Did you know that many dental issues can be quickly and easily corrected – if not avoided altogether – with proper daily dental care and regular dental checkups?

We recommend seeing your child every 6 months; we want to make sure your child is doing a good job of keeping their teeth clean and mouth healthy and we want to identify any issues early-on, before they start causing problems.

When your child comes in for a checkup, we’ll have an opportunity to remind them about all the things that go into a healthy smile, including diet, brushing and flossing, thumb-sucking issues and teeth protection if they are involved in sports.

If your child has recently had a dental procedure completed, we’ll also want to see them again to make sure that everything is going well and healing properly.

These days, with the busy lives we all lead, it’s easy to put off dental checkups or recare appointments. However, they are very important to your child’s overall health. Beyond that, we genuinely like seeing your child and finding out what’s new with them!

If it’s time for your child’s checkup, or you’ve missed a recare appointment, give us a call today, or let us know the best time to reach you.