Pediatric Dental Terms

As we strive to create a positive experience for your child in our office, we are selective in our use of words.  We try to avoid words that might frighten or worry your child.  Please support us by NOT using the scary words, and not correcting your child if they choose to use our equivalents.

needle or shot sprayer, sleep juice or sleepy drops
drill (high speed or low speed) whistle brush or Mr. Bumpy
drill on teeth wash/clean the sugar bugs out
pull or yank a tooth wiggle a tooth out
decay or cavity sugar bug hole
examination count teeth
tooth cleaning or prophy tickle teeth
explorer or dental pick tooth counter
rubber dam raincoat
nitrous oxide or gas magic/happy air
suction vacuum, straw or Mr. Thirsty
water/air sprayer squirt gun
mouth prop tooth chair/pillow

Our intent is not to FOOL your child, but to use words that help us create a positive experience.  As your child matures and grows in confidence, we will adjust our word choice to reflect that growth.  We appreciate your cooperation in helping us build a good attitude for your child!