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Palatal Expanders

You want to make my child’s mouth bigger?

Yes!  In some cases, your child may need a little extra room to correct a cross-bite of the back teeth or alleviate minor crowding. The goal is get the teeth to fit together better and avoid greater interventions later.

This maxillary expansion is very stable if done before the upper jaw fuses around puberty.  The image below shows the maxilla (upper jaw) with the midline suture (the target of our efforts.)


Duration of treatment is about 6-8 weeks of active treatment, and six months of retention (to allow the correction to stabilize.)

The younger the child, the less force (and smaller appliance) required to expand the palate.  Ideal times to begin treatment are around age 4 for a W-arch,


and age 7-10 for a Hyrax.


Palatal Expander Instructions