/18, 5/5

Excellent care from the entire staff! I highly recommend for you children’s dental needs.

~Maurice Davis, 6/22/18, 5/5

My young kids love going to the dentist since Playhouse Dental in Anacortes treats them so well. The staff and environment is very kid and family friendly and skilled with any teeth issues.

~Brooke Freeman, 6/22/18, 5/5

Dr. Stout and all the nurses/staff are excellent!!!
On the other hand Dr. Hill will NEVER touch my child mouth again. When my daughter was 3 shes 15 now I think she had to have caps put in her mouth. She had a mild surgery 6 caps on top 6 caps on bottom. She left a piece of surgical equipment in my child’s mouth. When I asked about why she couldn’t bite down she told me sometimes that happens after a procedure so after a week till our follow up. Dr. Hill said to me have you ever made a mistake? I said why then she proceeded to tell me about the item left in her mouth and would have to be taken out in the office that day. Not cool I never took her back till this year because she was so traumatized and scared of a dentist. Oh by the way my daughter has been deaf since birth.

~Traci Wisdom, 6/22/18, 4/5
Dr. Hill’s response: Traci, I am glad that your daughter has been able to start her dental journey once again with Dr. Stout. He is an amazing and kind person, and an excellent dentist. We are committed to growing healthy smiles for a lifetime. I am sorry that your daughter had such a rough start. We wish you both well on the journey.

Best dentist around. Great with my kids and my kids actually enjoy going!!!! Super sweet and nice Dr.

~Ashley, 6/21/18, 5/5

We LOVE Playhouse Dental, they are a great addition to Oak Harbor! My son is always a little nervous going to the dentist. My son has had to have oral surgery and a couple of fillings so he wanted to know exactly what they were going to do to him, step-by-step. For the first few times he didn’t want laughing gas on his face, and it took him awhile to warm him up. Dr. Sarah Hill stepped in assured me his resistance wasn’t an issue, showed more than enough patience and stayed professional. Dr. Sarah Hill walked my son through the process, took the extra time to make him comfortable, let him watch a movie while laying the chair and won over his trust and was able to get the job done. During all this she could see I was nervous about his reaction and even assured me it was fine and that she deals with this kind of thing all the time. The staff is more than friendly and always remembers our names and shows tremendous patience as well. Let’s not forget the goodie bags and balloons on the way out, I mean what dental practice does that for your kids!? If you have a child and are looking for a great dentist look no further, Playhouse Dental is it!

~Carron Chernobieff, 6/21/18, 5/5

Lovely facility, friendly staff!

Our first time to the Anacortes office, nice, clean, and orderly facility yet stil kid friendly. Staff was pleasant and attentive. No complaints from the boys either.

~Adrienne Coatney, 6/21/18, 5/5
Exceptional service, and caring

My daughter broke a tooth and they got us in and took care of it immediately with no hesitation and completely put her and my mind at ease. i would recommend them to any parent for their children.

~Jeff Webb, 6/20/18, 5/5
So great!

We took both our kids (3yo & 1yo) for their first check up today and the staff was so wonderful. Everyone was kind and patient and informative. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who has children that are prone to anxiousness and are apprehensive to new people (or if the parents are anxious about the experience too!). So, so wonderful. Glad we found this place!

~Katie DeBord, 6/14/18, 5/5

Wonderful people here! Dr. Stout is amazing!

~Samantha Braddy, 6/14/18, 4/5

My son is a BIG talker. The hygienist was so sweet with him. She answered all of his questions and seemed genuinely interested in what he had to say. So many people seem to get frustrated with “busy” kids. It was refreshing as a mom to see my little guy treated with dignity and respect. The dentist was quick and thorough. I am very pleased with our experience!

~Tabatha L., 6/12/18, 5/5
Fun and professional setting

I loved Playhouse Dental. Fun stuff to do in the waiting room and in the back. The staff was great with kids and the dentist was really easy to talk to and didn’t make you feel rushed. I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else now.

~Tara Valencia, 6/9/18, 5/5
Wonderful, Quick, and great with children.

Check in is quick and easy with friendly people at the counter. Toys and books are available for waiting. Today we got a tour of the office and the assistant did a great job making it fun for my toddler to familiarize himself with what will happen there in the future. The assistant and dentist were quick and made every aspect fun for the little one. Stickers and balloons afterward.

~Katie H., 6/7/18, 5/5
Excellent staff

Inviting environment with professional and fun staff!

~Michael Domboski, 6/7/18, 5/5

Nice staff, clean environment.

~Ada Moseley, 6/5/18, 4/5
Amazing Dental Office

My daughter had her first fillings today. The staff was extremely patient and kind and considerate of my daughters needs.

~Ashley Wood, 6/5/18, 5/5
High Quality, Excellence Service

Entire office was exceptional! My children enjoyed their experience and left happy and excited for their next visit.

~Amy Jorden, 6/5/18, 5/5
Great Clinic

Playhouse Dental is really awesome. Both my kids had a great experience and I hope they’ve given my kids a great foundation for their dental needs. All of the staff were friendly, professional, and really fun.

~Jes Wagner, 6/2/18, 5/5
Friendly, professional office

They are always very helpful. From when you walk in and are greeted to the professional staff in the back. They are always asking if you have concerns, tell you up front which procedures are being done that day, accept very graciously when a procedure is too costly for you at that time and you opt out. Kids build a healthy relationship about going to the dentist!