Growing Healthy Smiles, With Care and Laughter, For a Lifetime!

Health and Resilience

Children are precious and resilient. Our commitment is two-fold: We want your child to have both oral health and a great attitude towards dentistry. We move carefully down that path as we partner with you (the parents and guardians), your child, and other health professionals.

Together… “we can!”

Partnerships are two-way trust relationships. At Playhouse Dental we are committed to hearing your concerns as well as understanding your child’s history. We promise to inform and educate both you and your child at each step in the process. We hope to empower and entertain your children as we work with them to enhance their smiles, as we help them understand their life-long responsibilities towards health. We also treasure the opportunity to hear from them… they have important things to teach/tell us.

From infants-to tots-to ‘tweens- to teens, our approach is age-appropriate and comprehensive. We look forward to joining with you in creating a win-win relationship both at home and at “the dentist”.

For the children: We believe them when they speak. We encourage their success by being clear about our expectations, and supporting their honest responses. We empower their future by educating them about choices and consequences in the areas of nutrition, oral hygiene and behavior.

For the parents: We understand the challenges you face, and try to help find real-life solutions in our mutual goal to keep your children healthy and cavity-free. This emerges from an ongoing process of communication with you.

For our health-care partners: We are committed to sharing knowledge and growing our awareness of each other’s disciplines as we serve the best interest of our patients.

For our community: We strive to be a voice for early prevention and a lifelong commitment to healthy patterns. We also seek out opportunities to promote a positive “can do” attitude towards life and its challenges.


  • Know that everyone does the best they can with the resources at hand.
  • Be fully present in each moment… in a blink, it is gone!
  • Be honest and clear.
  • Remember to laugh.
  • Have faith, in what we are doing and in something beyond this moment… Imagine the future!