Sometimes with even the best of care, dental emergencies happen. And when they do, it can be scary for your child and worrisome for you.

Included on our Emergencies page, we’ve provide you with information that you need to know right now, plus resources to help you determine how serious the emergency is and how quickly your child needs to receive care.

Whether you have children at home, are pregnant, or plan to have a family someday, healthy habits established now will lead to a lifetime of strong and healthy teeth. Just like the rest of your body– teeth, bones and gums need a well-balanced diet, as well as regular and thorough preventative care.

At Playhouse Dental Clinic we work with you and your child to build a foundation of oral health through prevention – from your child’s first visit with us until they’re ready to “graduate” from our practice as a young adult.  Along the way, our goal is to become a trusted partner in managing your child’s oral health as they grow and mature.

Restorative Care
We know that kids will be kids – they often eat what they shouldn’t, they don’t clean their teeth as often as they should, and as they grow they may bang their mouth on the side of the swimming pool or get an elbow in the teeth during their soccer match.

While prevention is key to maintaining great oral health, it’s good to know that today’s restorative procedures are there when a cavity needs attention or an injury occurs to a tooth. Depending on need, restorative care might include filling a decayed tooth, restoring a damaged tooth, or in some cases adding a crown or veneer. Our goal is to restore your child’s tooth (or teeth) so that normal chewing and eating can continue, and to restore the natural appearance of their smile.

Interceptive Orthodontics
As your child’s mouth grows, a variety of factors can affect how their teeth align – which can result in problems with chewing and eating, and impact their self-confidence as they reach their teen years.

Using interceptive orthodontics, we are able to watch for changes in your child’s mouth to determine when, and what type(s), of treatments and/or appliances make the most sense, based on their age, the size of their teeth and structure of their jaws.

Interceptive orthodontics is often a first phase; our goal is to guide the growth and development of your child’s teeth and oral structures to reduce the treatment time and expense that may ultimately be incurred with orthodontics.

The word surgery can be scary – even though the procedure may not be as complicated as you might imagine. It could be that a baby tooth has not fallen out and is interrupting a new tooth’s progress. Or, it could be a high-level of decay, an orthodontic issue or a problem with a wisdom tooth.

If minor surgery is required, in many cases we can complete it as part of a typical clinic visit.  If the dental problem requires your child to be asleep, we will talk with you about what to expect, what the procedure entails, how to plan for general anesthesia and what level of post-operative care your child will need.  If it’s more complicated, we will refer your child to an oral surgeon or a hospital setting to ensure the best outcome.

Now What?
Here you will find information on lots of things that children experience after a visit to the dentist, and how to deal with them.  If you need MORE information, please don’t hesitate to call us today.