Age one dental visits are mostly educational. We agree with recommendations of the American Academy for Pediatric Dentistry that every child should visit the dentist by the child’s first birthday. Our medical colleagues affirm that this “well baby check” for the teeth can establish a dental home and helps ensure that parents learn the tools they’ll need to help their children remain cavity-free.

The exam will take place in a child-friendly environment using a knee-to-knee exam between the parent/guardian and the dentist. Always sensitive to your child’s needs, the discussions about nutrition, oral hygiene, and growth and development, may precede or follow the dental exam.

Our hope is to partner with you, the adults who care for children; to hear your concerns as we offer suggestions to lead your child to a lifetime of great oral health. We want to take care of that smile now as well as protect it for the future. The younger a child is when they first “visit the dentist”, the easier it is to prevent problems and build positive associations that will accompany them into adulthood.

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Age 0-2 Guidance