General Anesthesia DentistryIf your child’s dental problem requires them to be completely asleep, we will talk with you about what to expect, what the procedure entails, how to plan for general anesthesia and what level of post-operative care your child will need. The links on this page provide additional information prior to your child’s scheduled surgery.

Every child’s experience will be a bit different; here’s a note from the parents of a Playhouse patient who had dental surgery:

“Hi Dr. Hill: Wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thank you for taking good care of our little man. He woke up yesterday after the procedure, and though he was certainly a bit crabby, he calmed down after about 5-10 minutes. He slept for another few hours, and then ate like there was no tomorrow; today he’s running around playing like he always does.”   ~Adrian Santangelo


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