Child Centered
At Playhouse Dental, we truly do love children! We’ve created an office environment that is warm and welcoming – including fun colors and kid-friendly furnishings, and an open-bay clinic area that allows our patients to feel safe and secure in the company of other children and our staff. Building your child’s confidence about going to the dentist is key to our child-centered philosophy!

High Tech and High Touch
Today’s dental office is a far cry from the dental offices of even a few years ago – today’s technology provides us with tools that keep your child’s safety at the forefront, and state-of-the-art techniques specifically designed for pediatric dentistry.

Continuing Education
From our office staff to our hygienists and dentists – continuing education is a central focus for all of us. Whether it’s finding a new and more efficient method of managing our patient accounts and insurance processes, to learning new ways of treating our patients, expanding our knowledge and expertise in the field of pediatric dentistry is not only extremely important to us, but also to your child’s overall dental and psychological health.