During this time of the Covid-19 pandemic we will be modifying how some of our procedures are performed in the clinic. Of note we will not be using the rubber prophy cup during preventive visits in the interim.  This is done out of an abundance of caution for our team members and families coming into our building.  All aerosol generating procedures will be isolated to a closed room to minimize risk and to allow adequate disinfection after completion.  


In the interim we will be focusing on the fundamentals and spending extra time with your child to emphasize brushing and flossing their teeth properly and showing them areas to improve, often with the use of disclosing tablets and photos.  Non aerosol generating hand instruments will be used by the hygienist or dentist to supplement the cleaning when indicated.  


We are confident that this will both add value to the cleaning and allow minimization of risk.  We may also discuss the recommendation to delay treatment dates for some dental procedures that have minimal risk of progression during this interim time.